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“That’s because I was afraid the dragon would get angry. You may have managed to control the water level, but your opponent was still a dragon. Unpredictable things could happen.”


“You don’t have to worry about that, Mirania. The baby dragon said he didn’t want to go even when his father came… It was difficult, but thanks to him, I was cleared of the charge of bullying.”


“You used the night of obedience, didn’t you? And that’s why it didn’t want to go?”


“I kicked him out on my own. He said he would do anything for me.” (Malandor)


Mirania made an incomprehensible expression and Malandor smiled, as if Mirania looked very cute at the moment.


“Mirania who doesn’t know love. Don’t try to hurt me, it would be difficult for you.”


“…There’s nothing more foolish than to offer love to an ignorant.”


We snapped at each other. This time, Malandor bit his lips.


“Well, if you need a night of obedience, have you gotten your hands on something that was difficult to handle?”


Mirania managed to keep a straight face.


“It’s not like that. Just tell me if you could lend it to me or not.”


“It’s not a waste of anything if it’s for Mirania, but… The night of obedience it was difficult to make even for me as well.”


Mirania didn’t believe his words right away.


There’s only one night of obedience, so it’s true that it was difficult to make, but talking about that at this point meant that the deal wouldn’t be easy.


“I’ll give you my blood.”


At Mirania’s words, Malandor hummed and buried himself deep in his chair. Then he stared intently at Mirania and asked.


“How much?”


The blood of a witch born in nature was full of vitality. Especially, the blood of the great witch that contains the power of nature.


Although Malandor wasn’t a blood-loving bat, he adored vitality.


It was ironic that he, who makes necromantic skills his specialty, likes vitality.


“Three bottles of the smallest water bottle.”




As if thinking, Malandor rested his chin on his palm and said, “For three bottles.”




“And a kiss from the Great Witch.” (Malandor)


“Kiss of the great witch? What’s that?” (Mirania)


When Mirania asked if it was an unknown treasure like the night of obedience, Malandor replied with a wide smile.


“Your kiss.”


“…I’d rather give you another bottle.” (Mirania)


“If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I love everything about you, but I don’t want to do anything that’s too much for Mirania.”


“You’re smiling, Malandor.”


As a ‘Master of Manipulation‘, he spoke with a worried look, pointing out that the corner of his lips twitched to a smile.


“Oh, I didn’t know…”


Oh‘, he said as he covered his mouth. But now the corners of his eyes curved, it was useless.


Mirania sighed. Already been dried up by Malandor’s nonsense. She clicked her tongue as she got up


“I’m sorry I couldn’t.”


Malandor didn’t say anything and just looked up at Mirania.


Mirania, who had taken a few steps with an arrogant attitude, stopped.


In my head, Grecan, the little wolf howling and growling at the castle, and Grecan who would soon grow up and aim for my heart, came to my mind.


Mirania slowly turned around again.


“Would one kiss be enough?”


“…It’s enough.” Malandor’s lips twitched with excitement.




Mirania took blood from her wrist and put it in a small water bottle, then she handed it to Malandor.


As Malandor shook the bottle, red blood dripped from inside. Malandor looked into the bottle with delightful eyes.


“I’m pretty lucky today. I got the most powerful cure in the world.” (Malandor)


“Are you hurt somewhere? If that’s the case, why don’t we just find a fairy?” (Mirania)


“There are so few fairies that even I couldn’t find them. Besides, I like witches more. Because witches are more thrilling than upright fairies.”


Seeing Malandor’s twinkling red eyes, Mirania recalled something.


“Could you find someone for me?” (Mirania)


“You say a lot of unusual things today. Who do you want to find?” (Malandor)


“The Dragon of Wisdom.”




“Was there a need to ask for personal matters?” (Mirania)


Malandor, who moved the bottles of blood into the drawer, shrugged his shoulders and frowned.


“It’s difficult, but I’ll try. Who dares to ask for it?”


Sitting in a chair, Mirania wondered what to give him in return for this work.


Malandor approached, kneeling between the legs of Mirania and looking up at her.


Mirania blinked as he got closer. Malandor’s decadent face was full of sensuality.


Knowing how many witches were seduced by this face, Mirania looked at Malandor’s face.


Unlike the woman being tempted by Malandor, she had an inquisitive look.


Malandor, who had been silent, asked as if he could not stand it.


“What are you doing, Mirania?”


“I’m making sure there’s no magic cast on your face.” (Mirania)


“There’s no such thing. Mirania was such an idiot.” (Malandor)


Although he grumbled, Malandor’s eyes staring at Mirania were full of affection.


With his dark and pure looking eyes, Mirania unwittingly relaxed her guard.


“You’re so beautiful, Mirania.”




“If I were your man, I wouldn’t be able to live without loving you.” (Malandor)


Mirania, who had been attacked and killed countless times by the main characters of this world, let alone love, had an awkward expression.


Malandor reached out and touched Mirania’s sparkling soft hair.


His expression was so serious that Mirania became curious.


The kiss was nothing to Mirania. Because it was something she had done countless times as a blessing to her little witches.


‘Was my blessing helpful to the dark people?’


Mirania was just curious.


And Malandor kissed her.


A hot, soft tongue swept through Mirania’s lips.




Mirania, who had not closed her eyes in the first place, frowned at Malandor, who’s eyes curved to a crescent shape.


‘Are you crazy?’


Malandor smiled and bit her lip without warning.




Mirania raised her hand and pushed Malandor’s chest away. She pressed hard on his chest, but Malandor didn’t budge.


Malandor licked her lips again, with his tongue sticking out and almost touch Mirania’s lips at a close distance with only a breath away.




Mirania asked seriously, being careful not to let his lips meet her lips again.


“Do you want to spend the ‘heat‘ with me?”


(N: Estrus or “heat” is a period during the reproductive cycle when female animals become sexually receptive, signaling they are ready for mating. )


“…the heat.”


Malandor muttered, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


“Mirania. There’s no such thing as ‘heat‘ in humans.”


“I’d rather know…”


“But why ask?” (Malandor)


“Just wondering.” (Mirania)


In a confident response, Malandor leaned his head on Mirania’s shoulder.


As the red hair tickled Mirania’s chin, Mirania glanced at Malandor with eyes asking, ‘What’s wrong with him?’


“You’re really not romantic, Mirania…” (Malandor)




“With such a sweet scent.” (Malandor)


As Malandor put his nose on the nape of Mirania’s neck and sniffed it, Mirania frowned.


‘It’s unpleasant.’


At that moment, she felt pain in her stomach. Mirania, feeling suffocated, widened her eyes


The moment when her heart was ripped by the male characters crossed her mind. However, the current pain was not caused by them.


“You…” (Mirania)


Malandor’s sad expression was seen through her blurry vision. No, his eyes looked sad but his lips were smiling. Mirania’s vision became hazy and eventually lost consciousness.


‘Oh no, why did I let my guard down.’


Breaking boundaries for Malandor. It was an obvious mistake.


“Stay with me for a while.” (Malandor)




“It’s the first time you’ve come to me for no reason.”


In the drooping eyes, red eyes twinkled.


“Actually, I think I’m going to die out of excitement now that Mirania came to visit me.”




The Duke of the Dark Realm, Lord of Manipulation, and the Beloved Master of Slaves.


There were many names for him, but for Mirania there’s only one…


‘This bastard…’




Mirania woke up on the bed. The senses returned very slowly.



Hearing his hum, I turned and glanced at him. I saw Malandor stroking the back of my hand. The pain that had been digging into my stomach vividly came back.


‘I should not have entered Malandor’s mansion.’


Guarding the entrance of the brimstone fire, this was a place where witch magic didn’t work well.


“People like you are called ‘bastards‘ in human language.”


A hoarse voice leaked out. Malandor looked up.


‘You hit me silently…’


Mirania was more annoyed about it than him uselessly sticking out his tongue and licking her.


Malandor hugged her, thinking that she would somehow cast a witch curse, and rubbed his head into her arms.


“Mirania, I couldn’t help it. Otherwise, Mirania would have left soon. It’s been 300 years!”


“…that’s enough.”


Mirania raised her body which was lying down on Malandor’s bed. Then, for some reason, the dried and twisted red petals fell.


I glanced at Malandor. He smiled softly with an embarrassed face.


“Mirania looked good in flowers.”




‘I understand now why I decided not to meet Malandor 300 years ago.’


That’s enough. I expected it anyway. But I didn’t expect him to hit me in the stomach.


“What time was it now?”(Mirania)


“The morning dew has formed.”(Malandor)


Malandor’s answer surprised Mirania.


“It’s already been a day?”(Mirania)






Malandor straightened his posture. He smiled awkwardly and licked his lips when Mirania looked at him.


“A week…”


‘I just fainted after getting hit in the stomach, but what did he do to make the week pass by?’


Mirania raised her hand and summoned the witch wand proudly.


He was left to protect the entrance of the brimstone fire, but it was not difficult for a witch to destroy the mansion if she wanted to.


Winds gathered around Mirania. The thin, long silver hair began to flutter.


“W-wait a minute!”


Realizing Mirania’s wrath, Malandor raised his hand.


While Mirania paused, wondering if he had something to say, he quickly signed a seal and opened a space.


“See you next time, Darling.”


Malandor’s body was sucked into space before Mirania could swing her wand. It was a harbinger to spatial movement.




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