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“Oh, the night of obedience!”


Mirania was moved to the corpse yard in an instant.




Mirania laughed at her dismay.


It’s the territory of Malandor. It was difficult to enter the mansion unless he opened the space himself.


Something fell down at Mirania, who jumped up at the thought of not getting the night of obedience.


Mirania picked up what suddenly fell on her.


A precious object in the form of a leash with a smooth black outer skin.


‘The night of obedience.’


“Chera must be worried.”


Mirania decided never to visit Malandor again.


I’m used to this for some reason.


‘That’s the thought I had when I left this mansion 300 years ago.’


“Tsk, tsk.”


Mirania clicked her tongue as she entered the witch castle.




Young witches, who were practicing magic while sitting on a huge tree, waved to welcome Mirania.


As she walked up to the castle, Chera was waiting.


“What the hell were you doing until now?” (Chera)


“Did a ‘Malandor thing’?” (Mirania)


“If it’s a Malandor thing…”


Chera’s face softened.


“Did you work as a slave to him? No matter how important the night of obedience was, how could you!” (Chera)




Chera’s face grew redder because she couldn’t hold back her anger.


“It’s time to go to war with the dark people. How dare he touch the head of the witch clan.” (Chera)


“I got it wrong.”




Mirania summoned an ice bag and put it on Chera’s head.


Chera’s eyes, who was trembling in anger, widened in surprise.


“Why do you like war so much when you value life?” (Chera)


‘I don’t value life, I just love children and animals.’


“It’s just that I passed out for about a week. Did everything go well?” (Mirania)


She was referring to Grecan. Chera, who understood what Mirania was asking, nodded.


Mirania had been away for a long time, so she was afraid that Grecan might have escaped.


“He had been quiet. Sometimes he howled at night.”


“Well, I’m surprised to hear he’s been quiet.”


“What could he do in a solitary cell?”


“That’s true, but…”


Unlike Chera, who thought of Grecan as simply an ordinary wolf cub, Mirania, who clearly knew him, was uncomfortable to say what’s on her mind and remain quiet.


“What about the night of obedience?”




Mirania waved the night of obedience in the form of a leash.


“I don’t want to see that crazy wolf howl for a while.”


Satisfied, Chera pointed to the castle.


“Hurry up and go in. The wolf and the bats sent a letter while you were away.” (Chera)


“A letter?” (Mirania)


“I haven’t opened it, so I don’t know what it’s about.” (Chera)


What’s going on? I pondered for a second, but I could guess what it’s about.


‘Was this the time when the Continental Agreement was signed?’


It was held shortly after the meeting, so it’s pretty similar.


It was just before entering the castle, as Mirania was thinking of reading the letters.




A sharp sound of glass breaking somewhere caught Mirania’s attention. The harsh sound of the break followed.


Chera raised her head first, and her eyes widened.


“Hey, that crazy cub..!”


Mirania also hurriedly raised her head. A black object was falling from the roof of the castle at a frightening speed.


“Oh, my-!”


The black object that fell through the air was Grecan with his mouth wide open.


As Chera said, it was obvious that he was crazy. Mirania hardened as she watched Grecan falling aiming at her.


It was impossible for her to move nimbly and subdue Grecan physically.


Grecan’s white teeth glared sharply as if they were trying to bite Mirania’s neck.


Mirania stiffened. The night of obedience was hanging on her finger, and she came to her senses remembering the leash.


Mirania clasped on the night of obedience and stormed toward the falling Grecan.


Grecan’s body came close as if they were about to collide.


Mirania held the night of obedience tightly.


A leash wraps around Grecan’s furry neck. The body of the precious object, called the night of obedience, shone white in an instant.


Right before the two collided.


Clank~! There was a sound that came from the night of obedience.




Grecan, who twisted in the air, fell to the ground.


“Gr, grrr?”


He scratched his neck with his foot, as if he didn’t like the object that wrapped around his neck. There was no way he would be able to take off the night of obedience.


Mirania, who escaped the mishap of almost being crushed by Grecan, breathed heavily with her hand on her chest.


‘I almost had a heart attack.’ (Mirania)




Grecan rolled on the floor. He scratched the leash with his claws, but it only made a scratching sound.




Finally realizing it was useless, Grecan glared at Mirania.


“What’s this?”


Grecan, who spoke in a cracked voice, rushed toward Mirania.


“Sit down.” Mirania calmly spoke.


The night of obedience shines white.




Grecan, who had just collapsed as he ran, glared fiercely.


He didn’t seem to understand what was going on.




It was not long before he realized that the cause of this was Mirania.


Mirania was amazed by the effect of the leash.


Grecan, who was still only a wolf cub, escaped from the solitary cell.


Wasn’t it enough to confine a wolf cub because it was a solitary cell specialized for magical creatures?


Still, it’s not this easy to deal with a wolf even though he’s still a cub.


“I obtained the night of obedience just at the right time.”


Grecan was so angry that his eyes turned dark that they looked almost black.


“What did you do to me? What did you do! Grrr!”


Grecan rushed towards her, and Mirania quickly ordered him.


“Sit down!”




This time, Grecan, with a frown, fell flat on the floor and didn’t move.




‘Have you already given up?’


‘No, this guy wouldn’t do that!’


Mirania wondered if this was a trick, and suspiciously observed the quiet Grecan.


Chera crept closer to him and lifted Grecan’s neck.


“Did he faint?”




A week after Mirania returned from Malandor’s mansion.


The scene unfolding at the Witch’s Castle Familiar Training Grounds.


“Sit down.”


When Mirania ordered, Grecan sat down with his butt on the floor.


“Get up. Lie down. Sit down again.”


Mirania ordered quickly. Grecan stood on the ground, then lay down with his stomach, and then sat back down with his butt on the ground.


Mirania, who was observing the obedient Grecan, raised her hand to shoot.




Grecan went backwards as he sat down, with his face, lying on the floor, he looked very dissatisfied


“Get up again.”




His body faithfully carried out Mirania’s orders. Grecan’s face darkened.


“The Night of Obedience, how long did Malandor lend it to you? It’s very useful.”


Chera, who was training the new familiar owl, asked seriously.


“He didn’t tell me about the duration. Maybe it’s not until we don’t need it anymore.”


Mirania reached out to Grecan’s snout.


Grecan, who was glaring at Mirania’s hand, opened his mouth wide as her hand approached very closely. Mirania quickly pulled her hand away.




‘If I was a little late, he would have bitten my hand.’ (Mirania)


Grecan’s mouth that almost devoured her hand looked disappointed.


‘Was he a crocodile or a wolf?’


Mirania picked up the ball and threw it far away. When she cast a spell on it, the ball flew further.


“Pick it up.”


Grecan’s face distorted. Nevertheless, the night of obedience faithfully led Grecan to her order.




Watching Grecan running after the ball, Mirania spoke to Chera with an elegant attitude.


“Maybe we’ll have to rent it out for a while.”


“I’ve thought about it before, but there’s a problem with Milania’s training method.” Chera said, as she watched Mirania and Grecan bicker.


“What’s wrong?”


“You couldn’t just give orders like that. You need a stick and carrots for training.”


The owl just returned. It was an owl that came to find her training feathers that were hidden, as ordered by Chera.


Chera stroked the owl’s head and brought the shredded meat to its beak.


“Think about Bibi.” (Chera)


“Did the dog listen to me from the beginning?” (Mirania)


“It’s to repay the favor that Mirania saved her life. You gave Bibi beef jerky as well before.”




“Grecan would also be trained if you properly use the stick and carrots. Besides, he’s still a baby, so maybe there would be more training results?”


Mirania listened to Chera and stared at Grecan, who was running along the dust towards her.


Grecan had a ball thrown by Mirania in his mouth.


Grecan, who came all the way to the front, spitted out the ball with a sullen face as if he was very angry.




The saliva-stained ball rolled in front of Mirania’s shoes.


‘Do you want me to reward you?’


Mirania glanced at Grecan. His eyes were full of dissatisfaction and complained if she were to order him something else again this time.


Mirania snapped her fingers and a pocket appeared on her hand.


It was the pocket that held the shredded meat that was given to Bibi.


“…Come on.”


Mirania pulled one of the meat from the pocket and held it out to Grecan.


Grecan looked alternately between the meat she was holding and Mirania, warily.


His eyes trembled, as if asking what kind of trick it was.


Mirania waved the shredded meat. It smelled like the finest meat. There was a light of conflict in Grecan’s eyes.


The moment Mirania waved the meat to his nose one more time.




Grecan, who moved like a lightning bolt, quickly snatched the meat from her hand.


Mirania patted Grecan’s head, who was chewing the meat.




Grecan stared at her as he stopped eating. His face looked cute at Mirania’s eyes at the moment.


It’s been over two weeks since Grecan has been staying at the witch’s castle.


Because he had fed without having to hunt until now, his small body fattened and his fur, which had been tangled roughly, looked shiny.


Right, should I give him a compliment?


“Good job…”






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