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This time, Mirania, who had not been able to avoid Grecan, closed her eyes tightly to the pain that she felt.


She didn’t like pain, but Mirania especially hated being sick.


The pain in her hand was nothing compared to when her heart was ripped out, but it was still a pain she could feel.


Winds gathered around Mirania.


“Oh, my…”


Chera, who had been watching, hurriedly took her owl and disappeared, fearing that sparks might hit them.


Grecan stared at her while biting Mirania’s hand.


His ferocious expression gradually faded away and softened, and he glanced at Mirania.


Mirania floated the ball with magic. Grecan’s eyes followed the ball.


The ball that was floating high in the sky disappeared in an instant.




It was so fast that the eyes couldn’t keep up and it just seemed to disappear.


Grecan’s fur shivered as if he had an ominous foreboding.


“…Pick it up.” (Mirania)


Mirania’s golden eyes shone as she said the command.




Grecan’s dark eyes trembled as he shook his mouth, biting her hand and glared. Whether it was a shame that he had to follow the ball.


The night of obedience shone and urged Grecan to follow her command. Grecan turned his head to where the ball had disappeared.


The ball, which quickly drifted away, became small as a dot. It’s still flying and Grecan didn’t know how far it would go.


It was probably going to be very, very far away.


Grecan turned to Mirania. He hesitated and glanced at the ball again.


“…Far away.”


In response to the gloomy protest, Mirania did not say anything else.


“Pick it up.”


Mirania ordered without mercy. Grecan’s face crumpled.


Grecan may have to wander all day to find the ball in that vast witch’s forest.


He glanced at Mitania as if begging, trying to stop his body moving little by little by the night of obedience. 




“Pick it up.”


It was relentless.


The night of obedience shoned to the series of orders thrown at Grecan.




Eventually, an angry scream erupted from Grecan’s snout, who started running against his will.


‘You won’t be able to rest or eat until you find the ball.’ (Mirania)


Mirania finally smiled, satisfied at the order she gave.



Mirania, who trained Grecan all day under the guise of training, came into the room only in the evening.


There were two letters laid across the desk. It was a letter that Mirania had read and left alone.


Sitting on the chair, she reviewed the contents of the letter again.


A letter written in rough handwriting.




Did you know that some bat girls made fun of our wolves?


I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’ll figure out a way to shut those arrogant bats from talking.」


It was a letter from the head of the wolf tribe, Balkan. In other words, he wanted me to stay still even if he touched a bat.


Mirania turned to the other letter this time.


The handwriting was elegant like a well-educated noble, but the long strokes handwriting exuded a strong aura.


「It’s Scarlett. 


Mirania, it’s been repeated several times that the wolves kept leaving rotten meat on our territory. The rotten smell stinks.




Therefore, our clan wasn’t the only one who was annoyed. I couldn’t stand it any longer.


I think we need an agreement to punish wolves for their arrogant behavior. I look forward to your reply.」


This was a letter from Scarlett, the head of the Bat Clan.




Mirania lightly tapped on her desk. Conflicts between the three tribes are occurring every day, and the scale varies from petty to troublesome.


If it goes on like this, a big battle may ensue.


It was the same in my previous life and the same in my previous others as well. 


Mirania, recalling the continental war that took place when the agreement was not signed, frowned.


It was hard to even think of dealing with the male characters, but when the war broke out, it was the worst.


“We need to set a date for the agreement.”


Mirania pulled out two pieces of stationery and briefly wrote down the necessity of the Continental Agreement.


The agreement was held at the regular meeting.


“The time should be…”


Mirania stopped writing and pondered.


“It would be better to bring the Leberians before the agreement.


Around this time Leberians should have remembered the state of things. According to my memory, perhaps…


“…it would be in the coffin.”


Mirania again continued to write using the quill pen.


“The time, about a month later.”


At the end, she folded the letter and put a nice signature, ‘Great Witch Mirania’. The wax was melted and sealed.


And then she called the bird to send the letter to each clan.




Bibi folded his wings by the window and sat down. He seemed to have come back from playing somewhere for a long time.




“Bibi. Please deliver this letter to the wolves and the bats, respectively.”


Bibi’s head tilted and held out one of its legs.


As Mirania tried to tie the letter to its leg, she looked down at the ball that Bibi clasped with her claws.




I thought it was familiar, but apparently, it was Grecan’s training ball.


“Why do you have this?”


Bibi opened her beak wide. Mirania snuck her head out of the window, looking delighted.


From the bottom of the castle, Grecan was struggling to climb up.




Mirania heard an angry roar up her window.


Bibi proudly placed the ball in Mirania’s hands.


Mirania quickly understood the situation.


While Grecan was returning to find the ball, Bibi stole it. Mirania, who was looking down for a while, relaxed her grip on the ball.


When the ball fell on the floor and bounced off with a terrifying force, Grecan gallantly chased after it.




Bibi was happy with what she did.


“Oh, don’t be so mean.”


Grecan was still a small cub right now, but Mirania knew she wouldn’t be able to handle him later.


Bibi, who doesn’t know anything, seems to be having fun with Grecan’s hardship.


Mirania, who tied the letter to Bibi’s legs, paused.


“…Yeah, I’ll have to write another letter.”


With Bibi waiting patiently by the window, Mirania sat back in her chair and pulled out a new stationery.


The recipient was Scarlett.


Mirania was lost in thought holding a quill pen. Originally she was planning to kidnap Leberians too.


“Leberians, hmm.. he’s a little difficult…”


Scarlett, the current head of the bat family, was different from Balkan, the head of the wolf wolves.


Although he looked down on Grecan in grief over the loss of her wife, Scarlett terribly loved her grandson, Leberians.


If Mirania kidnaps him without saying a word, it would lead to war.


Mirania really wanted to avoid war.


‘If I could solve the problem safely, I would be doomed in 20 or 30 years at the most.’(Mirania)


I didn’t want to spend my last years fighting a war.


‘Besides, it shouldn’t be the same flow as it was in my previous life during the war.’


If you don’t mind it, you might be able to tear your heart out of Grekan and Leberians.

If you don’t care, your heart may be torn off by Grecan and Leberianz.


‘It’s a terrible idea.’


Mirania trembled and wrote quickly.




I have something to say. It’s related to your grandson Leberians’ sleeping sickness. 


If you want to cure him, bring your grandson to my castle.」


Mirania read the not-so-long letter over and over again.


For a long time, I wondered if I should write a reason to bring Leberians, but I soon shook my head.


Scarlett was very suspicious that if she talked too much, she would suspect and doubt me.


Mirania also sealed the new letter with wax.


‘Would Scarlett bring him to me?’


It was unpredictable.


In order to change the future of dying from male characters, Mirania has repeatedly attempted to kill the male characters while they were young.


Grecan was a wolf thug, so it wasn’t hard to approach him.


But with Leberians, it was different. I’ve never met him when he was young. He was unreachable.


Scarlett and the bat clan are to blame for hiding Leberians.


Unlike the wolves, who had no class except for their leader, the bats were thorough regarding blood relatives.


Leberians, he was the purest direct descendant of Scarlett, and they are a precious clan acquired after a hundred years.


As long as he grows up safely, there would be no problem with Leberians becoming the head of the new bat race.


‘As long as he grows up safely.’


They’re not the bats who would steer clear of such a precious existence. It meant that Mirania’s mid-to long-term plans would be disrupted.




Mirania fumbled through her memories.


When she met Leberians, Leberians was in his mid to late teens at the earliest.


He’s probably still suffering from sleeping sickness, as he’s less than ten years old now.


‘It’s a disease that could be cured with my blood.’


Of course, this wasn’t something that could be cured in a short time.


Leberians’ sleeping sickness was a chronic hereditary disease of the bats, and Leberians’ case was rather special.


He had been suffering from sleep sickness for about 10 years.


‘Even I, I don’t know how much blood I have to give just to cure him.’


I have to shed precious blood for my enemy, that male bat.


Disappointed, Mirania grimaced while holding the letter.


‘…Anyway, I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.’


At the age of mid to late teens, it was the time Leberians met Alice.


After meeting a rarely seen fairy, Leberians must have been very curious about her.


‘I must keep the three from meeting as much as possible.’


No, not yet. I still don’t know what would happen if they meet the heroine now.


This was a delicate task, anticipating 20 years of longevity.


If the male characters meet the heroine, Alice, while I’m still raising them, everything would be in vain.


‘…That’s terrible.’


Mirania, who had grown tired, hurriedly tied the letter to Bibii’s leg.


Although it’s a waste to use her blood for an enemy.


‘Let’s think of it as a leash.’


It’s not a bad idea to keep a leash filled with grace.


“Thank you, Bibi.”




Bibi flew off the window, flapping her huge wings.


Grecan was returning with a ball in his mouth on the ground.


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