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Mirania, who knows Grecan’s unpredictable personality, was nervous that he might cause an accident, but because there was a bat who was wary of her, she couldn’t show much expression and just stared at Grecan.


Grecan had flowers in his mouth.


People’s eyes, who had doubts about the sudden appearance of Grecan, who gathered flowers that were different from the current situation.




Mirania, who was nervous, also became puzzled.


She had ordered him to find the items he needed to show his loyalty to her.


‘What… flower?’


Grecan walked over to Milania with a calm, unconcerned, weak footstep, as if he could not even feel the staring gaze at him.


According to Grecan’s movement, the eyes of the bats also moved.


The youngest-looking bat man muttered.


“A wolf?”


Grecan glanced at them and spat the flowers out of Mirania’s hands.


As if simply responding to the sound, he seemed not interested in them.


‘That’s a relief.’


Mirania stroked Grecan’s head while maintaining a calm look.


In her mind, she was thinking about how to explain Grecan’s existence.


“He got lost in the woods so I brought him…”


“Mirania.” (Grecan)


Grecan snorted. Mirania stopped talking and continued.


“As a child that I brought here…” My voice trembled slightly.


It’s natural that an ordinary wolf couldn’t speak human language.


If a wolf speaks, there’s only one possibility that comes to mind.


That he’s not an ordinary wolf.


I just hoped they hadn’t heard Grecan, but could they?


“A wolf?”


A young clan of bats, who looked at Grecan suspiciously, abruptly stood up.


The eyes of the other bats were also full of strange wonder.


The same was true of the wolves as the bats were not picky about water when it comes to blood relatives.


If it’s the bat clan’s job, so was the wolf clan.


In particular, they are trying to wage war on baby wolves.


It was, of course, very strange to have such a baby wolf beside the Great Witch.


Mirania remained silent. A drop of sweat formed on her forehead.


‘…Grecan, you’re the same headache as ever when you’re young and when you grow up.’


There’s no other headache.


If you didn’t say a word, they’d just call you a wolf.


If it were known that the Great Witch had kidnapped the wolf cub, there would be war.


“It smells weird.”


Grecan glared at the bats and said.


It was a rough cracked voice.


Grrr…” Grudgingly, a menacing cry came out. Mirania pretended to be stroking Grecan’s head, pressing it down hard.


Grecan glanced at Mirania as if it were strange. Mirania looked upset.


‘Please be quiet.’


“Mirania. How did this happen? A member of the wolf clan was in the witch castle.”


Scarlett asked in a calm but clear voice.


Perhaps it’s her intuition as a leader, or she thinks that this should not be overlooked.


Mirania was troubled, but didn’t have much time to think.




Mirania picked up Grecan and held him in her arms.


It was heavy.


‘He was light when I first brought him.’


Perhaps because of training, I gave as much as he wanted to eat, but now he seems to be heavier than pigs of the same size.


Besides, it was as heavy as a stone. My hands and wrists were shaking.


Suddenly, Grecan, who was hugged by Mirania, widened his eyes.


His luscious black tail gently wrapped around Mirania’s wrist.


Mirania gazed at the startled bat and tickled Grecan’s chin.


“I helped him when he got lost in the forest, but he didn’t seem to want to go back and followed me. Wow, how could a relationship continue like this…”


Mirania, who was talking about relationships, glanced at the bats.




Their eyes were full of doubt. Mirania coughed.


“It wasn’t long before I knew he could talk. I’m going to send him back when he recovers a little more.” (Mirania)


“Then why didn’t you tell this to Balkan right away?”


Scarlett simply didn’t believe it. She’s a cold hearted bat, so she won’t take it right away with just a few words.


“Don’t you know? The personality of Balkan.” (Mirania)


“What do you mean? Well, he’s famous for babbling all the time.” (Scarlett)


“Well… it’s easy to suspect that a witch has a wolf, so I didn’t say anything. You’d understand why I did it, Scarlett.”


War needs a cause. In other words, war won’t easily happen if there’s no cause.


The situation here only had to be given the justification that ‘the witch kidnapped the wolf’s child.’


‘For example, he wasn’t kidnapped, but a young wolf followed me first.’


“Well. If it were me, I would ignore whether the wolf cub was lost or not.”


Scarlett said as if it were natural.


Seeing the suspicious gazes, Mirania sweated. It’s not because of the bats who didn’t take their eyes away.


It was because I felt that Grecan’s gaze was on my hands that held him.


‘Don’t bite me! Please don’t bite me!’


The story I told the bats was that I kept the wolf because it followed me.


If Grecan bites me, the excuse would turn into bubbles. Then I’d be even more suspicious.


Mirania hastily changed the topic.


“What’s the condition of a child with sleeping sickness?”


Leberianz stared at Mirania and Grecan alternately, whether it was a serious problem for the bat tribe, and their eyes were on the coffin.


Almost at the same time.






Grecan bit Mirania’s hand.


Mirania’s eyes widened at the burning, dizzying pain that spread from her hand.


Her anger soared, but she didn’t forget that she was in front of the bats.


Chera, who was preparing the tea, saw what was going on and covered her gaping mouth with one hand. Then glanced into the eyes of the bat tribe.


Mirania glanced at the bats still interested in the coffin and stroked Grecan’s head with her other hand.


“Come on, good boy. This time, let’s go find the tools we need the most in order to be punished.”


It was a gentle but commanding tone.


Grecan would be punished with the tool that chose for himself.


Grecan’s dark eyes, who had a foreboding of the future, trembled.


The sharp teeth that penetrated the back of the hand were quietly hidden in his mouth.


Grecan stared at Mirania pitifully. The calm black eyes were cute. However, Mirania only nodded toward the door without mercy.


The night of obedience sparkled.


Grecan’s face crumpled, but he couldn’t reject the command ordered by a demon.


Thump, thump, thump…


Watching Grecan run out of the room, Mirania hid her wounded hand behind her back.


Chera slowly approached Mirania’s back and bowed down pretending to be looking for something.


With a quick hand movement from an invisible angle to the bats, the herbal bottle in her arms was taken out and medicine was applied to the bleeding back of Mirania’s hand.


After receiving the first aid, Mirania glanced at the bats calmly.


The bats, who had glanced at Grecan’s back for a moment, turned their heads to Mirania.


“That’s unusual. No matter how young a wolf was, for it to follow a witch…”


“There are so many unusual things in the world.”


She was still skeptical, but Scarlett didn’t bring up Grecan to make sure she understood the situation.


Chera, who healed Mirania’s wounds, naturally got up and sat in place.


Now she’s ready to have a serious conversation.


“How did you know that my child has a sleeping disease?”


Scarlett asked bluntly.


Mirania didn’t panic nor embarrassed at her sudden question.


“Witches don’t have the ears of beasts, but don’t you know that many beasts become the ears of witches?” (Mirania)




“I’ve known from a few years ago that bats clan have been inquiring about dragon doctors, magicians who are good at healing, and precious herbs.”




“Didn’t all of that show efficacy for sleeping sickness?”


Mirania spit out the words she had prepared in advance.


It’s not about making up lies.


This was because I once scratched the information of Grecan and Leberianz with the conviction that if I knew the enemy, I would win 100%.


“And I would have been in your list of healers.”


Scarlett, who was listening quietly, sighed when Mirania nodded.


“…You’re right, Mirania. I’ve heard that you’re good at healing, so I’ve been interested.”


To be precise, it’s not that she was good at healing others, but that the body itself was an excellent healing agent.


However, it was not wise to spread sensitive information related to the characteristics of the body, so Mirania nodded, saying it was true.


“Tell me why you sent the letter first. I thought Mirania would help me with my child’s treatment. So you must have sent me a letter, right?”


Scarlett gave Mirania a sharp gaze.


It’s true that bats favor witches over wolves, but that’s also comparable to other races.


Basically, the witch family was the subject of vigilance because they used unknown magic.


“Am I right?”


Mirania nodded coldly.


“He’s your clan’s…?” (Mirania)


What should I call it? When I glanced at the unknown presence, Scarlett spoke without a doubt.




“Yeah, Leberianz. Rather than trying to cure him.” (Mirania)


“…Are you sure?”


Scarlett stared suspiciously. The same was true of other bats.


Mieania nodded slightly, without a change in expression, despite their doubtful gaze.


The bat woman tilted to Scarlett and whispered something in her ear.


Mirania sipped her tea calmly while watching her whisper openly.


‘You’re probably saying that you don’t believe what I say.’ (Mirania)


The bat woman stepped down and Scarlett turned to Mirania.




It was a serious voice without a single laugh.


“Mirania, I know you don’t intend to fight us. Not like those packs of stinky wolves.” (Scarlett)




“I agree that you are the guardian of nature and the only one on the continent. But I don’t believe in your dark intentions. Even if we talk with a smile like this, you are the one who could capture our clan any time after a few days.”


Mirania felt a bit off.


‘Why are you saying that?’


I had nothing more to say because I had nothing to refute Scarlett’s words.






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