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The former Great Witch with a fairly radical tendency wanted to purify the species for the sake of nature.


Since the wolves and bats had gone to the brink of extinction due to the total offensive of the Great Witch and witch clan, so as long as they remembered the incident, the vigilance against the witch clan was natural in a way.


“Are you in a comfortable position to ask such a thing?”


At Mirania’s words, Scarlett’s face darkened.


Her biggest concern was that the noble descendant of the bat family had been suffering from sleeping disease for 10 years.


“It’s better than losing my life.”


It also means that she doesn’t believe in witches.


Mirania sighed as if she couldn’t help it.


“Yeah. I couldn’t say I’m asking you the reason for the favor.”




“I’m not saying I’ll treat him without any intention as you expected.” (Mirania)


“Then, tell me.”


As if she knew it, Scarlett blinked with a more comfortable look.


“I’m different from the previous Great Witch, but I agree that order was necessary in this land.”




“As you know, it’s a chaotic situation right now. To reduce strife and find peace, we need an order that everyone acknowledges.”


“Mirania, are you really going to war like the Squadron Lord Witch?”


Scarlett’s face turned cold. About 1000 years ago, the fact that the clan went to the brink of extinction was a trauma to the bat clan.


Mirania shook her head slowly.


“The previous Great Witch and I are different people. I don’t want war to happen.”


Scarlett made a face in disbelief.


“But it’s true that the witches want everything to be in order.”


That’s right‘, with eyes as if telling the truth.


Mirania swallowed a sigh.


“If each race sets its sights on each other like now, there would be war someday. I want to break down the boundaries of each race’s territory.”




“To do that, we need one Lord that could encompass the whole continent.”


As Mirania continued, the faces of the bats changed every minute.


The meaning of nonsense was clearly revealed, but Scarlett continued to listen to Mirania without change.


“Scarlett, I want you to support my proposal as a clan Lord.”


“…I’ve said this for a long time, but in the end, you’re going to fight without war.”


“I have no intention of touching your culture and territory. But I just want to open the tightly closed gates and exchange.”


“It reminds me of the human continent.”


“That’s right. Like humans.”


Mirania raised an eyebrow. The cold, white face with a confident smile was convincing.


The bats were confused and bit their lips.


“But even if we support you, the wolves won’t be easy. Balkan’s dirty personality won’t recognize you as his superior.”


Scarlett expressed her opinion with a worried expression.


“Don’t worry about that. Wolves have their own solution.”


After observing Mirania who responded with a relaxed attitude from start to finish, Scarlett sighed.


In fact, it was a sigh of affirmation to accept Mirania’s proposal.


“Okay. If you let my child live normally, my family would support you to become the Lord of the continent in the future.”


“Thank you for trusting me.”


“But my grandson tried all the medicines in the world to no avail. So, as a last resort, I was looking for the fairy, but I couldn’t find a single hair of any fairy.”


Mirania fell into thought.


‘It must have been Alice who cured Leberianz’s disease.’


It was probably years later that they met. Was the meeting between the two due to the efforts of the bats? If so, I understand how they would have possibly met.


‘Did you fall in love like that?’


Whether it was love or not, how nice it would have been if they had supported and fallen for each other.


It was very pleasant to say that her own heart was chosen as the sacrifice of that love.


Without realizing it, Mirania stared at the coffin where the Leberianz was located. Immediately a suspicious look came into view. She slowly managed to restore her relaxed expression.




At Mirania’s silence, Scarlett asked curiously.


Although she had accepted the proposal positively, she was still skeptical.


Mirania naturally answered Scarlett’s question.


“…Yes. So it’s not easy for me to cure his illness. But if it’s my healing, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.”




“In that sense, I have a suggestion. It may not be in your mind, but it must be accepted for the treatment.”


“What’s that? If it’s something we could do, we’d cooperate as much as we want.”


Although Scarlett was aggressive, she would be happy with her proposal.


Mirania took a breath briefly and spoke quickly.


“Leave him to me.”


Indeed, Scarlett paused.


“I’m not exactly sure what that means.”


“It means to entrust him to my castle and entrust me with his treatment.”


Scarlett’s face hardened when Mirania spoke softly as if there was nothing special with what she said.


The harsh reaction erupted beside Scarlett.


“Stop talking nonsense.”


The youngest man, who had been dissatisfied for a long time, raised his hand on the coffin and glared at Mirania.


(N: The raw refers to him as youngest bat-man)


“For us, this was the enemy camp. Having a successor in a place like this, do you think we would accept that statement?”


The lips of the young bat twisted violently.


His lips were particularly red in contrast to his pale skin.


Sharp fangs appeared between his lips and then disappeared.


“Zacharin, don’t get up.”


When Scarlett ordered in a low voice, the bat young man shut up.


However, the hostility in his eyes remained.


“My child said something harsh, but it’s not wrong.”




“Mirania, I don’t think you’ll harm us for no reason, but I don’t know why you have to take the risk of having my successor by your side.”


Mirania waited for the bats to calm down before she spoke.


“I fully understand the concerns of the bat people. But his disease has deep roots, so it’s difficult to cure it in a short time. It needs to be treated steadily.”




“In addition, my magic works only when I treat him next to me.”


Mirania remained calm all the time.


It’s true that she has to keep him around because it’s not magic that she would use to cure him, but with her blood.


‘Although the purpose was to keep him nearby and monitor it.’


Treatment doesn’t mean that Leberianz would get better right away.


He would continue to suffer from sleeping sickness, and if he was left with the bats, and wakes up one day and meets Alice.


‘It’s like bleeding and tearing off my heart.’


Mirania wondered if there was such a coincidence, but she didn’t believe in this world anymore.


If there was even the slightest possibility, I should block it first.


“It makes me reluctant to say that.”




Scarlett looked at the teacup lost in thought.


The bat clan was full of dissatisfaction, but waited quietly for the head to finish her worries.


Finally, Scarlett spoke again.


“Prove it to us, Mirania.”




“If you’re confident that you could cure Leberianz, I’ll do as you say then.”


Scarlett’s eyes were resolute and cold after finishing her worries.


Mirania felt a strong gaze from the suspicious bats.


‘I mean, it’s a riot even if I give him treatment.’


Mirania, who had already decided to pretend to enjoy their conversation, was offended by their sarcasm.


If it wasn’t for Mirania, Leberianz would have to spend his years sleeping.


‘Should I beat him up?’


After a brief moment of serious contemplation, Mirania sighed with her deep-set face.


Leberianz would only sleep for a few years, but Mirania had to be in the time she had already been through decades.


I’m sick and tired of regression.


‘Heh, what can I do? Let’s hang in there.’


That kind of rudeness could only be passed on.


In fact, if they changed position and asked for the witch because the wolves and bats would take good care of him, she would ignore it without even pretending to listen.


‘I could understand why you’re doubting what kind of dream it was.’


Milan, calmly calming down, opened its mouth.

Mirania, who calmed her mind, spoke.






“First of all, I have to see Leberianz.”




“If it’s too serious, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m afraid.”


Mirania got up tossing her words on the bats for nothing. She was sarcastic and grumpy.


A young male bat put the coffin that was only half his size on the marble.


The young man took a glimpse at Mirania and opened the lid of the coffin.


At the same time, the fragrant scent of acacia spread throughout the room, and the temperature dropped.


‘It’s cold.’


As a matter of fact, Chera trembled lightly.


Needless to say, bats basically have a low body temperature, and sleep sickness is a disease that harbors chills.


Leberianz, suffering from sleep sickness, was colder than an ice cave.




The young male bat hesitated, then took the lid of the coffin and stepped back.


He seemed to be wary of Mirania.


Mirania, glimpsing at the retreating bat, slowly approached the coffin.


His decadent magic bloomed like a thread.




Sweet and beautiful blonde hair as if honey and gold thread were woven together.


Pale but white skin like a prince.


Smooth facial features.


It was so beautiful that it came out like a tempting bat.


The face of a man who has become familiar with countless repeated regressions.


Mirania stared intently at the Leberianz.


‘You’re still young.’


The features were similar, but much younger.


The height right now was likely half of his height from the previous life, and the adult jaw was round like a child.


Eyelids with blue veins covering the eyes, but there would be pupils red as blood and transparent as crystal glass.


Mirania could clearly picture in her mind how this young bat’s successor would grow later.





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