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“Why did you do that?”


Once Mirania asked in a soft tone, Grecan grumpily turned his head to the other side, showing an attitude of not wanting to answer her.




When Mirania called him again, he tapped the floor with his tail. It meant he didn’t like something.




A low growl came out again. Mirania’s head was throbbing because of Grecan.


“This guy or that guy.”


Mirania, rubbing her forehead, gestured through her chin.


“Go to your room alone.”


Grecan got up.


Sheesh‘, Mirania could hear him click his tongue.




Dissatisfaction began to pile up in Grecan’s heart as he opened his room and lay down in the cold.





Mirania wore her cloak over her shoulders.


A cloak worn for places where she had to show dignity of the witch like the meeting between the three races.


In fact, it was a cloak that Chera specially commissioned from the spider tribe so as not to be fooled by other races.


Mirania, wearing a cape that was made of silver silk and subtly gold under the sunlight, was like the queen of the winter.


After completing preparations, Mirania checked the time.


“It would be perfect to ride a broom.”


Mirania habitually checked the coffin of Leberianz, to confirm the status of his sleep.


‘You’re sleeping well.’ Next, I carefully examined his health.


“Your complexion is coming back…”


When she increased the blood to two drops, Leberianz’s pale complexion began to come alive.


The breathing, which was weak as if he were dead, also regained stability.


‘His eyes have never opened. It’s okay.’


At this rate, it seemed that he would recover from his sleep sickness, slowly and at his proper pace, as I had hoped.




Chera in a red cloak came in and asked, “Are you ready?”


“Yeah. We can leave now.”


“Yes. Oh, but Mirania, what are you going to do with Grecan?”


“What’s wrong with Grecan?”


“You said that you’re thinking of taking him to the agreement meeting. Are you really going to do that?”


Mirania frowned at her words.


“Who knew that the night of obedience was so short?”


There was a reason why Grecan was able to touch Leberianz ‘coffin despite the order.


The effective time of the immediate command.


The night of obedience was not a precious thing to endlessly observe the commands given. There was a time limit.


I thought the slaves of the night of obedience were all-rounders, obediently obeying Malandor’s words.


“I understand your decision, as it will take at least two days to come to an agreement.” At Chera’s words, Mirania nodded her head.


After the incident where Grecan aimed at Leberianz, Mirania tested the effectiveness of the night of obedience.


The effect lasts for about a day.


If I give a command, it would only be effective for a day, but beyond that, it won’t work anymore.


“…I’m sure there will be an accident if I just leave Grecan, so I’ll take him with me.”


“But what about Balkan? Balkans will definitely come to the meeting, right?”




“I’m going to freak them out a bit…”


Mirania seems to have lost her objectivity due to her great regret over the wolf, but she’s right this time.


Mirania swept her hand through her thin web-like hair, her silver hair scattered glimmering by the morning light.


“I can’t help it. Fortunately, the bats know about Grecan. The only thing to care about is the Balkan.”


“Are you going to tell Balkan that you rescued his son, Grecan?”


Mirania nodded at Chera as she seemed to understand her plan.


“Will it work for the Balkan? With that personality, he’d still be offended. Even if it’s Grecan, a child that he abandoned.”


Mirania’s head kept throbbing.


Thinking that Balkan would scream, I wanted to silence his mouth even though I hadn’t met him yet.


When I was caught by the bats, I thought I could coax Balkan as well.


However, compared to Scarlett, who treasured Leberianz as precious, Balkan was a person whose pride was more important than Grecan, so it would likely be difficult for me to move on as smoothly as I did with Scarlett.


“How about hiding Grecan’s existence? Until he became the head of the wolves. He should go to the Windless Mountain and you should be in charge of Grecan.”


‘Will that work?’


Hearing Mirania’s vaguely muttering words, Chera’s eyes widened.


“What? Grecan? The head of the wolves? Of course, Grecan is the most persistent wolf I’ve ever seen but isn’t he weak to be the head?”


Mirania smiled faintly as she looked at Chera, unable to guess her skeptical future.


In the previous life, Balkan died, and Grecan who awakened became the head.


‘Because he doesn’t belong to the wolf pack yet… Even if the time is wrong.’


One thing doesn’t change. When Balkan dies, Grecan becomes the head of the wolves.


Until then, at most 20 years.


‘Can I hide Grecan for 20 years?’


“Balkan don’t know Grecan’s human form.”


“Are you saying we should take him around in a human form?”




“Do you think he won’t get caught?”


“Still, I have to avoid it as much as possible.”


“If it’s Balkan whose hair is thicker than his brain, I think he can be fooled.”


At Chera’s prejudiced words, Mirania’s expression brightened.


Come to think of it, it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.


“Let’s go now. But where’s Grecan?


“Grecan must be near the training ground… Huh?” Chera, looking down through the window, rolled her eyes.


“What’s wrong?”


Mirania approached Chera and asked.


“Isn’t he there?”


Mirania also looked down at the training ground. A few witches were watching the forest endlessly with a buzzing atmosphere among them.


“Something’s weird, Mirania.”


Mirania agreed with Chera. The atmosphere was so weird.


Somehow, anxiety tickled my neck…


Mirania grabbed the broom she had parked against the wall and rode it, and she sprinted downwards.


“Oh my!”


Mirania quickly asked the startled witch when it saw her sudden appearance.


“What’s going on? Where did Grecan go?”


“Well, that…”


The young witch pointed to the forest with a puzzled yet awkward look.


“It’s Grecan. He suddenly ran over this way. We thought maybe you were playing fetch, but he didn’t come back after a while…”




The broom fell from Mirania’s hand.


A step later, Chera, who came down somewhat more violently than Mirania, picked up Mirania’s broom.


“Grecan disappeared?”




“But, Mirania, you gave the order, didn’t you?”




“Don’t go too far…”


At Chera’s curious gaze, Mirania’s face turned pale.


“No, I didn’t order him to run away.”


“What, then!”


“He ran away!”


A common thought popped into the heads of Chera and Mirania.


Mirania staggered slightly. ‘I thought Grecan and Leberianz would fight, but I didn’t think Grecan would run away.’


Why couldn’t he? I kidnapped him, so of course he could run away!


Regret comes too late, no matter what. Mirania reflexively placed her hands near her heart.


‘My heart.’


“…I have to find him.”


Mirania took the broom from Chera’s hand.


“He might haven’t gone far yet!”


Mirania flew over the forest on a broomstick. Then she raised her voice and gave orders for Grecan to obey.


“Where are you?”


A hasty voice sprang up. Grecan won’t come back even if he heard this kind of voice. Mirania, who judged and thought so, forced herself to calm down.


“If you can hear my voice, come back to the castle, Grecan.”


When she snapped her fingers, the cold voice of Mirania, which was not very loud, spread throughout the forest.


After giving the order, I waited.


The night of obedience would have led Grecan to the castle if he could be reached by my voice that was spread by magic.


However, even after some time had passed enough for Grecan to come back even if he was on the other side of the forest, Mirania still couldn’t see even his nose.




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