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It was Leberianz. His honey-dark blond was wet and his arms that hung weakly on the shore were limp.


Water drips down on his pale skin. Mirania stiffened as she was about to jump into the lake.


‘I didn’t want you to wake up, but I’m afraid you…’




When Leberianz coughed in the field, drops of water splattered. Not lying in a coffin like a doll, but he’s alive and moving.


Grecan’s fur, which had been calm by saying to himself that he had done everything he had to do, stood firm.




Grecan, who glared with his eyes as if warning, ‘He came out alive and didn’t die!’, lowered his body and growled.


Leberianz, who vomited, glared at Grecan. The red eyes were as thick as blood and frightening.


With his red eyes glistening eerily, Leberianz muttered to Grecan.




His thin lips twisted and red eyes glared at Grecan. A husky voice came from his throat that had not been used for a long time.


“I’m going to kill you…!”




Leberianz closed his eyes again, leaving only those words.


He fell asleep again.


Mirania seized the body of Leberianz, who was about to plunge into the lake again.


When she held him in her arms, cold lake water dripped from the hem of his wet clothes.


Sniff! Grrr!


Grecan barked wildly around Mirania.


Kill him?’ It was as if Grecan was shouting at Mirania to kill Leberianz.


Mirania closed Leberianz’s eyes with her hands. When his eyes were out of focus, he frowned and pulled away.


She thought he woke up from the shock, but it seemed to be a temporary phenomenon.


‘A survival instinct is surely amazing.’


In the meantime, Mirania’s clothes began to get wet gradually with water dripping from the body of Leberianz.


With a damp feeling, Mirania walked away disappointedly.


Sniff! Growl!”




Grr, Grrr!”


When Grecan barked indifferently, Mirania sighed.


‘A word that’s not a command doesn’t work.’


“Shut up”




As soon as the night of obedience shone white, Grecan shut his mouth.


His face was filled with dissatisfaction as if he was angry that he could not bark.


Mirania muttered past the silenced Grecan.


“You’re the same trouble as you used to be.”




“Oh, and…”



Milania, who was walking shaking her head, paused and looked down at Grecan. Grecan blinked his black eyes.


“You’re a dog.”


‘I’m not a dog!’ said Grecan who had stopped blinking, as his eyes gleamed.


Mirania firmly ignored his cry.


‘A wolf is a dog.’


It belongs to the family of dogs


‘If you don’t listen to me, you won’t be a normal dog, but a poop-dog.’





A little later than expected due to an untimely disturbance, Mirania left. She was accompanied by Grecan.


‘This is how it ends.’


I tried to do so if I could, I wanted to leave Grecan behind, but after the lake Incident, that thought was swept away.


In any case, it seemed more comfortable to carry Grecan on my side if possible.


The upcoming Witch Forest Agreement was soon to be held this time.


The site of the agreement was located in the center of the continent and in the middle of the territory of the three races.


The site of the agreement was called “Mountain of Windlessness” in the sense of preventing fighting and coordination and was close to a shallow basin to be called a mountain.


“Chera, stay with Grecan when we arrive.”


“What if you go in without me and something happens to you?”


It was already too late as Mirania hurried to head alone to the meeting site, Chera resolutely shook her head.


“Come with me, Mirania! A leader without an attendant has no dignity. As a staff member of the witch family, I can’t watch you being ignored by wolves and bats even if dirt comes into my eyes.”


Seeing her chatter, it seemed that she had made up her minds while coming here.


“Then what about Grecan?” Mirania asked.


“You said you’d take him in human form. That’s how it works.” Chera answers.


Mirania looked down at Grecan.


Grecan was calm, unlike when he casually threw Leberianz into the lake.


Mirania sighed lightly as she glanced at Grecan with distrustful eyes, who looked gentle at first glance.






“Try to transform into a human.”


Hiding her disapproval and speaking politely, Grecan readily obeyed the order.


Grecan’s rich fur was sucked in, and soon a healthy boy with copper skin appeared.


In the meantime, the limbs seemed to have become longer and the skeleton grew.


‘Every day, he grows differently.’


Mirania handed the clothes she had already brought Grecan to wear.


Grecan gazed at it puzzled.


“It’s a good dress for you to wear. It’ll be more comfortable than my cape. I asked a child your age for clothes, so please wear them carefully.”




Grecan’s gaze turned to Mirania’s cloak. Mirania took a bitter breath of reproach at the uncomfortable gaze of why he had to wear such a thing.


“How long are you going to wear my cape?”


Grecan, who frowns, seemed unhappy with the current situation.


“The cape must be comfortable.”


But Mirania changed her mind when she saw Grecan dressed.


Grecan opens his pants while looking at Mirania. Then, he put his legs in his pants, but he was anxious and tilted his head.


Mirania, who was watching, was speechless.


Wolves were underdeveloped in civilization compared to the Witches and Bats. She forgot that Grecan was the most marginalized of all civilizations.


“It was because you didn’t know how to wear it.”


While leaning, Mirania, who quickly supported his body, completely collapsed sideways. Mirania then took the clothes from Grecan.


Earlier, I only asked for proper clothes and didn’t check them properly.


The navy suit pants were not thick, and just by forcing the legs into them, they were wrinkled.


‘I’ve brought a cheap one.’


Recalling that the true owner of this garment valued its type and shape rather than the quality of the collection, Mirania silently spread the fabric using wind.


“If I knew this would happen, I would have asked the spiders to make the right clothes.”


But I didn’t know if they could make it up to the meeting.


Mirania, who was trying to dress Grecan in new clothes, soon realized the problem.


She looked down at the empty bottom, turned her head, and searched through all the borrowed clothes.


“There isn’t…”


“What are you looking for?”


Seeing Mirania’s embarrassed expression, Chera also searched through the clothes together with Mirania.


“Rather than having nothing to wear under your pants.”


“Oh, underwear?”


Chera, who spoke casually, glanced blankly at Grecan.


“I do have one, but…”


Mirania glanced up and down at the Chera.


“Do you have boy’s underwear?”


“Not a boy, but a girl…”


Chera looked rather pathetic at Mirania and muttered.


“Sometimes young witches need something, so I have something, but I don’t know if a boy can wear it.”


Chera rummaged inside the cape. Unlike Mirania’s plain-patterned simple cloaks, Chera’s cloak was a junk treasure box.


It was the name Mirania called because all the things needed for childcare were in it.


Chera took out clean white underwear from the inside and threw it to Grecan.


Grecan, who put his leg through one hole, soon spent time thinking and threw the underwear to the ground.


He expressed extreme dissatisfaction. Mirania and Chera, who saw the underwear so small that it couldn’t even reach his thighs, couldn’t say anything about his rude behavior.


The underwear from Chera’s treasure box didn’t help, so Mirania thought it was inevitable.


“You’ll just have to wear it. What can I do?”


In fact, not many wolves even wear underwear.


Considering that wolves wear leather-lined fabrics instead of pants, it would not be strange to wear pants without underwear.


Unlike Mirania, Chera was more realistic.


“The pants are cheap, so you shouldn’t just wear them.”


Chera, who was pondering for a moment, clicked her finger.


“It just so happens.”


Mirania looked with interest at something she had taken out of her cloak.


A soft white cloth that looks soft and clean.


Mirania had seen it in young witches who were just born or late witches who were too old to take care of their business.


“You’ll feel better if you wear diapers. It’s especially for big kids, so it’s wider and thinner than underwear.”


“Will it fit?”


“Well, there’s nothing I can do if this doesn’t work either.”


Mirania and Chera’s eyes turned to Grecan at the same time.



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  1. Diapers 😂 😂 That shouldn’t be his new punishment. Whenever he does something naughty, put him in diapers 🤣