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Mirania worries about the thought Grecan might call Balkan ‘father.’


Although she had set excuses with Grecan in preparation for any possible situation, she was not sure if each could control the situation.


Because Grecan was directly involved, my anxiety intensified.


As Mirania remained silent, Balkan’s eyes grew even more suspicious.


Grecan was also speechless with an uncontrollable frown on his forehead.


The one who broke the silence in the meeting room was the young wolf who had been staring puzzledly before. He was also the one who whispered to Balkan about the existence of Grecan.


He took a step forward. The half-doubtful expression turned into confidence at that moment.


“Grecan. You’re Grecan, right?”




“Yes, Lord, it’s Grecan. He smells like Grecan. I don’t know why he’s here, but I think he’s been able to transform himself into a human.”


Mirania broke out in a cold sweat as she listened to the conversation. She didn’t think there would be a wolf who would recognize Grecan in his human form.


Thump, thumpㅡ


Mirania’s heart beats fearfully. She could feel Chera’s gaze, looking at her asking what she’s going to do.


Mirania slowly opened her lips, “This child is Grecan… ”


Balkan’s, whose expression had hardened since Grecan’s name came out, also looked at Mirania.


In a short moment, complex thoughts passed through Mirania’s head.


Contrary to many thoughts, the words that broke through his teeth were short.




Chera opened her eyes wide. The question of why she admitted it when Grecan was in human form anyway flashed.


But Mirania, contrary to her suspicions, acted as if also in doubt of Grecan’s identity, but she had her own idea.


“Let’s just solve this today.”


Mirania was a great witch who hated conflict and disliked trouble as much as she loved peace.


If there’s room for the budding of disturbance in the future, it’s better to cut it out here.


“…Grecan. The wolf in the witch clan was Grecan.” Balkan whispered to himself.


A glance with contempt glared at Grecan. Then he cast an uncharacteristically calm gaze on Mirania.


“What happened?”


“As I said, I saved a lost child in the witch forest.”


“Then why didn’t you call me right away?”


Mirania frowned at his sharp voice as if she were quite displeased at his tone.


“Are you interrogating me, Balkan?”




“I think I’m in a position to check, not interrogate. Don’t you think so?”


As Mirania’s eyes became cold, Balkan remained silent for a while, but his attitude did not change.


“Whether what you say is true or not, Grecan is my… family, so I’ll take him.”


Mirania remained silent, unable to find anything to say.


Although Balkan’s attitude was uncomfortable as to whether there was still a grudge against Grecan, there was no justification to prevent him from taking his own child.


‘But I can’t just let Grecan go.’


Mirania’s eyes gleamed coldly. Balkan was staring at Grecan before he knew it.


Grecan, who looked like a neat human child, wiggled his dark eyebrows as if he didn’t like it.


“You look dirty.”




Grecan answered nothing with a bored look on his face.


The expression on his face as if he couldn’t hear anything made Balkan’s face angry.


The father-son relationship was sharp and stark for the first time in a long time.


“Go back and turn to your wolf form. Hurry!”


Grecan’s eyes narrowed as he turned his gaze to Balkan’s orders belatedly. His eyes on Balkan were getting colder.


Balkan’s voice erupted stronger, just as they thought persuasion and oppression were the only correct attitudes.


“Can’t you hear me?”




“Take off those filthy human clothes!”


The madness began to grow in Balkan’s eyes.


He was known to be hot-tempered among the wolf chiefs of all time, and his rebellion was the existence of the dead Ramie and neglected Grecan, a byproduct of that tragedy.


Mirania frowned when she sensed the unusual atmosphere between Balkan and Grecan from the father and son.


“Balkan, don’t force Grecan.”


Balkan reacted harshly to her calm intervention.


“Do not interfere! I’m very mad at you right now!”


“You’re angry?”


His fierce gaze was caught in her wriggling eyebrows.


Mirania acted in order to provoke him and made him angrier about Grecan or at her with this situation.


“You wouldn’t know how much the wolves value their young. You’ve been hiding Grecan’s existence so far, so there’s no way I won’t get mad at you.”


As her words were cut in half, Mirania’s brows furrowed.


“It sounds as if you were passionately worried about the missing baby wolf.”


Her lips twitched as Balkan did, but Mirania’s eyes only grew cold.


“Well? I’ve never heard of the disappearance of a young wolf.”




“Even a request for cooperation to find the missing cub? I didn’t get any either.”


“We don’t ask for any help from witches.”


Balkan growled, not hiding his displeasure.


Mirania pointed out the truth, “Did you really realize that you lost him?”


“…Yes.” Balkan replied in a gruesome manner.


Milania raised an eyebrow and continued, “Then why didn’t you look for him?”


Questions were asked, but no answers were needed.


‘It must have been because he didn’t want to see Grecan.’


For Balkan, who thought he had lost his only beloved companion because of Grecan, Grecan would not want to think of him.


Again, Balkan, who had nothing to answer back, said nothing.


Mirania tilted her head as if she didn’t understand, even as she saw his increasingly distorted face.


“Do you have the right to criticize me for that?” Balkan retorted.


It was an ordinary question, but it harbored a blind spot in this situation.


Balkan expressed his displeasure by revealing his pointy teeth.


Mirania’s cold expression did not change even in his appearance that would make ordinary humans tremble.


In the first place, there weren’t many things that could threaten her, she’s a great witch, with such a position there’s no need to be afraid of Balkan’s threat.


Except for the world’s beloved protagonists, Mirania was actually not afraid of anyone.


“I am the guardian of this young individual of your clan.”




“Like Scarlett, do you want me to accuse you of being wicked?”


Balkan, with his wrinkled brows and was torn between emotion and reason, his expression crumpled when Scarlett was mentioned.


However, unlike his ferocious spirit, he did not rush into Mirania. There’s a perception that it was his loss.


“You know I’m not good at talking…”


Balkan’s voice roared and continued,


“So there’s only one thing I want without saying anything else. Give me Grecan. Anyway, he’s my family.”




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