Author: Niks


「A Birch Beetle」


“Even if it were possible to resurrect someone like the Great Witch from the previous generation, it would be very troublesome.”


“So what? Don’t worry too much. No one has actually witnessed the red flower’s ability to revive.”


“You never know. I will continue to monitor his behavior. Mirania, if you notice any suspicious signs, please let me know.”


Scarlett only said that and left. After leaving, Mirania resumed her flight and was lost in thought.


“Should I meet Malandor?”


I don’t think he would do such a nuisance, but as Scarlett said, Malandor was a freak who I didn’t know where and what could do.


It’s no wonder that one day he wanted to mess up the world for no reason. He might really want to make an ancient beauty slave…


“Then he is truly a madman.”


While thinking about whether to visit Malandor or not, the party was in the realm of the witch before she knew it.


Mirania, who immediately moved to the Witch Castle, got off the broomstick.


The first she got off her broomstick, she looked at Chera and her eyes widened.


“Why are you hanging him?”




Mirania was puzzled. She looked back.


Grecan, who was hanging behind her back, stared. Mirania, who had never noticed, was embarrassed.


“What are you doing here?”


Preoccupied with her thoughts, she didn’t even know what Grecan was doing.


“It was kind of heavy.”


Mirania shook her head and pushed Grecan’s forehead with her finger. she was meant to be dropped.




Grecan shook his head lightly, wiping Mirania’s hand away.


Mirania frowned, this time pushed Grecan’s face with her palm.


Again, Greccan bowed his head and avoided her palm.




When Mirania looked at Chera with questionable eyes, Chera replied clearly.


“He doesn’t want to come down huh?”


“I see. But what’s the sound of laughter behind you?”


“It looks like a beetle on a birch tree.”


Mirania stared briefly at Chera’s curious smile before turning her head.


Grecan, who opened his eyes wide, made eye contact with Mirania.


Mirania suddenly felt burdened. She thought about pushing him again with her hand, and recalled that she didn’t have to use force.


“Come down.”


She simply ordered Grecan, who could not refuse the night of obedience and ordered him to come down soon.


“Oh my!”


Suddenly, the feeling of being choked grabbed Mirania’s hair.


Clutching his arms around her neck, Mirania gasped and barely looked behind her.


Grecan, who had become a human being, was holding her neck strongly.


As he became more strangled, Mirania grabbed Grecan by the wrist. Even before awakening, his wrist was stronger than Mirania’s.


“Come on, come on down.”


Mirania thought the order didn’t work, so she ordered it again. But Grecan has only gained strength in his arms, but he was just not moving at all.


“What is this situation right now?”


Mirania blinked. “Oh my!”


The sound of strangulation was loud. She was taken aback, and the arm that was holding her neck loosened slightly. Mirania exclaimed urgently.


“Is the night of obedience broken already?”


Chera, who answered to her surprise, was pulling the dust off the broom that wasn’t hers.


“Come down!”


Inevitably, Mirania again strongly commanded. She didn’t think it would really work.


But was it an illusion that every time she gives an order, it feels like he’s sticking to her back?


Chera glanced at Mirania’s alterations and shook her head from side to side.


“It’s not broken. It has turned white and it is working properly.”


‘If the night of obedience was not broken.’




Mirania turned her head and looked carefully at Grecan’s face.


At first glance, the copper skin was reddening.


His arms trembled and his legs…


“Oh, my!”


His legs are wrapped around her waist as if to crush her back.




Mirania blushed because she was ashamed of herself for breaking out another uneducated groan.


She stared at Grecan, the cause of the problem.


He wrapped his legs tightly around Mirania’s waist, struggling to resist the compulsory orders.


The power was so strong that her back felt like it was going to bend.


There was a groan between his lips on his red face.


Now, Mirania could understand the state of Grecan.


He didn’t want to listen to her orders. But she didn’t even give an order to die, so why was he doing this?


“…What’s wrong with you?”


No matter how much of an enemy he is, he’s a small child who has not yet come of adulthood.


She didn’t do anything, just ordered him down, and the feeling of tormenting the little child made Mirania feel bad.


“Are you going to let your face burst like that?”


Chera muttered as she watched Grecan grunt. Mirania agreed.


Not only Grecan, but his organs were about to explode.


Mirania, unable to overcome Grecan’s limb strength, immediately opened her mouth.


“Hey, stop…!”


Like a lie, the strength in Grecan’s limbs ran out. It felt like Mirania was released after being trapped in the eight legs of a giant octopus.


She stumbled for a moment, but soon put on an elegant look as if nothing had happened.


Mirania was a bit lazy and she liked the time to do nothing, but she also considered appearance as important, so she showed through her attitude.


The astonishment that had been spat out scandalously was deleted from my head.


Chera looked at Mirania suspiciously, “Are you okay?”


“It’s okay.”


“Are you sure you’re okay? Are you still hurt?”


“Yeah, why not? That’s enough.”


Mirania said calmly, but she was still nervous behind her heavy back.


“What’s wrong with you?”


She asked Grecan quietly, but Grecan only grinned at how satisfied he was with her order being revoked.


Mirania hurried away in an unseemly mood.


Chera gave a plausible argument to Grecan’s appearance as if he was out of his mind.


“Isn’t meeting Balkan a shock? He did say that Mirania would have a bad relationship, but he didn’t know he’s going to that point. It’s an exile.”




“I know that the lost wolves suffer terribly, which they are. What would it be like to ignore your own children?”


“Because it’s Balkan who is faithful to emotions.”


“Anyway, he must have abandoned the wolf clan. Now, wouldn’t Grecan consider Mirania as his mother?”


Mirania gave a disgusted look at Chera’s answer.




“Or father?”


When Mirania stared, Chera, who was smiling, turned her eyes and looked away.


“It seems that watering Balkan is pretty good.”


Mirania, who accurately pinpointed Chera’s thought, was startled, not seeing Chera’s embarrassment when Grecan’s arm moved.


Grecan was rubbing his head against Mirania’s shoulder, his chin rested on her shoulder.


Grecan’s hair smelled like dry dirt. His legs were still wrapped around Mirania’s waist like a giant octopus.


“It looks like you have an octopus, not a wolf.”


“Are you going to leave it as it is?”


“I can’t take him off. What should I do? It’ll stop at this rate.” Mirania answered roughly and thought hard.


She was bothered by Grecan’s rejection of the night of obedience.


The Night of Obedience was a spiritual treasure. A ghost that engages the mind and obeys the caster’s orders.


‘Resisting that night of obedience was more than proof that his mind has grown strong.’


Grecan, who followed her orders just a few days ago, had grown in the meantime.


‘That’s not a good sign.’


When Grecan awakens, I thought that the Night of Obedience would be ineffective. 


Then I must see the effect before that. It’s a big deal if it’s already useless now.


Mirania’s mind became complicated.


‘I haven’t completely tamed Grecan yet.’


Mirania glanced at Grecan’s black hair with distraught eyes.


What she originally planned was close to the relationship between a master and the slave.


I was going to train Grecan to perfection so that he would give in near-brainwashed learning to obey whatever I said unconditionally.


But if that doesn’t work…


‘He could be thinking of me as his mother.’


Mother of enemies, to say the least.




Grecan looked up at Mirania’s gaze.


Mirania smiled consciously and affectionately when their eyes met. It was the result of being conscious of Chera’s words.




Grecan opened with his eyes wide. It was more of a pleasant voice than a threatening feeling.


“Yeah, it’s not pleasant, but if you think about it, it’s not bad either.”


No matter what anyone says, the wolves are a kind of filial piety.


Her back was a little stiff. It was because of Grecan gripping hard and hanging on her back.


Mirania, who thought about the ‘effect of the parent-child relationship with the enemy’ that she had just thought about putting down Grecan, decided to show some generosity.


“He won’t let go for a few days.”


One thing she didn’t expect was Grecan’s persistence.


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