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* * *


Chera, who was half-confident but thought that even Mirania would ‘do this,’ jumped up.


Her feet went up one meter away from the ground.


“Are you training in the air?’


Mirania shook her head and Chera was so excited that she started explaining.


“Yes. It’s similar, but technically speaking, it’s not a dog.”




“A wolf.”


“You have to be precise!”






Mirania only blinked. Chera, who burst into tears with an innocent look, wrapped her head with her arms and screamed.


The wolf cub, frightened by the scream, ran.

Although Chera’s hand swung at random, her momentum was quite harsh and scared the wolf cub.


The baby wolf’s nails scratched the back of Mirania’s hand. There were solid red lines made by the wolf’s nails.


There aren’t just one or two of such wounds as Chera glanced at Mirania.


“You’ve already been hurt a lot, right?”


Mirania grumbled at Chera, mesmerized.


“Why would you suddenly scream? I barely lost my strength.”


The wolf of the flesh.


In terms of strength, it was one of the most common races. The baby wolf opened its mouth wide and showed his teeth.


However, no sound was heard.


Chera glanced at Mirania, who carefully observed the wolf with a pouting mouth and no sound.


“You used the silence magic?”




The baby wolf moved his lips without getting tired.


‘What would you put a spell on that wolf?’


While Mirania fixed her gaze on the wolf’s snout, Chera, being alert, folded her arms.


“Why did you bring a wolf? I don’t think it’s for a meal.”


Mirania imagined a wolf cub coming up as a side dish for dinner.


That smell… Ugh, I felt sick.


Mirania, with a disgusted expression, saw Chera make the same reaction.


“…I’m sure you don’t. How did you catch a wolf cub that wasn’t even common even on the street, and why did you do that? What are you thinking?”


“I don’t know what you want to ask, Chera.”


“Just tell me everything that happened!”


“Then in my room…”




As Chera swung her wand, tables and chairs from far away flew. Like a witch of destruction, her form was as rough as a storm.


It may reflect Chera’s mood, but it’s even worse than usual.


Mirania, seeing a chair running at her face, hurriedly flicked her fingers.


A chair that stopped in front of Mirania’s eyes fell down.


Mirania stared at Chera with a contemplative face.


“Did you try to attack me?”


“… please sit down, quickly.”


Chera, embarrassed because it was simply a control failure, moved to the chair.


Mirania sat down quietly on the chair. The wolf cub lay on the floor.


‘What should I talk about first?’


I was lost in thought with Chera’s burdensome eyes, but I felt something strange.


As she turned her eyes, the wolf cub on the floor crawled eagerly toward the door.


Tsk, you know you can’t run away, but you don’t give up. Even though he’s still a kid, he kept on resisting.”


In the previous life, Grecan, the male lead, ran around without getting tired, no matter how much he was attacked.


His tenacious black eyes aiming for the heart of Mirania were blazing and it almost looked red.


‘Obsession’ was a trait that Grecan and Leberians have in common, but if Leberians was shady, Grecan was openly persistent.


Mirania flicked her finger.


Dragon was the ruler of magic, and the great witch was good at finger magic.


Then baby Grecan was summoned to the table.




Being confused by the change of surroundings for a moment, she flicked her fingers again while looking at Grecan.


A steel cage in the air fell over Grecan’s head.




Grecan’s eyes, trapped in an instant, grew as if they were popping out.


“Wasn’t this the cage that Bibi used?”


Unlike Gregan, whose heart was about to fall because of surprise, Chera and Mirania remained calm.


“That’s right.”


Bibi was a hawk carried by Mirania. Now it was about the size of a young human being, but when it was young, it was just the same size as the current Grecan.


Grecan, who was trapped in a cage, bit the bars with his teeth.


As soon as the astonishment went away, Chera, amazed, burst into admiration.


“I’ve never seen a baby wolf before. Still their babies are horrible even now.”


Bloody Chera. Contrary to her nickname, the baby-loving Chera inadvertently put her finger in the cage, and when Grecan tried to bite, she panicked and pulled her finger out.




Grecan, who couldn’t bite her finger and shut his mouth, touched his mouth with regretful eyes.


With a tired look, Chera glanced at Mirania.


At her unspoken pressure, Mirania blinked her eyes. It was a peculiar habit that’s revealed when in trouble.




“Uh… This wolf cub’s name was Grecan.”


“Who wants to know that?!”


“Wait, let me get this straight and think about it.”


Chera was energized after seeing the calm Mirania, she felt a little relieved. ‘Because you’re so calm, so it won’t be a big problem like I thought.’


After a while, Mirania began her explanation.


“It was already bdawn when I went out…”



* * *


A few hours ago.


The sky, where the sun had not risen completely, was still dark.


The reason why I chose to go out at dawn was because I was aiming for the wolves before they became active.


No matter how much she plans to kidnap and brainwash Grecan, it would be a good idea to get caught.


Mirania moved carefully because this broken world does not seem to work well for her.


Speaking of being cautious, she was putting on an invisibility magic and wearing a magic tool that kills the enemy.


Mirania killed it’s figure and flag, and broke through the wolf’s den.


It was embarrassing to say it was a plan.


At any rate, Mirania slid past the wolf standing guard with his eyes wide open.


Unlike the witches and bats who live in nice castles, the wolf den was located on a huge cliff.


To be exact, there are numerous caves on the cliff, each of which was a wolf’s shelter.


The cave inhabited by the wolf chief was particularly huge and was buried in a high cliff.


‘Where was the cave where the little wolf was?’


This wasn’t the only time that I thought of taking care of that wolf while he was still a cub.


It was already decades ago, so I couldn’t remember it clearly, but when I recalled my memory, I soon found it without difficulty.


Wolves, along with bats, have an unusually strong obsession with blood relatives. Therefore, caves with cubs are more tightly hidden.


Mirania gazed through the cave at the bottom center of the cliff.


‘That’s probably it…’


Where the children of the chief and other wolves live together.


There was an adult wolf tribe nearby, so it would be recognized immediately if someone broke in.


Mirania moved slowly and passed through a distant cave.


It was true that the chief’s children live in the central cave. But Grecan was not there.


Instead, she went into a shabby cave on the outskirts.


A shabby cave that was somewhat unsuitable for a baby wolf.


This was where Grecan spent his childhood.


The reason why the son of the head of the wolf clan lives in such a place was because Grecan was abandoned by his father.


The most important being for the wolf chief was his spouse. The pure love of the wolves was also famous in other clans.


Wolves often do not meet other companions when their companion dies.


The previous chiefs of the wolf race, who had led the clan, welcomed new spouses, but Grecan’s father, Balkan, did not.


The anger of the wolf chief, who lost his spouse, was directed to his youngest son.


“Crrr… crrr..”


Entering the cave, Mirania stopped in front of a tiny wolf, snoring weakly.


The baby wolf’s face, curled up on a hard stone floor, was covered with wounds.


The fur was messy and tangled because it hadn’t been taken care of.


A wolf born on behalf of its mother’s life.


Growing up hated by his father Balkan, Grecan later meets Alice.


Grecan, who was wounded, was healed by Alice.


Grecan, who has never been loved by anyone, became obsessed with Alice…


‘He even took my heart as well.’


Mirania’s golden eyes, which shook with a slight sympathy, became vanquished.


Even though he could transform into a human, his appearance was proof that his strength was weak.


Raising the young Grecan was impractical. But she shouldn’t let her guard down. He was only weak now.


At a certain moment, Grecan, who was born anew by overcoming his weak body, quickly took the place of the chief. That’s his fate.


So, before that time, I have to educate him well. So that he won’t go after my heart someday.


Mirania was once again determined.


‘The wolves are so devoted that they still visit their parents even after their independence, so if I raise him well, wouldn’t he treat me like a parent?’


It’s my new strategy, to raise him with love so he won’t hate me in the future.


She carefully grabbed Grecan’s clothes and lifted it up. At that moment, the wolf cub opened its eyes.


Mirania saw her figure hardened in his black shiny eyes.


[Give me your heart!]


Grecan ran into her with hazy eyes flashing past her head.


Mirania’s heart pounded loudly.


Grecan’s eyes were drowsy, looking up and down, left and right, examining Mirania.


Trapped in her past memories, Mirania swallowed her saliva.


Grecan, who was lost in the situation, quickly came to his senses. Eyes, gradually becoming fierce, stared at the intruder precisely.


‘It’s difficult to do this.’


Mirania’s lips hardened awkwardly.




Mirania quickly reached out her hand and tried to grab Grecan’s bare nape. However, his physical abilities were probably at the best among wolves.


“Crrr.., crr!”


Grecan struck Mirania’s hand. Luckily she took her hand away immediately.


My heart pounded.


Grecan, fully awakened, looked at her with all four feet on the floor.


It was scrawny and small, but she knows too well how terrifyingly that little wolf grows in the future.


Mirania became dizzy.




Meanwhile, Grecan’s eyes burned with hostility.




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