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The sleeping prince…


There’s no need to protect Mirania from dangerous beasts, and with nothing to do, Grecan opened his mouth wide and yawned.


It was that moment. In Grecan’s eyes, moistened with a yawn, he could see Mirania falling down the cliff.




Grecan jumped out without a second thought.


Mirania, who decided to use magic instead of a broom, took a small step in the air.


Human wizards chant spells and use flying magic, but Mirania didn’t have to cast them.


Mirania, who was slowly stepping down the air, gasped at the sudden pain.


A terrible pain came from her head.


“Ouch!” Mirania shouted.


It felt almost as if the whole skin of my head was being torn off.


Tears welled up in Mirania’s eyes, not used to pain.


It hurt so much that the magic was broken that my body suddenly collapsed.


Then, her weight applied to the pain intensified as if tearing her head.


“What is it?”


She groaned and looked up angrily.


Grecan, who had turned into his human form when he ran, was plucking Mirania’s hair.


As soon as she saw Grecan, Mirania gasped.


‘Is this kid crazy?’


Although Grecan had not yet reached adulthood, Mirania, who had thought that Grecan had already gone crazy, was in a mess due to the excruciating pain from her scalp.


With a reddened face, Grecan told Mirania, as he pulled her up harder.


“Mi—rania, ugh, come on up!”


Mirania, who can’t find the words to say, glanced at him, and he found the Grecan was trying to pull her up.


Mirania’s expression, which she thought Grecan attacked her unexpectedly, became strange.


“What are you doing? Come on up here!” Grecan cried nervously. Pulling up Mirania.


Upon grasping the situation, Mirania regained her broken concentration and diverted her magical powers.


When her body lightly floated in the air, the pain she felt weakened.


It was thanks to the flying magic, but Grecan’s face brightened as Mirania’s body was pulled more easily.


Soon after, Grecan and Miriania had the same eye level.


“Mirania is light. You have to eat a lot.”


Mirania was speechless when she saw Grecan talking seriously.


‘I don’t understand his mental world.’    


Still, her hair was held by Grecan, as he was still angry he frowned and scolded Mirania.


“That’s why I said mountains are dangerous! If you fall, you’ll die! Just like now!”


“… ”


“Is Mirania an idiot?”


Seeing Grecan looking at me pitifully with admonition made Mirania wonder how far this guy misunderstood her.


‘Were you originally like this in the past?’


I knew of his obsessive trait, but I didn’t know he was crazy in this way.


Meanwhile, Grecan, who was struggling to save Mirania who ‘slipped down the cliff like an idiot,’ tilted his head as if he had finally realized something strange.


It was the arm that was firmly attached to support Mirania, but at some point it didn’t feel strong.


In a blink of an eye, the strength was completely drained from his hand. Still, Mirania was floating and looking at Grecan.


Grecan stared at her puzzledly as she crossed her arms. Holding on to Mirania’s hair, he blinked, then whispered to Mirania.




Instead of putting her feet down on the ground, Mirania floated up, wrapping her arms around Grecan’s waist.


Mirania and Grecan floating in the air. Finally, Grecan realized his condition and blinked faster in disbelief.


In Grecan’s head, several facts that he should have realized earlier came to mind as sentences.


—First, Mirania can use flying magic.


—Second, falling to the cliff wasn’t a mistake.


—Third, therefore, he was mistaken.


Grecan, who rushed panting to watch Mirania disappear over the cliff, closed his mouth tightly.


Silence fell…


Mirania only said a word.




That’s all I had to say. Grecan dropped his head and avoided eye contact.


Mirania, who moved to the ground, lowered Grecan.


It was only then that my hair was freed from Grecan’s hands.


Mirania, who clicked her tongue, gazed at Grecan, with doubtful eyes.


Silver hair glistened between Grecan’s fingers. It wasn’t just a strand or two.


When Grecan inadvertently shook off his sweaty hand, her hair fell.




Grecan’s eyes widened, and Mirania’s straight forehead turned to frown.


As the atmosphere became bleak, Grecan hid his hands behind his back and glanced at Mirania.




Mirania managed to contain her anger. Grecan didn’t go crazy because of Alice as he used to, so she barely endured it.


It was hard to say anything because he acted with good intentions.


So I can only sweep up my messy hair.


Her hands were also covered in a pile of hair that had been plucked from her scalp. Her hair was thin, so it seemed to have been pulled out more easily.


Mirania was silent when she saw the tangled hair on her fingers. Grecan took a hint and made a mouthful apology.


“My mistake…”


“…Mistake?” Mirania asked.


“It’s my mistake.”


Grecan, who became docile, put words in his mouth that he had never uttered before without realizing it.


‘Whew’,, Mirania, who was trying to speak softly with a deep sigh, was still annoyed by her throbbing scalp.


“Don’t act according to your instincts. Your head! I mean use your head.”


With her noble figure, Mirania only gritted, and sighed, finding her composure. Grecan tried to look elsewhere.


“I’m sorry.”


Mirania gracefully flipped her hair back.


Still, once I shot back, my mind became more calm like the sea where the waves passed by.


“…If you know you’re wrong, you should stay still, Grecan. Did you understand?”


At the tranquil surroundings, Grecan bit his lip. Unlike when he confessed his mistake, he seems to have expressed his defiance.


For a moment, Mirania nods her head as she glares at him.


After that, thanks to the docile Grecan, Mirania flew through the air and perfectly collected the white flowers down to the root.


She originally planned to gather three more roots, but seemed to be content with just one.


The blunt pain of my scalp broke her heart, that I had no desire left to gather more.


And I used the broom when I came back. My cape fluttered through the strong wind.


Grecan, who has a slight fear of heights, clung to Mirania’s back as if he would never fall.


A heavy weight was felt, but Mirania’s expression was detached.


Suddenly, Grecan was accustomed to the warmth and posture that he was attached to, and wasn’t disturbed by the fact that it was unfamiliar to him.


A broom carrying the two flew toward the witch’s castle.


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