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The room that has been a hot topic in the Witch’s Castle these days was the room just downstairs from Mirania’s bedroom.


It was originally an empty room that was used as a warehouse, but now it was one of the topics that the people of the Witch Castle are paying the most attention to.


Mirania opened the door. At the same time, the air in the cool room was felt, and the sound of ‘giggling’ stimulated her ears.


Mirania hardened, not understanding the sound of laughter in this room.




The door slammed shut.




Witches who were concentrating on something for a long time identified Mirania and got up in a flurry.


As they stepped aside, she was able to see what had been hidden behind them. It was a black coffin on a thick stone table. The door was visible where it flew.


“What are you doing here?” Mirania 




“I didn’t tell you to laugh and chat when I permitted you to enter this room. What did I say?” Mirania


When she asked sternly, the tallest witch hesitated and replied, “You told us to just check if there was anything suspicious.”




The witches stared at each other in a daze. The shortest and most delicate witch timidly retorted,  “I— if we take our eyes off of him for a second, something might happen.”


Mirania’s eyebrows curled up. The harsh air made the witches’ shoulders shrivel a little more.


“Does it mean that some trouble might happen when I’m in the Castle?” Mirania




“I told you, you guys only need to take care of it when I can’t.”


As Mirania spoke expressionlessly, the witches lowered their heads sullenly. Mirania sighed because she was feeling upset and reprimanded them but didn’t know why.


“I’m not trying to scold you, but it’s because it’s not a good thing to get close to Leberianz.”


The youngest of the witches asked with round eyes, “However… What makes the sleeping prince so dangerous?”


Mirania paid more attention to the words she spoke than to the young witch’s question, “Sleeping prince?”


“Oh, that’s just what we decided to call him.”


The witch blushed and twisted her body. Mirania finally realized that the ‘Sleeping Prince’ was referring to Leberianz.


Mirania, who linked the sweet name of ‘Sleeping Prince’ to Leberianz, who reached out to her heart with his red eyes twinkling, felt nauseous. Her voice came out hoarse.




“Because we don’t know his name. Le… I think you said something.”




Mirania did not understand. Even if they don’t know the name, why don’t they just give him a good name?


Beast… Oh, there’s also Grecan, so it’s confusing, so they could call him a flying beast or they could call him a bat. Yellow hair, white face, etc. There are so many, but…


“Why do you have to?”


She had a lot to say, but cut it short, and the witch said shyly, “Why not, Mirania? Because there’s no proper nickname like Sleeping Prince.”




“Did humans write a lot of romantic fairy tales based on Sleeping, No, Leberianz?”




“The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella! Leberianz looks just like the Prince in most fairy tales.”


The witch, who had not yet escaped from the first continent due to lack of mana, longed for the human world.


She couldn’t see Mirania’s expression and whisper with dreamy eyes.


“Soft, sweet blond hair, blue eyes like the sea…!”


Milania furrowed her brows, pointing out the truth, “Blue sea, what happened to your eyes? Leberianz has red eyes.”


“Charming lips, flushed cheeks…”


As if she couldn’t hear Mirania, the witch quietly closed her eyes and whispered.


‘It doesn’t make sense, I don’t understand any of her words.’


Instead of dealing with a witch in her reverie, Mirania glanced at the coffin.


When it was time for her to give him medicine, she could see his pale cheeks of Leberianz. Once again, she was worried about the witch’s vision.


‘Red cheeks…?’


‘Where’s the flushing red cheeks?’ 


Mirania’s expression became darkened. 


‘Should I call a doctor for the witch’s eye health?’


The witches who were keeping an eye on Mirania, as her expression became more subtle, hurriedly stopped the witch who was still equating Leberianz for a Prince.


“Hey, stop it, stop it.”




A witch floundering in her reverie opens her eyes, and it couldn’t look so pathetic to Mirania.


“I should tell the witches to stop reading useless fairy tales. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to have a magical structure written by human wizards?”


Looking at Mirania with her wretched gaze, as Mirania gave advice, the rest of the witches smiled awkwardly.


“Because it’s not fun. She’s not like this, but she’s excited about Leberianz.”


“What’s the connection between Leberianz and that kid being excited?”


At Mirania’s inexplicable look, the witch smiled as if she couldn’t help it.


“Yuri loves stories about princesses and princes. Not only Yuri but now Leberianz is the most popular in the Witch Castle!”




“To put it simply, Yuri is in love with Leberianz.”




Unlike the embarrassed witch, Mirania’s eyes gleamed fiercely. Love was not inspired by the romantic world.


What she noticed was a trait of the bats closely related to the word ‘love’. Leberianz was good at seducing like a bat. No, it’s nonsense to say that he’s good at it.


Because many women were naturally seduced by him. As Scarlett told Balkan, seduction was a daily routine for the bats. Their beautiful appearance and sweet body also contributed to that.


‘In a way, it can be seen that it is similar to Malandor.’


If those possessed by Malandor offered themselves to become his slaves, the women possessed by Leberianz wanted to enter Leberianz’s bed.


They called it love. The state of being able to do anything for the one you fell in love with, that was love.


‘Love, I almost made a mistake!’


Mirania flicked her finger. At the same time, the women who glanced at Leberianz were swept away by the sudden wind and thrown out of the room.


“Oh, oh? Mirania! What are you…?!”


The door slammed before her words were finished. Mirania stroked her chin seriously.


“I didn’t think of this.”


The words of the witches sparked the spirit of Mirania, who had entrusted them to watch over the Leberianz.


“There’s no one more suitable to be a spy than a person in love.”


From now on, we should minimize contact between Leberianz and witches. 


Mirania, determined, approached Leberianz.


I wonder if he’s bigger than when he first came. 


Mirania, looking at Leberianz, felt that the coffin was a little small.


“I’ll have to weave his coffin again.”


It seemed as if his legs became longer than the coffin. Mirania, who worked hard for the comfortable environment of the Leberianz, concentrated on what she had to do soon.


Through magic, two drops of blood were drawn from her wrist, and as usual, the drops of blood slid into his lips.


Mirania was moving somewhat impatiently, unlike usual.


In the first place, there was a reason why she couldn’t directly monitor Leberianz and left it to the witches.


“I have to get out before Grekan chases after me. He’s getting more and more ferocious.”


It’s clear that Grecan hates Leberianz. I could tell just by dreaming of a complete crime, throwing him into the lake without anyone knowing.


Originally, the Leberianz coffin occupied one side of Mirania’s room.


The reason he ended up in this room was because of Grecan, who regarded him like a thorn in his eyes. I found three scenes of Grecan’s persistent harassment of the sleeping Leberianz.


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