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[What are you doing, Grecan!]




If you’re so surprised and reprimanded, you hide your tail between your legs as if I already punished you.


Eventually, Mirania decided to move to Leberianz.


Yes, it was a room right downstairs where I could immediately respond if anything happened.


‘Grecan might do something weird again if he knows where Leberianz is.’


Mirania, who was dumbfounded by this, murmured unconsciously, “As an adult and as a child, you’re the same bastard.”




Mirania, who was grumbling, lowered her gaze to the sound of Leberianz’s strong breathing,


Leberianz’s lips, which absorbed blood, were reddish. His face, lurking in a decadent and sickly, was like a doll made by a craftsman over days and days.


Mirania stared at his slender neck, with a few strands of blonde hanging down.


People with sleeping sickness are weaker than normal people. Because the amount of time their sleep was inevitable, they didn’t build muscle or stamina.


‘Did he seduce the witches at this rate?’


She looked down at Leberianz suspiciously. The gorgeous beauty that leaks out even though it’s not fully grown. Like a bud that’s still about to bloom.


If it was true that witches were possessed even when he did not use his power, it was also not an ordinary ability. Thinking of her past life, Mirania smiled bitterly.


“He used to be more docile than Grecan.”


If Grecan chased Mirania for her heart, Leberianz was the type who would try to trade something for her heart.


Of course, negotiations always failed and soon turned into a fight. He was not the type without countermeasures like Grecan.


‘I don’t need two of the night of obedience.’


Before I knew it, my thoughts grew longer.


Mirania, who had an idea for Grecan, turned to leave the room. At that moment, an icy finger curled around Mirania’s wrist.


Mirania slowly lowered her gaze. She saw a finger holding her wrist. Mirania, raising an eyebrow, glanced back at him.




I made eye contact with Leberianz, who blinked while yawning. Drowsiness and laughter were mixed in his elegant eyes like red amethyst.


“Are you leaving already?”




“It’s been a while since you came.”


Mirania looked at him in astonishment as he spoke.


“Why did you come after such a long time?”


His voice was hoarse, but still, it resonated with his soul. If his physical condition recovered, he seemed to be able to charm people with his voice alone.


Seeing Mirania stiff in place, Leberianz smiled softly.


At this moment, it was a smile that anyone who saw him would fall in love with.


Mirania’s heart also pounded, ‘I’m getting goosebumps.


Of course, the appreciation was a little different from the criminals. Mirania realized that Leberianz was observing her. His red eyes moved slightly.


As if drowsiness is creeping in, a long burst of yawns comes out.


“I’m still sleepy.”


Looking at his languid face, Mirania thought about what to say in return. There was no apparent hostility or favor that Leberianz had towards her at this time.


Mirania replied frankly, though this casual conversation was a little strange.


“I’m not feeling well…”


As I was about to say, ‘Yes.’




The door opened like it was about to break. Through the open door, Grecan, who had metamorphosed into a human, entered.


In his hand with his knuckles thickened, he held a training ball.




Mirania swallowed without realizing it.


‘Why is it so hard to live peacefully?’


Grecan with a murderous stare, moved his black eyes to glance at Mirania next to Leberianz, and Mirania’s hand that Leberianz was holding.


His eyes slowly distorted. The corners of his eyes lifted, and a ferocious breath escaped between his slightly opened lips.




Mirania, who was about to say something, felt the strength in Leberianz’s hand, holding her wrist, and bit her lip.


At a glance, Leberianz looked extraordinary. His red eyes elongated vertically, and the corners of his brows rose like a ghost.


An invisible spark erupted.


‘Why are these children like this?’


Staring alternately at the two foes demonstrating strong hostility to each other, Mirania had a strong foreboding that she was about to get into trouble.


“Let go of that hand, you filthy bat bastard.”


“This? Let go?”


Leberianz waved Mirania’s hand, which he was holding. The sound that leaked from Grecan grew even more ferocious.


Leberianz muttered, fighting the sleepiness that trailed in his body, “Who are you? I made it clear before. I’m going to kill you…”


Leberianz grabbed Mirania’s wrist harder.


Of course, Mirania did not move, only her wrists moved. But that alone seemed to have upset Grecan.


Grecan, whose eyes turned over, rushed in.


“Your frail fists are nothing to me.”


Laughing as if he had waited, Leberianz raised his opposite hand. The air swirled around Grecan’s clenched fists. It was a phenomenon in which Leberianz’s power, which affects things that he didn’t touch, worked.


“Strange trick. It doesn’t work for me.”


Grecan clenched his fists back as his muscled arms swung hard to shake off the power of Leberianz.



「I Will Obey You」


Leberianz’s red eyes shone coldly, preparing for Grecan’s imminent strike.


But his hand, which seemed to be directed at Leberianz, turned to Mirania just before it reached.


Mirania, who was watching what these little guys are doing, was startled at the sudden traverse. Grecan wrapped his arms around Mirania’s shoulder and pulled her closer.


At the same time, he swung his legs at the back of Leberianz’s head. The heel of his foot hit exactly the back of Leberianz’s head.




Leberianz’s eyes were distorted as he took a breath. A shaky voice rang out from his blow.


“This, stinky, wolf cub…”


Leberianz, who had been weakened by sleep sickness in the first place, could not stop the blow that contained Grecan’s whole energy.


It was because Grecan, who was naturally trained by running around, was still young, but his body was full of muscles in every corner.


“I’m going to kill you…”


As soon as Leberianz, who endured to collapse, ground his teeth, Grecan rotated his body and swung his legs again.




After being hit in the back of his head for the second time, his eyes of Leberianz flashed backward. His hand, which was wrapped around Mirania’s wrist, also loosened.


A reddish handprint was left on Mirania’s wrist.


Having lost his consciousness, Leberianz hardened and passed over to his coffin. His appearance was no different from when he was asleep.




Mirania was silent, not knowing how to describe this absurd situation.


As her body suddenly became heavy and she turned her gaze, Grecan, who had jumped at her, was hanging with his legs wrapped around Mirania’s waist.


‘It’s been a few days, and it looks heavier than before.’


Grecan gently tugged at Mirania’s robe, which was letting out Leberianz’s scent.


“Mirania, it smells here… A foul smell, oops…”


He can’t speak long sentences, but his vocabulary has improved.


Grecan, who had just fired a vicious kick at the back of Leberianz’s head, blinked his eyes innocently as if he had never done so when he made eye contact with Mirania.


Mirania ignored Grecan’s words and checked at Leberianz’s neck, not knowing whether he just fainted or was asleep.


‘Fortunately, there were no problems.’


The sound of hitting was so loud that I thought his skin burst and had a wound, but it didn’t seem so. 


Mirania sighed with relief. Grecan pulled Mirania’s collar disapprovingly.


“We have to go.”




“Mirania. It smells.”


“All right, be quiet.” 




“Can’t you go down a bit now?”




I frowned at Grecan, who tilted his head as if he hadn’t heard anything I said.


“Yes, it’s done.”


Grecan stared into the room while being hugged by Mirania, as she moved, giving up on scolding him.


To be precise, Grecan looked at the coffin glancing at the sleeping Leberianz. His previously innocent eyes gleamed with some kind of madness.


“I guess back to that lake…”


“What did you say, Grecan?”


“It’s nothing.”


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  1. He’s just casually talking about committing murder, don’t mind him 😂