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A week later…


Chera came to Mirania, who was preparing the medicine according to the Emperor’s request.




Mirania raised her head while forming a round pill with kneaded medicine.


That’s weird… Chera usually wouldn’t disturb me when I’m working.


“What’s wrong?”


“I think you should go see it.”


“What’s going on?”


“It’s difficult to explain.”


Chera scratched her chin, not knowing what to say. Mirania put down the medicine she was making and took off her gloves.


“Is it Grecan’s doing again?”


Chera always acted that way when it came to Grecan.


And Mirania’s prediction was right, Chera nodded stiffly and added,  “And also Leberianz.”




“The sleeping bat boy has also woken up.”




Mirania was silent while summoning the broomstick.


“What did those two do this time?” Mirania asked, but she expected what the answer was going to be.


“They’re fighting.”


Unfortunately, her prediction was right. Mirania sighed and climbed on the broomstick immediately.




“The lake where Grecan dropped Leberianz.”


As soon as she finished speaking, Mirania set off and flew riding the broomstick.


Upon arriving at the lake, a raucous sound reached Mirania’s ears.




The situation revealed was spectacular. Grecan and Leberianz, who fell while punching each other, rise to the surface together and hit one another again.


In terms of strength, Grecan had the upper hand, but since Leberianz could use psychokinesis, it was hard to determine who was superior in their fight.


“I swear, I’ll kill you no matter what,” Leberianz said viciously.


Grecan with his gaping mouth showing his sharp fangs menacingly retorted, “A talkative bat. It’s insignificant.”


Leberianz, strangely more irritated by Grecan’s brief words, did not delay any further.


The way they ran toward each other was like a scene from a war novel. It was a battle between young individuals, but the atmosphere is tragic and seems won’t end until someone dies.


Just before the horrific crash, Mirania snapped her fingers.


A transparent layer was formed between Grecan and Leberianz.


Grecan and Leberianz, who both collided with the transparent layer created by Mirania, shouted at the same time, “Argh!!” Showing their fangs fiercely.




Grecan punched the transparent layer, then Leberianz also struck it at the same time. Just looking at it made Mirania’s head throb.


“Grecan, stop it.”


With one hand pressed against her temple, Mirania called Grecan. The night of obedience shone on Grecan’s neck.


While Grecan stopped reluctantly, Leberianz looked anxious to attack Grecan somehow through the transparent layer.




There was a whirlwind. Grecan, who felt the sharp threat on his skin, also looked petrified.


It’s not easy to ignore their constant argument. If left alone, World War II seemed to start again.


His appearance resembled the early Grecan, who did not listen to words and were only focused on biting.


Mirania was relieved that Leberianz was better than Grecan who at least politely pretended to be decent.


Grecan crept up to Mirania’s countenance and said, “Mirania, that bat cub started it first.”




Mirania sighed as she looked at the sky thinking, is it going to end up like this every time?


‘Does Malandor have another night of obedience?’



Malandor remained the same while Mirania, who was almost suffocated by his hug, summoned the birch staff.




Facing the ferocity of Mirania’s vicious staff, Malandor smiled seductively, then suddenly pulled back his arms hugging her.


“Are you crazy?”


Mirania, who missed the cane, tilted her head at the strange feeling.


It wasn’t just that I was angry because he stole the wand, but because he looked innocent but is actually crazy.


Malandor blinked, “What?”


It was then…




The staff that was thrown returned at a rapid pace.




As soon as he turned around feeling the strange sign, Malandor was hit in the head, and stars of various colors flew before his eyes.


It hurt so much that Malandor couldn’t even moan. Rubbing the spot with the palm of his hand, his eyes turned teary like an abandoned puppy.


“You’re so mean, Mirania.”


“Who’s being mean right now? In my lifetime, I never thought there would be a madman who would touch my staff.”


When Mirania clicked her tongue, Malandor grinned rubbing his forehead.


“I can hug Mirania, but get hit on the head in exchange.”




Malandor’s smile, feeling ominous about Mirania’s silence, turned dark.


“Isn’t this all there is to it?”


The Great Witch’s wand has a certain curse when someone other than the owner touches it, but she spared those words.


“That’s not the point. I have something to say, so let’s go inside and talk.”


Malandor looked around. The dead were creeping up from the ground covered with dark soil.


If it’s the culprit, it was the energy of the dead with a hardened body just by being exposed to the sun and he felt goosebumps for unknown reasons.


“That’s right. This is not the right place to talk,” said Malandor as he grabbed Mirania’s hand. 


Knowing that Malandor was trying to move through space, Mirania didn’t pull her hand out this time.


Soon they moved into a mansion with antique interiors. Malandor sat opposite her on a fluffy sofa. His eyes glistened with interest.


“What do you have to tell me? That such a busy Great Witch came to see me in a row?”


Mirania was at a loss for words. 


‘I haven’t seen his face for hundreds of years since Malandor touched my little witch, so it was unusual to meet again in such a short time.’


Mirania immediately came straight to the point of her untimely visit saying, “I need the night of obedience.”


“…The night of obedience?”


Malandor’s eyes widened a little as if hearing unexpected words.


“You took one last time.”


“I need one more.”


Malandor slowly crossed his arms as he stared at Mirania. As he peered into her eyes, Mirania raised an eyebrow asking the meaning of Malandor gaze. 


Malandor shrugged and said, “What creature are you raising, Mirania?”




“You seem to be doing something suspicious,” Malandor added.




Mirania trying to manage her facial expression then answered, “There’s no such thing.”


“It’s been hundreds of years since I’ve seen you, but I’ve never seen you acting so strange like this,” Malandor responded.


“I don’t want to drive away any kind of witch,” Mirania reason.


“You also…” Malandor mumbled in a shrill voice, then grinned again like a lie and continued, “Don’t you know it’s weird that you came to me to ask for a personal favor in the first place?”


Malandor’s meaningful words pierced Mirania’s chest, “In this place full of the smell of the corpses everywhere you go. It’s not good for your body either.”




Mirania tried to find words to say to Malandor, “I didn’t come here to warn you about touching the witches.”


Malandor nodded saying, “I didn’t do anything special.”


He shook his head and added, “It’s amazing that I can see you so often, and so easily like this.”


Malandor seemed to have no doubt, an eccentric habit of seeing the end of a thing once it hooked his interest, and thus his obsession with Mirania’s secret circumstances.


‘It’s difficult.’


Mirania hoped that Grecan, Leberianz, and her relationship with them would not be known to others.


It’s because I’m still not sure how the new variables will affect this world, which I was trying to somehow lead to the original flow according to its system.


“What if I don’t tell you?” Mirania asked.


“I’ll take it as a sign that you don’t need my help that much,” said Malandor.


It means that he won’t listen to my request. This time, he looked determined as if even if I trade my blood like last time, it won’t work anymore.


Mirania shook her head, then nodded, thinking maybe she could talk about this much and tell Malandor her situation.


“Your guess is correct.”




“I’m raising a rather dangerous beast right now.”


That’s all there is, I don’t have to talk about the protagonists of this world. Malandor won’t believe it anyway, and if Malandor takes an interest in the troublemakers of the Witch Castle, it would only add to my problem.


Mirania had no desire to add Malandor to the situation where Grecan and Leberianz were already a headache.


‘That would be a disaster.’


Malandor stroked his chin intrigued by Mirania’s private affairs.


“If it’s a dangerous beast, the forest watchman? Or Chaldea?”


No, it’s a wolf and a bat…


“Neither. Should I even have to tell you something like that?”


Malandor’s eyes darkened when Mirania denied sharper than a slash.


“Great. I’ll lend you another night of obedience. Anyway, it’s not that difficult to create right away after borrowing one.”




“It just happened to be completed yesterday.”


Malandor got up and returned to his seat in search of the small box.


He placed the box on the table and opened the lid to reveal the black necklace called the night of obedience.


At first glance, it looks like an accessory made by humans, but it is actually a night of obedience, which is a leash.


As Milania reached out to it, Malandor sighed and pulled the box in front of him.


‘What?’ Mirania glared at Malandor.


“Oh, not yet. I’m not done talking.”


“What else is there?” Mirania asked.


“It’s also a night of obedience, but there are restrictions. In a way, the quality is inferior to the last one. To direct command and force something to carry your order, you need Grandecalinium, which affects brain waves, because it’s a rare mineral from another world it’s hard to find. I didn’t have enough, so I replaced it with a lower grade, and I needed a way to banish the will of the bearer. That’s the constraint.”


Mirania hardly understood Malandor’s blatant remarks.


Roughly speaking, this night of obedience was inferior to the previous night of obedience that I borrowed, so I understood it to be flawed.


“What are those restrictions?” (Mirania?)


“You have to hear the language of the contract from the target.”


“What’s that?” (Mirania)


“I will obey you.”


Mirania thought of the bright child’s face, with his dull red eyes.


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