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[Why are you so late?]


Do I need to listen to that insidious little bat? One thing that Leberianz clearly differed from Grecan was his arrogance caused by his birth.


It was no exaggeration to say that Leberianz, who was born as the master of the arrogant bat clan, spreads misfortune from head to toe.


And he wants me to make him a slave or something?


As Mirania’s face contorted, Malandor looked troubled.


“I can’t help it. This is the only night of obedience.”




“I thought it was a dangerous beast. It’s not necessary for an animal who can’t talk.”


Mirania stopped Malandor from trying to close the lid and asked, “Can’t you make a new one?”


“I’m glad I was able to make this.  I told you, it’s a very rare ingredient. I can’t get any more for myself right now.”




“I can make it if you want me to make a new one, but it’s hard to promise that time.”


Mirania agonized, but there was no other way, “I’ll borrow it.”


“Hmm, can a beast talk?” Malandor squinted.


“It’s only dangerous because it socializes less, but it can speak.”


At that time, wolves and bats that growled at each other became less socialized and became dangerous beasts.


Mirania tried to take the night of obedience from Malandor, but Malandor only grinned and Mirania only clicked her tongue.


“Can’t you give it to me easily?”


“Then tell me what you want.”


Malandor laughed loudly at Mirania’s blunt words.


“It’s good to talk about it, don’t you think?”


“Can’t I give you three bottles of blood?”




Mirania frowned and added, “Then four bottles?”


“That’s enough blood.”


“Then what do you need?”


Malandor grinned, “Four hours.”


Mirania squinted at him flirting and said coldly, “Don’t be nervous. How long will I be deceived by your vague words?”


Mirania’s golden eyes were full of doubts.


“You’re so mean, Mirania. Don’t you trust me that much?”


When Malandor slowly acted as if he had been hurt, Mirania responded mercilessly, “I’d rather trust the king of men than trust you.”


“…That’s too much.”


The previous kings of the human continent were those who could do anything for their self-interest. 


Malandor clicked his tongue and looked down sadly and said, “It wasn’t like this before.”


“I realized a lot when I was beaten and backstabbed by a vicious swindler.” (Mirania)


Before meeting Malandor, Mirania was docile and naive, though not interested in worldly affairs. After she fell victim to Malandor’s scams and lies, she became a great witch, united with suspicions.


The fact that Malandor’s mansion was built on the border of the Witch Forest in the first place was thanks to the hard work of Malandor’s swift tongue.


“Someone had to be there to stop intruders from the dark world, but it didn’t have to be you.” (Mirania)


“There is no one more suitable than me.” (Malandor)


As Malandor’s eyes widened and shook his head, Mirania also refuted, “Anyway, speak clearly. I can’t believe you’re asking for time. What are you trying to do?”


“Don’t be so suspicious. It’s not a magical thing. Mirania, you just have to sit here. Just ten minutes.”


Mirania remained suspicious of the outlandish request that was different from what she had thought.


“Leave yourself to me for ten minutes.” (Malandor)


As Malandor tilted his head, red hair flowed over his dark skin.


Smiling sweetly, Mirania bluntly said, “Promise me you won’t harm me.”


Malandor giggled as he looked into Mirania’s golden eyes, which were questioning with suspicions.


His lips, which stopped laughing, had a calm smile.


“Don’t worry, I don’t mean any harm. I just want to kiss you,” said Malandor as he came close to Mirania’s face.


“Let’s start 10 minutes from now on.”


Malandor’s kiss was as light and soft as a feather. Mirania glanced up at him biting her lip, her head pounding as she felt her vision blur.


“You really like this kind of thing.”




As Mirania muttered, Malandor bit her lips gently, kissing Mirania’s red lips softly.


Mirania replied in a casual tone contrasting to the voice surrounding her seductively.


“Whenever I see you, you’re always kissing someone.”




Mirania’s eyelids trembled slightly, embarrassed by Malandor biting her neck.


Malandor clicked his tongue, placing his hand over hers, as she tried to open her eyes.


“It’s not over yet. Don’t ruin the mood.”(Malandor)


“What mood?” (Mirania)


‘Does this strange atmosphere really mean nothing to her?’ Malandor thought inwardly.


Malandor muttered, disheartened by her puzzling tone, “I’ll never imagine you dating someone in my whole life.”


Contrary to the content of his grumbling, Malandor smiled softly, licking her lips above his.


“So that’s even better.”


Just as Mirania was about to say something, Malandor closed her mouth with his lips.


Mirania quietly accepted his kiss, counting the time inwardly.


Mirania, who was calm throughout their kiss, couldn’t understand Malandor, who stuck to her like sticky honey.


‘What do you like about this kind of thing?’ Mirania thought.


This thing is more like rubbing the flesh wet with saliva.


Mirania, who even thought that the baby serpent seemed to be tangled in Malandor’s movement, felt bored and counted ten minutes steadily.


At that moment, Malandor lightly sucked her tongue. Mirania frowned. Her fingers twitched lightly.


Malandor’s eyes widened with anticipation, his red eyes sparkled, then he asked, “Do you like it?”


His face looked like an innocent boy his age when he asked and Malandor stuck and suck Mirania’s lips again.


His relentless biting, sucking, and licking movements made Mirania perplexed.


9 minutes 56 seconds, 57 seconds, 58 seconds, 59 seconds, 10 minutes…


As Mirania, who counted the time diligently, pushed Malandor away, Malandor groaned disappointedly.


And at the same time, he hit Mirania on her neck in a protective movement. As his hand touched her slender white neck, their gaze briefly met.




This time, Malandor felt embarrassed by Mirania’s calm gaze as if she knew it would happen.


As soon as Malandor touched Mirania’s neck, his hand bounced like a light.




Malandor pulled away from Mirania, grabbing his hand that had been thrown in the air.


Looking at him, with his round eyes that seemed really embarrassed, Mirania swept back her long silver hair.


“Something like that happened last time, did you think I wouldn’t be prepared for anything?” (Mirania)


Malandor burst into laughter as he held his hand which had turned red due to Mirania’s strong power.


Mirania squinted at him and raised her gaze sharply, “Tell me, what are you doing after you knocked me out, Malandor?”


As she grew sharp, Malandor raised his hands and couldn’t help it.


“I swear, I didn’t mean to hurt you Mirania.”


“Tell me what you did during the week the last time I visited,” asked Mirania.


“What’s wrong? Did anything change?”


Mirania was silent for a moment, looking at Malandor, who seemed to have expectations of something.


“After you took my blood, the effect of my blood has improved. I thought it was a coincidence, but now that I think about it, you’re the only suspicious I could think of.”


Mirania urged Malandor, who was lost in silence in thought, “Malandor?”


The corner of Malandor’s lips raised with his eyes curved to a crescent shape and said, “Actually, there’s something I really want from you. There’s something I’m working on.  Kissing you is part of my research. I need to know which one works better.”


After a while, Malandor brought a red cup. Mirania frowned. At first glance, it looked like a red cup, but it was a cup full of red liquid.


“This is my real request.” (Malandor)


Mirania glanced at Malandor while staring at the red drink he had served.




“Drink it.”


Malandor smiled softly. It was a smile that felt sweet along with his red hair.


“What is this?”


“A healthy drink.”




“Don’t be so suspicious, Mirania. There’s no way I’m gonna do anything to hurt you.”


Mirania snorted as she took the cup, “I wonder if you should have done that before you plunged me into a sea of ​​unquenchable flames.”




“Say whatever you believe.”


With a decisive blow, Malandor looked desolate as a man who had been struck by accident.


Although he’s barely tied to the name of a friend, it’s not always good things that have happened over the past few hundred years.


Malandor, whose smile turned awkward like a mask, swore, “What if you still remember what happened more than 400 years ago?”


How am I supposed to forget that? Milania, who glanced at Malandor with a smirk, brought the cup to her nose and sniffed it.




Raising her eyebrows and staring back at Malandor, Malandor’s bright red eyes twinkled.


Maybe he doesn’t know that his overly twinkling eyes are more suspicious as if trying to show that he doesn’t have any ill will.


Mirania kept her eyes on him and put her lips on the cup.




Malandor’s eyes darkened as MIrania took one sip.


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