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Mirania’s neck stung at once as she spat out the red liquid on the floor.




Mirania turned to gaze at Malandor startled.


Malandor was frowning gazing at the liquid splattered on the floor.


There was little anger contained in Mirania’s gold eyes.




“After all, no matter how strong the ingredients I mixed in it, I can’t fool you Mirania. A kiss might be better than taking it directly.” (Malandor)


Looking coldly at him muttering in disappointment, Mirania summoned water and rinsed her mouth.


And then, after being fed up, she put down the glass of red liquid hard on the table.




“Explain it properly. Otherwise, you’ll have to be prepared to fly around.”


“What a scary thing to say…”


“If it wasn’t for Scarlett, I wouldn’t have known. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen it. Explain this, right now!”




“Isn’t this a red flower! Don’t try to say no. Because my whole body is telling me that my senses are right.”


At the stern warning, Malandor shrugged helplessly. A frosty question stuck in Malandor’s ear.


“Why do you want to feed me this filthy thing?” (Mirania)


Red flowers are cursed creatures that suck the last life out of the dead. Bringing the dead back to life must be an exaggeration. However, it was effective enough to stop a lifeline the size of a little finger candle.


Instead of boosting the target’s vitality, it was classified as a reluctant artifact despite its unbelievable effects because no one knows what side effects it would cause.


Because it was so difficult to find, many people dismiss the red flower as a legend.


‘I knew it was a real flower, but it’s my first time seeing it in person.’


The reason why I knew that this red liquid was from a red flower, even though I had never seen it before, was because of my body’s reaction that the cells all over my body were tingling.


Mirania, which has healing power, and red flowers that give life, seem to be of the same family at first glance, but they were so different that they were said to be the opposite.


Unlike its efficacy, red flowers were of a similar lineage to Malandor.


‘It’s from a very evil spirit.’


Mirania, who was born from nature, was most reluctant to do everything against nature, and Malandor’s mansion, which was built on corpses, also felt uncomfortable, but she was not willing to consider the red flowers of the inverted stream.


Malandor looked expressionless as Mirania looked disgustingly at the red liquid.


“I’ve known you for hundreds of years, Mirania. I know you’re close to a thousand years old now. There won’t be a few years left for you. 30 years? 20 years?”


Now that she understood Malandor’s intentions, Mirania turned to look at the ignorant culprit.


“Sleeping is a peaceful rest. It’s not the death you think it is.” (Mirania)


“But it’s the same as never seeing you again.” (Malandor)


She went through several regressions, and it was not easy for others to understand Mirania, who desperately wanted that rest.


As if he knew the secrets of Mirania who remained silent, Malandor had an ambiguous expression on his face, as if sad or angry.


“I want you to live long.” (Malandor)




“I don’t want to think of a world without you already.” (Malandor)


On one knee, Malandor held the cup in her hand. Then he kissed the back of Mirania’s hand. It was a selfless kiss.


“Live a little longer, my witch.”




“This is my request.”


Mirania alternately looked at Malandor’s face and the red liquid in the cup.


Maybe it was because of this that Scarlett was worried about Malandor’s journey.


Mirania was lost in thought, ‘Even if I drink this anyway, nothing will change.’


The only thing stopping her from dying is fate. Nothing would change unless the world was torn apart by its beloved protagonists.


Moreover, above all, red flowers that I don’t want to put in my mouth came close to my lips with disgust.


‘If I have to do what Malandor wants, I have to puke afterward.’


The moment Mirania puts the liquid in her mouth, she immediately feels the damp smell of death.


A powerful force at the same time and an ominous force mediated by death.


Mirania felt uncomfortable thinking of the red flower, which was the opposite of her.  Just the thought of it in her mouth made her stomach churn.


“If you don’t drink it…” Malandor said significantly as the weight of Mirania’s thoughts tilted toward ‘don’t drink’, “I’ll dig into what Mirania is up to.”




What does he mean Frowning, Malandor smiled and declared a bombshell.


“I think you’re trying to do something, but whatever it is, it’s very important for Mirania, right? Otherwise, Mirania, who barely manages the Witches, would not come here on her own.”


As expected, the request for a night of obedience must have drawn suspicion. Mirania remained calm but sweated inside.


“If you don’t listen to my ‘request’, you won’t be able to succeed in anything,” added Malandor.


“Isn’t that a threat, not a request?”


“There’s only one difference between a request and a threat.”




“Besides, you need the night of obedience, right?”


Mirania sighed with disconcerted eyes at the deft way of speaking as if she was covered with honey by Malandor’d skillful speech, but was embracing a knife in truth.


I grasped the cup tightly and poured the red liquid into my mouth at once. Mirania’s pretty face was contorted in an instant.


As I threw the cup on the table, Malandor, who was calm unlike my distorted expression, kissed my lips.


Becoming sensitive with her tumultuous insides, Mirania smacked him on the forehead.




Malandor pretended to be piteous when he had just threatened Mirania with glistening eyes a moment ago.


“Who told you to kiss me?”


“I meant well done.” (Malandor)


Mirania responded curtly to the sullen Malandor’s reply, “Are you going to give me something? I don’t want to stay here anymore.”




Malandor held a box of the night of obedience in her arms, Mirania put the box to her side covering her stinky mouth with one hand.




Mirania, who had calmed down, stared at Malandor with wary eyes. 


Malandor offered, “Would you like some candy?”


“Never mind. I have something more to ask of you.”


“As much as you want. I’m very satisfied that you’ve been asking me to do a lot of things lately.” 


Malandor grinned with a strange gaze, “Whatever, go ahead and tell me.”


The tone of his voice sounded benevolent when it comes to expecting a reward for anything.


“I want you to send Balkan a medicine made from my blood.”


“Balkan? You mean the head of the wolf clan?”




“I know you don’t get along, so what can I do to help you?”


“Well, it’s someone you know well, you can do this much.”


Mirania responded roughly but had an ulterior motive.


According to his original fate, Balkan dies at the time Grecan reaches adulthood. It’s because he lost his companion and was already in an unstable state.


The problem was that after he dies, Grecan became the head of the wolf clan.


Grecan must stay by my side until he meets Alice and cures her illness.


“The wolf clan, the head of the wolf clan.”


Mumbling to herself, Malandor kissed Mirania on the cheek and withdrew before she waved her hand.


“All right, I’ll give you that as a service.”


“Well, thank you,” Mirania replied, rubbing her cheek.


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  1. I wonder if Malandor is the cause for her regressing. Maybe he’s doing everything he can to stop her from “resting” even if she’s suffering as long as she’s not “gone”.