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The Witch Castle was in turmoil when  Mirania arrived carrying the night of obedience.


Mirania watched the chattering of the witches who gathered on one wall of the broken witch castle with a frown.


My peaceful witch castle, which I even repaired myself…’


A useless thought fluttered through my head. Most tribes have different atmospheres depending on the head of the clan.


The Witches, headed by Mirania, were usually unrestricted and peaceful and had a calm atmosphere.


There was a clear reason why such a witch castle was often noisy these days.




Chera, who was giving repair instructions with a troubled expression in the center of the witches, found Mirania and ran to her.


“I thought you wouldn’t come back for another week, but you came early this time. I was wondering what to do.”


Chera shook her head, pressing down on her temples with her fingers.


“Who did this?”


When asked without listening to the explanation of the situation, Chera replied with a resigned look, “This time, it’s Leberianz.”


“It’s not Grecan?”


When it comes to ‘strength’, it’s Grecan rather than Leverianz, so when Mirania frowned, Chera shrugged.


“I was enjoying my time while drinking tea, but suddenly I heard a roar. When I came out in a hurry, I saw that Leberianz was throwing rocks, or was it the walls.”


“Towards Grecan?”


When Mirania asked, Chera also naturally nodded and said, “With psychokinesis.”




“Grecan-dog was so annoying, even when I threw violently, he avoided it and it didn’t hit him at all.”




“We lock Leberianz up in solitary confinement. He has to pay for his mistakes. Grecan ran away in the evening because he knew he’d be imprisoned.”


Mirania lamented once again, ‘My peaceful witch castle!’


Mirania felt goosebumps watching the ruins of an elegant castle that had remained unblemished for decades.


“Okay, I’ll go.”


“I’m just stating my opinion, Mirania.”


When Chera lower her voice, Mirania, who was about to enter the castle, glanced back at Chera.


“Why don’t you send them back to their clan?”




“If this continues, we’ll lose our livelihood.  Because last time they burned down the yard.”


Mirania looked at Chera, she also felt sad about their situation.


‘I’d love to.’




Mirania walked into the castle with drooping shoulders. The solitary room that was supposed to be opened once every 10 years has been open every day recently. It was all because of Grecan and the Leberianz.


Mirania familiarly opened the solitary door and entered. Leberianz was spreading his wings, looking up at the small window at the top of the cell.


The sound of the door opening brightened Leberianz’s face as he looked back with his eyebrows raised. His lively appearance along with his bright red eyes made Mirania falter on the contrary.




Leberianz’s golden eyelashes moved like the flap of a butterfly’s wings. As time went by, he was freed from the ailment of sleep sickness, and as time passed, he was shedding his sickly beauty and went looking for his decadent beauty.


“Are you here to see me?”


Whether it was a child who had just pulled out his wings to escape, the wings that sprouted from his back disappeared in an instant.


Leberianz rushed over and spread a sweet smile.


As Mirania took a step back, feeling pressured, Leberianz also took a step closer.


“Well, Leberianz.”


Mirania coughed in vain, at the so-called ‘Sleeping Prince’. Then looking down on Leberianz, who has now become the ‘Prince of Witches‘.


“Call me Libby, Mirania.”


Leberianz was a seducer by birth, and the temptation was oozing out of his every smile.


“You’re the only one who can call me that.”


Mirania spoke indifferently, “Yes, Libby.”


Maybe it was because she fed her blood to cure his disease. Contrary to her previous life, Leberianz, who was close-knit, Mirania was not accustomed to it.


‘Wait, on second thought, it might be better for him to be cooperative like this.’


I felt uncomfortable thinking about him from my previous life, who acted ambiguously about his inner feelings, but in this life, it’s better to build as close a relationship as possible.


Mirania smiled, raising the corners of her lips perfectly, and said, “You broke the wall.”


“Because of the stinky wolf,” said Leberianz with a sigh along his teary eyes.


“It’s hard to be in the same room. My nose is sensitive. His stench mixed into the air I breathed…”


Leberianz tilted his head sullenly as if to convey his troubles, “It’s all because of him.”


[It’s his fault]


Grecan’s mumbling overlapped with Leberianz’s soft voice.


How can they both say the same thing like that?


Mirania, whose head hurts again, almost had a crumpled expression, but she kept smiling with tears inside.


“It must have been very difficult.”


I tried to express my feelings, but it was a voice full of emptiness that came out. I looked down to signify empathy, I wanted to express it with emotions.


Fortunately, Leberianz’s face became more friendly, and said, “As expected from the sweet blood, Mirania is also cultured and kind.”


Part of Mirania’s expression collapsed at the compliment she heard from a bat much younger than her.


‘Never forget to hear the language of the contract.’


Mirania, who calmly restored her composure, kneeled on one knee to meet Leberianz’s eye level.


“I have a present, Libby.”


“A present?”


“Close your eyes.”


When Mirania, who scraped together all the kindness in her body, spoke softly, Leberianz tilted his head but closed his eyes without any doubt.


Mirania quickly moved her hands and placed the night of obedience to the white neck of Leberianz




Red-eyed Leberianz touched his neck curiously.


“…What is this?”


Mirania answered calmly, wetting her lips, “A necklace gift.”


With a glance, Leberianz’s face contorted as he looked down to confirm the night of obedience on his neck.


“Such dirty and vulgar…”


Mirania’s eyes fluttered, wondering if she had been caught.


“How can you call something a gift which Grecan wore?”


As Leberianz spoke displeasedly, Mirania sighed inwardly.


‘You have a good eye. I can’t believe you noticed right away that this gift is the same thing Grecan has on his neck.’


“It’s a little different from Grecan’s,” said Mirania.


“I still don’t like it.”


Leberianz furrowed his delicate eyebrows. He was of Scarlett’s blood. Scarlett has a disease of being suspicious of everything shown on Leberianz.


“Why are you giving me this all of a sudden?”




“Giving a gift means you have a reasonable desire in exchange.”


Leberianz glanced coldly with the arrogance of being the heir of his clan.


“Is there anything you want from me, Mirania?”


Mirania was not accustomed to the mature attitude of Leberianz, who was so different from the young witches of the witch family.


“You just have to say one thing.” (Mirania)


“Tell me.” (Leberianz)


“Close your eyes.” (Mirania)


As Mirania brought her slender fingers to Leberianz eyes, he followed and closed his eyes along her fingers.


“Come on, follow me. I…” (Mirania)


“I…”  (Leberianz)


“I will obey you.” (Mirania)


“…”  (Leberianz)


There was silence.


“Something is off.”  (Leberianz)


Unfortunately, Leberianz didn’t give in easily.


Mirania licked her lips with her tongue once again while Leberianz wasn’t looking.


“It’s a magical language that makes you and I even closer.”  (Mirania)


I felt like I had become Malandor who tricks young witches, and I felt a sense of displeasure.


Leberianz flicked his eyebrows, “What a slave would say?”


Indeed, it was the Leberianz who grew up as the heir of the bat clan. He seemed to feel instinctively repulsed by the language of the dubious contract.


Mirania quickly added, “Libby, don’t you want to get closer to me?”


“Why do those words make Mirania and me close?”


“As long as you’re wearing this, I’m never going to leave you first.”


There was a light expression of anguish on Leberianz’s face at those words. Mirania, whose heart was pounding, explored an alternative that she could offer Leberianz he refused.


Unfortunately, there was no significant income.


“I can’t believe it.”


At that moment, Mirania’s face, who thought it was a failure, after all, was clouded by his blunt words.


“I can’t believe I’m shaken by that vague, verbal, and unrealistic reward.”




‘You’re making it difficult for me to speak.’


As Mirania stared at Leberianz with bewilderment,  Leberianz, who made up his mind, slowly raised the corner of his lips and smiled.


“I guess that’s how much Mirania likes me.”




‘It’s an atmosphere that should be called an honor.’


Mirania folded her sarcastic thoughts piled up in her head.


It is not difficult to add words, such as ‘thank you,’ to improve the atmosphere, but Mirania remained silent because she did not want to go that far.


Leberianz nodded lightly, “I like that…”




“Instead, I have one condition.”


“What is it?”


“Please spare me your time like Grecan.”


Mirania was bewildered, “…What does that mean?”


“I’m asking you to do the same to me, just like you spend time with Grecan.”


In response to the blunt answer, Mirania looked back at when she had spent time with Grecan.


There’s nothing in particular.


If I can remember…


‘Are you talking about the time when I throw the ball?’


But it’s just part of the process to train Grecan.


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  1. Was this novel dropped? And here I am, just started reading this without checking 😂