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Even for the first meeting in this life, Grecan was overly wary, but Mirania was used to it.


Mirania was bound to meet Grecan and Leberians in each regression.


But it was only Mirania who remembered everything, and Grecan seemed unable to recall anything, but his hatred for Mirania grew with each encounter.


‘The worst thing was the regression after killing Grecan.’


When she tried to kill Grecan, she was thrown into the sea because it wasn’t enough to heal her broken heart, she appeared after recovering her wounds.


She wasn’t the only one who felt this way.


Grecan’s animosity was no match to the previous regression or in the next and the next regression.


‘I have to bet on the witch’s liquor.’


Grecan struck the struggling Mirania again.


She finally regretted avoiding him out of confusion when Grecan rubbed his furry body against her hand.




Sharp teeth protrude from the snout.


Mirania was shivering.


The liquor easily took over against the chiefs at the conference because they neglected Mirania while focusing on each other.


In a state of utter animosity against Mirania, just like Grecan now, it was difficult to bet on her witch’s liquor.




When their eyes met, Grecan came over again.


As I recalled Grecan from my previous life reaching out and running towards my heart.


I instinctively flicked my fingers in a moment of desperation.


Mirania summoned a birch cane that appeared with lightning. It was the great witch Mirania’s poison weapon.


Grecan’s eyes, which were running at Mirania, were teary as Mirania clutched the cane tightly like a stick.



✧ ✧ ✧


Chera turned her head and glanced at the wolf cub in the cage.


Was the forehead bulging? I looked carefully and poked its head.


“Come to think of it, it looks like there’s a lump.”




“Any wolf cub would be a little… It’d be bad if he dies…”


“I’ll be glad if I die.”


“Huh? What did you say?”


Chera pricked her ears and asked back.


“I’d rather say that it’s not going to die like that.”


“Oh, I thought you wished to die again. There’s no way Mirania could say such a violent thing.”


Known for her gentle nature as a witch, Mirania sighed with a grim face at Chera’s nonchalant response.


Her gentle personality was an absolute exception to Grecan and Leberians alone.


No matter how good a man was, if he was torn to death by the same opponent for decades, he would not be able to maintain his original self.


“But now it’s so small and ugly.”


Mirania looked at Grecan with troubled eyes.


When their eyes meet, he shows her teeth as if he’s going to kill her.


“Grr! Crr! Crung! Rungg-ung!”


Considering her obsession with the heroine Alice, I should instill “obedience” deep in his bones.


I mean, the right education… No, the word education seems not appropriate.


“Wasn’t this a beast?”


A stubborn little wolf who doesn’t even listen. Human education would not work on such a beast.


Mirania’s gold eyes flashed sharply.




Right, I should start raising him.


(N: 사육- Breeding/Raising/Training. This word was also used in the novel’s name.)




Mirania, whose eyes shone determinedly, sighed after hearing the fierce cry of Grecan.


It was the first time out of 10 regression that I turned to the direction of ‘Raising’ him completely, not just killing and fighting over again.


“Anyway, I took him and got out of there safe anyway.”




“You didn’t even meet Balkan? The head of the wolf smells worse, didn’t you avoid it well?”


The one thing that Mirania was proud of and made her grin, Chera spit out with a ridiculous face.


“I’m proud of what I did.”




Chera’s face began to change. Her chin turned red and then her forehead also heated up.


Mirania flicked her finger.


A chilly bag of ice appeared.


It’s an ice bag dedicated to Chera that gets easily flustered.


“Cool down, Chera.”


Chera’s hair stood upright as if she was more angry at the way Mirania spoke with worry.


“Come to think of it, you just went into the wolf’s den.”




“Without countermeasures?”


“It wasn’t without.”


“Don’t call invisibility magic a countermeasure.”


“What a spell! How much magic does it consume? And I didn’t even get caught.”


“That’s because the wolves are stupid.”


Chera slammed the table. Mirania pulled her legs off.


It wasn’t a fluke.


I went into a wolf den like this before and came out safely.


In fact, the second time I sneaked into the wolf den, I had a little problem.


I ran into the wolf chief. I almost got caught then, but I avoided it this time.


But Chera was literally upset, not knowing what Mirania believed.


“Don’t go out without a word next time. Do you understand that?”




“Mirania? Am I getting angry over nothing?”


It wasn’t just a word. Chera’s face turned redder. Like ripe cherries.


As Milania laughed unknowingly, Chera’s eyes glowed. Mirania’s eyes grew sullen.


“All right.”


“Okay, then. Anyway, you’re here safely now. Of course, even if the whole pack rushed in, how dare they try to hurt the great witch. But it still smells dirty.”


Chera grumbled and sprayed her herbal perfume on Mirania.


It was natural for Chera to ignore wolves by calling them furry beasts, but Mirania, who had already been killed by the youngest wolf chief for the tenth time, quietly curled closed her lips.


After Chera’s anger subsided her skin color became a little pale.


She turned her gaze to Grecan, who was chewing the wire mesh inside the cage.


Transparent saliva flowed down the black bars.


Chera trembled…


“You brought one of the little wolves?”




“Is he an orphan?”




Mirania tilted her head.


“Don’t you know the nature of the furry beast? If someone had stolen their cub, they’d be making a fuss looking for the criminal. That’s all you’ve been thinking about, right? No parents?”


Chera explained with a grain of salt.


Mirania sweats as she looks at the face of Chera, she thought she brought it in after thinking about it.


‘He’s not an orphan, he’s the son of the Balkan.’


If I say this, I think Chera’s sunken face would turn red again.


“Uh, well…”


“Why was it so ugly? Maybe because it’s an orphan. It looks cute in some way. I think it’s okay to have a wolf as a pet, but… as long as it doesn’t hurt you.”




“Now that it’s here, I can’t help it.”


Chera observed Grecan with slightly softened eyes.


Looking at Chera, Mirania chewed on her lips.


“Yes, he’s the son of Balkan, but he’s a child and he was left behind so…”


“Oh, my gosh! The fierce period.”


Chera shouted as her finger was almost bitten by Grecan.


Chera, who put her fingers close to the cage, shut her mouth like a crocodile, then shook her hand and glanced at Mirania.


“What did you say?”


“Oh, yes, it doesn’t really matter, but as I said he was the son of Balkan ”


Mirania whispered once again.


It was a small voice, but the name “Balkan” was heard clearly, and Chera tilted her head back and forth in wonder.




“Oh, that’s okay. What do you say? It’s going to be our secret that he was the son of Balkan.”


‘If someone hears it, they’ll think it’s the chief’s son.’


Chera slowly grabbed the back of her neck and saw Mirania’s brazen face as she tried to scream.


“The son of Ba-balkan? The Balkan I know?”


Mirania nodded.


“You can’t, no, I don’t think so. The onlyBalkan I know was the wolf’s chief. That stupid wolf?”


Chera’s face turned red quietly once again.


Mirania spoke anxiously, placing an ice bag against Chera’s cheek.


“Watch your blood pressure.”






Chera hit the table with her hands and jumped up.


Grecan, who was biting the wire mesh with his teeth, was surprised and listened.


“Well, what did you do! Kidnapping the son of the wolf leader! If you want to go to war, you just have to say it! Then I would have prepared everything step by step!”


Chera acted as if the declaration of war had just fallen.


“It’s okay, even if there’s no war.”


“How are you sure about that? It’s not like you don’t know how crazy wolves are about their kin, what more of their babies.”


The wolf’s love for his family was very famous.


“It’s all right.”




“It’s Ramie’s son.”


“Ramie? Balkan’s wife? The one who died?”


“Yes, she died giving birth to Grecan.”


Chera, who realized the situation at the words, sat down again.


“So that’s what happened.”


The face that seemed to understand became mysterious.


There was no one in the continent who was unaware of the Balkan’s situation, who almost went mad with grief and anger after losing Ramie.


It was not unreasonable for the Balkan to dislike their son, who was born at the expense of Ramie’s life.


‘At any rate, Balkan shouldn’t be a problem.’


When I killed him before, of course, he was revived as an immortal, but Balkan didn’t make an issue about it.


Grecan was a troublemaker for the wolves.


“I also feel sorry for this little one.”


“…uh, well.”


“We’ll see about that. Why did you bring Balkan’s child? You don’t have to go all the way there.”


Mirania looked around.


Chera loses her reasons easily, but sometimes it’s difficult when she’s sharp like this.


The answer to the question popped into my head.


There’s a lot to say, but I couldn’t simply tell her.


‘Cause he’s going to kill me later.’


But if I said so, it’s hard to make her understand. What should I say?


While contemplating, I got a hint from Chera’s words.


“Just like you said. I’m going to raise a wolf as a pet.”


“…the son of the Balkan?”


‘Oh, Chera was a good person, but sometimes she puts people in trouble.’


Mirania pulled her hair with her fingers and nodded her head roughly.


I hope you don’t ask me any more troublesome questions.




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