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‘It’s unusual that he voluntarily wants to be trained.’


Mirania glanced at Leverianz whose ears were red and flustered face with trembling lips.


“It has no other meaning. Anyway, the only outsiders in this castle are me and the wolf cub, so there should be no discrimination. As the successor of the bat clan, I have my pride.”


“… Ah, yes, that’s how it is.”


“Promise, don’t forget…”


Beneath Mirania’s hand that covered her eyes, Leverianz’s thin lips drew a smooth arc. It was blinding.


Mirania thought she should tell Chera so that this beautiful heir of the bats would not seduce the young witches.


As if for goodness’s sake, Leverianz licked his lips and said, “I will obey you.”


At that moment, Leverianz’s night of obedience shone white. Mirania could feel through her soul that the precious object was working properly.


This precious object, crafted by Malandor, played a role in binding the souls of the caster and the target, albeit weakly.


As for the red flowers related to life, I was astonished by Malandor’s ability to dare challenge the realm of God, but it’s a relief for now.




In any case, it was a success. With this, I should be able to control Leverianz’s behavior to some extent for the time being.


Contrary to Mirania’s relaxed expression, Levérianz shook his head disapprovingly.


“To say such unpleasant things out of my mouth. If it wasn’t for Mirania, it wouldn’t have been possible.”


“Yes, thank you.”


Mirania who has weak stamina in the first place muttered in exhaustion. For some reason, she felt a sense of déjà vu.




Originally, every day in the witch castle was the same.


When the warm sunlight shines on the witches’ realm in the morning, the witches woke up one by one.


Some witches dine on raspberries and apples, while others climb on broomsticks and flew to the refreshing sky to start the day.


Mirania started the morning slower than most witches.


However, the morning scenery of the witch’s castle changed at some point.


At daybreak, witches who woke up one by one glanced through the training ground of the Witch Castle while doing their activities.


“Mirania is doing that again.”


Mirania, mesmerized as if her soul had been captured in an infernal castle, felt a sudden headache as she heard the voices of the young witches.


Thud, thud, thud —!


The sound of rough footsteps reached Mirania’s ears, who was sitting in a chair with her arms folded.


The animal leading the dust from afar and running was Grecan in his wolf form. The black wolf, now about the size of a leopard, was running frantically with a ball in its mouth.


Grecan, who soon approached Mirania, sat with his butt down on the ground. His shaggy tail waggled wildly.




Grecian spew the ball rolling down towards Mirania’s feet.


Mirania snapped her fingers as she tried to pick up her ball.


Swish—, the ball swept by the breeze quickly dried and became clean in an instant.


When Mirania picked up the ball, Grecan’s tail shook harder. The long tail tapped the floor lightly.


“Shortest record. I’m fast! Faster than anyone else.” Grecan gasped with his pink tongue out of his mouth.


Mirania watched Grecan, his eyes shining brightly, then raised her hand expressionlessly.


Grecan immediately tucked his head under Mirania’s white palm and shook it. It seemed as if Mirania was patting Grecan’s head.


“Praise me! Praise me!”


Grecan’s black pupils were half-hidden by the slender, narrow eyes of his wolf form.


“Yes, yes…”


Mirania replied roughly and patted Grecan’s head. Grecan’s tail shook violently, as if the patting by Mirania’s hand felt good.


Just when she thought that it was enough, Grecan’s eyes rounded, looking at Mirania.


“Compliment?” Mirania said and continued, “You did it.”


Grecan asked, tilting his head, “Is that all?”


“Yes, that’s it.”


Grecan squinted, disgruntled at Mirania’s reply.


“It’s too short.”


Mirania, who agonized for a while, swept Grecan’s forehead to the bridge of his nose.


For some reason, Grecan loved Mirania’s petting.


Mirania, who played with Grecan every morning and repeatedly petted him, was no longer awkward and sour.


Even if Mirania was lazy, she didn’t skip playing with Grecan under the guise of training.


‘I’ve gotten used to it more than eating breakfast.’


I once ignored him because it was annoying to wake up early. I pretended not to notice him as I turned my body laying in bed and stare at the bedside. Furthermore, I ignored Grecan’s disgruntled stroke of his tail against the bedspread.


Perhaps that was so frustrating, a wall collapsed that day. It was an inner wall that had just been repaired.


Even that wasn’t the end. In the afternoon, a bloody battle broke out between Grecan and Leverianz. It was a life-and-death showdown that would not be strange if anyone died after it.


After that, even though it was annoying, Mirania kept hanging out with Grecan and praising him.


She realized that it was more troublesome to deal with Grecan’s accident in the witch castle.




Grecan, who was enjoying the touch with dazed eyes as if he was in a good mood, opened his eyes like a ghost as soon as Mirania took off her hand.


Seeing the disapprovingly distorted gaze, Mirania had no choice but to stroke his head again.


My head throbbed when I saw Grecan’s sniveling eyes.


‘Should I make a stroking spell?’


Mirania’s expression became serious when she thought about the utility of useless magic.


Eventually, until Grecan was satisfied, Mirania, stroked her sore muscles long enough and threw the training ball with magic into the woods.


Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!


Grecan, who disappeared with the dust, was nowhere to be seen.


As the days went by, Grecan’s ability to find the ball improved, and now he even snatched the flying ball from the air and returned.


Mirania conjured up a magic spell so that the ball could hide tightly in the tree’s knots.


“This should be enough for half an hour.”


She sighed lightly in relief.


‘Is this the difficulty of parenting that Chera often talked about?’


Still, if I relax in the morning like this, I would take a nap around noon, so I only had to play until then, so I was able to take a breather.


I looked up at the sky. The sunlight was as soft as the tail feathers of a young bird that had just come of age.


‘There’s still some time until lunch.’


It was lunch. Next to Grecan, who finally fell asleep with a yawn, Mirania blinked her weary eyes.


Grecan, who has not yet reached adulthood, slept quite a long time, and the moment of the day Grecan fell asleep was the most comfortable time for Mirania.


“I should get some sleep, too.”


As soon as I lay on the bed and pulled the blanket, Chera opened the door and came in.


“Mirania, are you going to sleep?”


“Yes. Is something wrong?”


“A letter came from the human chancellor. It seems that the emperor was willing to take Mirania’s medicine. It must have worked pretty well.”


Chera, who knew what the emperor was using the medicine for, said with a disgusted look, “Even at that age, he still wants to sow seeds. It’s amazing how men are. Anyway, the Witch Castle will be rich in gold for a while.”


“It would be helpful for families who want to travel to the human continent.”


“I’m going to give you plenty of travel expenses.”


“Has there been any news about the child I spoke of?”


This was the most important because it was the reason for accepting the emperor’s request, which she had previously refused.


The familiar who became the contact with the chancellor had been quiet for several months.


Chera tilted her head, 


“A kid named Alice? No. There was no word about it.”


“… I, I didn’t think he’d be able to find her sooner.”


She was a little disappointed, but it was fine as there was still plenty of time left. It was a little disappointing, but it was okay because there was still enough time left.


Aren’t Grecan, Leverianz, and Alice still little kids now?


‘Besides, Grecan and Leverianz have changed a little. They won’t attack me as easily as they used to.’


How much effort did I give playing with them? If they don’t hesitate to attack me with whom they spent their childhood, they don’t have any conscience then.


As her relief comes, drowsiness sets in, and Mirania’s yawn broke out.


It’s not because of a rooster that wakes up at dawn, and thanks to Grecan, who wakes up early, Mirania has been suffering from lack of sleep lately.


“I need to get some sleep, Chera,” Mirania told Chera.


“Yes, go to sleep,” Chera replied.


Pulling the blanket over, she fell asleep in an upright position. 


Three hours later, darkness began to fall on the Witch Castle.




A sweet voice, as if melted chocolate, rang like a bell in the quiet and dark room.




Mirania’s eyelashes fluttered.


“Mirania, Mirania.”


Repeated calls gently tickled her nerves as she fell into a deep sleep.


Cold fingers gently pricked her silver eyebrows that were furrowed.




Mirania pursed her lips in a dazed spirit, “Grecan?”


“It’s not Grecan.”


The sweet voice became cold, saying, “It’s Livy.”


“Um, yes, Livy… Livy?” Mirania’s eyes widened.


When I turned my head toward the voice, Leverianz was staring at me with his head sticking out by the side of the bed.


‘Why is this guy here?’


He had not fully recovered from his sleeping sickness. Didn’t the disease worsen, again? He must have been buried in his coffin for a few days.


Mirania stared blankly at his pale face and asked, “… How did you get here?”


“I flew,” Leverianz responded quickly.


Only then did Mirania see the black wings protruding from Leverianz’s back.

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