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It’s a unique look that Grecan does when he acts stubbornly. Grecan wasn’t going to back down until he got an answer.


Instead of answering, Mirania stiffened and answered, “You said you wanted to have your first kiss with someone precious, but I didn’t think so?”


Grecan was dumbfounded,  “Precious person.”




“Isn’t it me?”




“A precious person to Mirania, it’s me…”


Grecan pointed to himself. When Mirania laughed at her confident appearance, it looked very meaningful.


Grecan only blinked.


Mirania spoke sourly, “Besides, it’s not even my first kiss.”


There was a crack in Grecan’s dark eyes. The sparkling eyes quickly became desolate.


“It’s not?”


It wasn’t just Grecan. Leverianz was muttering with his golden eyebrows furrowed.


Mirania frowned as she alternately looked at Grecan and Leverianz, who were making strange expressions.


‘Those gazes look unpleasant.’


“How old do you think I am?”


‘Does Mirania even know how to be frightened and thrilled with a single kiss like a girl in her teens?’


Grecan and Leverianz thought at the same time, they looked as if they lost countenance.


Still, Mirania feels flustered, so she clicked her tongue.


“Anyway, now both of you even play weird pranks. How far are you going to go, Tsk…”


Mirania then strode past the still stone-hard Grecan towards Leverianz. She sighed as she held up the shattered pieces of the Night of Obedience at the feet of the dazed Leverianz.


‘What should I say to Malandor?’


When I glanced at Leverianz, who had grown much taller than my height, was looking down at me with a strange gaze.


Seeing that face reminded me of Leverianz from my previous life, I was soaked in a new feeling.


The difference from that time was that his eyes were full of curiosity and bloodthirsty. I didn’t even want to wonder what he was thinking, I wouldn’t get anything either by asking. 


Judging that the situation was settled, I rose without hesitation.


“Why don’t you clean up the forest and come out for once? I’ll check, so don’t think about messing around.”


After leaving those words, Mirania flew up on a broomstick.


Grecan and Leverianz slowly lowered their heads as they looked up at Mirania, who disappeared across the clear sky.


The gazes lost in each other’s thoughts subtly deviated.


“This is not what I expected. I thought it would be fun until you kissed her on her lips…, I feel strangely bad.”


Leverianz’s brow narrowed. Unlike him, who was displeased, Grecan looked confused. Leverianz’s self-talk did not reach his ears at all.


“If it’s my first but wasn’t Mirania’s first kiss, then what would this be?”


Leverianz, who caught Grecan’s self-talk, smiled mischievously with a beautiful face like a dark, naughty mug wriggling.


“That means…”


Significant words caught Grecan’s nerves. A distinctly thick neckline bulged out. 


Leverianz grinned softly while receiving the focused gaze.


“It means you’ve become a fish.”


“… Fish?”


“It’s something I’ve never thought of, but I think Mirania has a similar side to me today. Then it wouldn’t be obvious.”


It was a misunderstanding, but Grecan’s face, lost in his thoughts, turned dim from what he remembered.


“Find your way out before you get tossed around,” added Leverianz.


“No way. Are you saying Mirania is a player?”




Leverianz’s expression crumpled as he inadvertently repeated Grecan’s words.


“It’s about being a free-spirited romanticist. You son of a wolf.”


Grecan’s expression grew cold, saying, “You must want to die, bat.”


“As much as you can.”


Grecan’s dark eyes began to shine, reflecting the face of Leverianz, whose radiant smile began to gloat.


Leverianz’s red eyes also glistened like mirrors.




Riding her broomstick back to the witch’s castle, Mirania sprained her wrist.


‘Didn’t I almost fall off?’


Mirania clicked her tongue and looked back.




A thick cloud of smoke rose from the middle of the forest. I could see what was going on without looking.


Mirania shook her head and spouted, “They’re really crazy.”


Mirania, who entered the top floor of the Witch Castle, got off the broom and hung the broom on a rack.


In her room, a witch, who had come before her, was waiting. 


Sitting in a guest chair, Chera rose as if she had been waiting for Mirania’s appearance.


“Wasn’t it time to watch over the witches at this time? What’s the matter?”


“Ah, let me tell you… Ugh.”


Chera pinched her nose, frowning at Mirania in bewilderment.


“Mirania, what happened? You smell like a dog today. Oh, my nose.”


Chera, now with her red hair growing over her shoulders, scratched her nose in distress, then took out a herbal watering can from her cloak, and sprayed it.


Mirania coughed as the scent of herbs wafted all over her.




As the smell of fragrant and bitter herbs permeated her nose, Chera nodded in satisfaction.


“Now I have to report you. The familiar arrived a while ago.”


When Mirania glanced, Chera pulled a small yellow canary from of her arms.


The canary, who had its head down and eyes closed, blinked its black eyes.


‘Twit’, the canary shakes its wings a little and rubs them gently.


“I’m sorry. It slept, maybe it’s tired from flying in.”


With a smile hanging on her lips, Mirania put out her finger towards the little bird.


The canary, who had woken from slumber, saw Mirania’s index finger approaching quietly and stuck out its head and rubbed her finger with its golden beak.


“It’s a child working in the lounge of nobles, and the bird saw the woman Mirania talked about. I came right away because I thought you might be curious.”




Mirania raised an eyebrow. Surprised, the canary flew away and landed on Chera’s shoulder.


Without knowing that, Mirania became serious. If it was the woman Chera talked about, wouldn’t she be the only one?


That woman was the pinnacle of this great world!


“Was it Alice?”


“Yes, that woman!” Chera nodded, shouting her answer.


As Mirania’s face was shadowed by worry, Chera was expecting her to like the news and asked, “Aren’t you happy? Was there any problem?”


Mirania’s expression turned somber.


“Did you say she was in a nobleman’s lounge?”




“But… it can’t be.”


Mirania confirmed again to Chera, “Are you saying that the bird saw Alice? Are you sure it’s Alice?”


Mirania’s eyes were fixed on the yellow canary.


Chera nodded, stroking the canary’s round head, “Yes. It also heard the name Alice clearly, he says it looks roughly the same, but I’m not sure.”


“How did it know it was Alice?”


“That’s because it matched exactly what Mirania said about the woman’s appearance. Lovely blond hair and green eyes were as clear as a pristine forest. This is basic.”


The canary moved its beak and chirped.


Chera, who listened to the canary, interpreted the birdsong, “He said he felt better when he got closer to the girl. It felt like the air was being purified. This is what he said, Mirania.”


“Yes, it’s the ability to heal and purify.”


If a pure-spirited beast felt that way, it’s very unlikely that it could be wrong.


When Mirania’s expression, which tentatively concluded Canary’s testimony as true, was still dark, so Chera asked cautiously,  “What’s wrong?”


“It’s strange. If Alice appeared at a noble’s lounge, the Prime Minister would know. But Alice appeared in the nobleman’s lounge, not anywhere else?”


Mirania sat in a chair with arms crossed.




Chera, who came to the human continent as a child, did not know much about how the human world works.


Mirania explained to Chera with an incomprehensible look on her face.


“Do you know about the position of Prime Minister? The Prime Minister is the one who specializes in monitoring the nobles for the sake of the Emperor, no, even to preserve his place.”


“Spying on nobles?”


“If interest intervenes, people who can turn their backs on their friends at any time, weighing the gains and losses, who used to put their arms around each other’s shoulders yesterday, are human beings. Not to mention, the aristocrats at their peak are unimaginably cold-hearted.”




“Anyway, think about the message the Prime Minister sent recently.  Apparently, he said that he couldn’t find Alice. However, Alice came to the nobleman’s lounge. Isn’t it strange?”


Mirania’s golden eyes shone coldly as she concluded by questioning the letter from the Prime Minister.


Even the corners of Chera’s eyes, which also understood Mirania’s words, showed anger…


“That means things have gone awry.”


Either the Prime Minister has become a villain to spy on nobles, or he found Alice but didn’t report it.


Other than those two reasons, I couldn’t think of any other reason.


‘Look at this.’


The corners of Mirania’s lips curled into a meaningful smile.


‘I could send a letter to the Prime Minister right away, wondering what had happened.’


However, if he has any other intentions, it would be wise to put aside that method, as it could only lead to a situation where he would hide Alice further.


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