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“People are watching.”


Even if Grecan didn’t say it, it was a fact that Mirania was also conscious of.




They were on their way to get up early in the morning, get an ID card for different races, and enter the capital of the human empire.


A lot of things have changed in the second continents since Mirania came in a while, but 


Many changes in the second continent came after a long time, so it felt new, but people staring at them seemed to be the same as they were in the past.


Mirania took her gaze off unfamiliar buildings and human costumes.


“They’ll sure to look at you. Walking around naked, who doesn’t want to see it?”


“I am not naked.”


Grecan pointed at his pants, and Malandor mocked softly.


“It’s the same with all the nipples showing.”


The relationship between the two of them, who had not exchanged a few words all the way here, was as cold as a snowy midwinter, and every word they exchanged became thorny.


Leverianz also left, but Mirania still felt tired.


Before Grecan could pick a fight with Malandor, Mirania turned his gaze to look at herself.


Grecan blinked as he placed a hand on his shoulder.


“Should I put on clothes first?”


Grecan looked down at Mirania and asked.


Compared to those who were well-dressed from head to toe, Grecan had his bulging muscles exposed.


Grecan must have been the reason the women’s gaze was particularly strong.


“Let’s find a clothing store nearby.”


There was a clothing store not far away, so Grecan could dress up.


Grecan dressed like a human being, but had some issues.


Unfortunately, the clothing store, which had only ready-made clothes, had no clothes to cover Grecan’s physique.


“Isn’t that a bit strange?”


Malandor said, looking at Grecan up and down.


What Grecan wore was a plain white shirt. However, when Grecan wore it, the sleeves were far short, so it was like a children’s suit.


“You have quite a physique, so if you want to find clothes that fit you, you won’t be able to use ready-to-wear clothes.”


The clothes shop owner said with a troubled expression.


Mirania’s party came out in that state for now.


Grecan grumbled,


“It’s frustrating.”


“Be patient.”




“You have to be willing to put up with some discomfort to avoid the annoying attention.” Mirania soothed solemnly. 


Malandor, who looked around, shrugged and said, “Well, I don’t know if it works. They keep looking at you.”


However, even though Grecan wore clothes, people’s eyes didn’t diminish that much.


Glancing their way, Mirania, who noticed the gossip group, tilted her head.


‘Looks like there’s something fundamentally wrong.’




When she stopped, Grecan and Malandor also stopped.


Mirania, who turned her head, looked carefully at the two.


Rare dark skin and a sturdy body, red hair, and eyes.


Malandor, who received the gaze, tilted his head, saying, “Why?”


Next was Grecan. 


Grecan, who was frowning at the discomfort of the tight clothes, blinked.


Mirania scanned their face slowly.


A sharp nose and a ferocious atmosphere, but looked neat and had plump pink lips.


Looking at them objectively like this, both of them were quite handsome.


‘It’s uselessly difficult.’


In fact, her appearance was also receiving considerable attention, but Mirania thought it was all because of Grecan and Malandor.


Mirania’s face flashed with annoyance.


“Excuse me.”


A man approached, dragging a dazzling cloak.


It was one of the groups that chatted with them.


A man with brown hair and freckles dotting his cheeks, his eyes full of curiosity.


When Mirania looked at him with a gaze asking what was going on, the man pointed at Grecan.


“Is that a beast?”




Mirania’s fine eyebrows wriggled like a trampled snake.


“There’s no way that size or appearance is human. How much did you buy it for?”




Mirania glared at the man coldly, then cast her gaze behind him at the sound of whispers.


A group of men was pointing fingers alternately at Grecan and Malandor.


Mirania was displeased at the sight.


And it was not difficult for her to recognize the reason for her displeasure.


‘Looks like they’ve become a spectacle.


The crowd was ‘watching’ them. One particularly quiet human stood out among them.


The white-faced woman with long sky-blue hair that reached her waist was wearing a thin water-blue dress that was so long that it dragged on the ground.


The clothes that showed the shoulders were a little masculine, but the woman did not lift them even though the clothes were slightly hanging down.


Mirania sniffed, ‘It smells like water.’


Mistaking her gaze, the man’s brown eyes glanced at the woman.


“Oh, are you interested in our stuff?”


‘Our stuff…’


Mirania etched into her head the words of the man who had been bothering her.


I thought I knew what the intrusive word meant.


In fact, it was easy to recognize the sense of difference because it had been gnawing on my nerves since I stepped on the gateway to the second continent.


Just across the street, a stag-horned man with a leash was following a human woman.


‘Have all the beasts here been enslaved?’


I realized the situation, but it wasn’t too surprising.


Before the Continental Pact was signed, the second continents had a completely dualized hierarchy.


Master and slave. It was divided into two.


‘I thought it disappeared after the pledge, but it must have been revived.’


“It deserves attention. Because it’s an expensive item. You know that mermaids who can walk around are not easy to find, right?”


He was a man who spoke proudly of what he was saying.


Mirania glanced behind the man.


The sky-blue-haired woman, who stood calmly, was silent from the beginning even when they manhandled her like an object.


When the sun shone, beautiful scales sprouted near her temples.


“What race are you from? It’s pretty well maintained.”


Glancing at Grecan, the man smacked his lips. Then he frowned.


“But why are you dressed like that? Oh, are you a family slave? I heard that aristocrats whose power has weakened sometimes sell household slaves.”




“Was this rude?”


The man scratched the back of his head as he watched Mirania stare blankly at him.


“I didn’t mean to insult you. I apologize if I offended you. It’s because I’m curious about that slave. Is it a lion? Cheetah? Or Jaguar? It’s completely humanized. I can’t tell. Did you train him well?”


‘Lion, cheetah, jaguar…’


All of them were rare species that were not so many on the first continent.


Mirania thought of their leaders.


Seeing a handful of clans suffer like this on the second continent, I would have flown firmly even if I got sick.


“You don’t talk much. Let me be blunt, then. I’ll give you enough money. Your slave, lend it to me for a day.”




“Oh, you must have been embarrassed. Is this the first time you’ve ever made a deal like this? I’m pretty used to it…”


The man scratched the back of his head once again. It seemed to be a habit when it was embarrassing for him.


Suddenly, the man took out a wooden plaque from his pocket and held it in front of Mirania.


“I am a family member of the Dreamers family. Is this trustworthy enough? I tend to use things well. I will use it well and return it.”


Mirania’s stiffened expression was strange, and displeasure emanated from her sunken eyes.


The man didn’t notice, but he wasn’t oblivious to the meaning of Mirania’s reaction.


“Oh, do you have a preference that you don’t share? If you don’t want to borrow money, how about an exchange? You’re interested in our stuff, right? Let’s exchange. He is the most prized slave in my collection.”




“Originally, I’m not the type to be so sloppy, but this time I really want it. It’s the first time I see something like that. It’s also a style that suits my sister’s taste. Not only that, but it’s her birthday tomorrow, so I’m going to play the nice little brother.”


The man rumbled endlessly.


Mirania was curious to see how far he would go, but she couldn’t stay that way for long.


‘My back hurts.’


An aura like a sharp thorn was shooting from Grecan, who was standing behind her.


Mirania decided to step up before Grecan made a hole in the man’s body on the boulevard.


“So let’s take this opportunity to make friends…”


“Go away.”




“I told you to go away if you don’t want to die.”


The man blushed with anger.


“Hey, no matter how much you hate my proposal, what are you saying…”




A shrieking sound rang.


The man’s face quickly shriveled at the voice that touched the human instinct for death.


He stiffened and stared at Grecan.


In his dilated brown pupils, Grecan’s fearsome face, which revealed sharp teeth as if to rip off his limbs at any moment, was contained.


The man was feeling extreme fear of his soul escaping.

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  2. As the Great Witch, I hope Mirania wrecks the slave trade 🤞