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Grecan’s stature itself was also a threat, but it was because the energy of death was gently surfacing around him.


It was the energy that Malandor secretly sowed.


‘He stayed still, so I guess he didn’t want to hear it.’


Mirania looked sideways at Malandor with a subtle smile, and the corner of her lips seemed slightly lifted.


“Le—, let’s go…”


“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”


“Let’s go!”


The man got angry and left his companions. The group, not knowing what to do, soon followed after the man.


“Anyway, there’s definitely one person who can’t tell the difference between heaven and earth.”


Malandor, who collected the energy as if nothing had happened, muttered in a languid voice. His gaze turned to Grecan.


Unable to notice the meaning of the gaze, Grecan remained silent.


Still frowning as if in a bad mood.


“If the second continent is in this situation, walking the streets like this would be a bad choice.”


“Unpleasant gazes,”


Grecan said, more conscious than before of the stares piercing their way.


“You don’t have to draw attention.”


Mumbling, Mirania flicked her fingers.


Mirania was also skilled in witchcraft spells, but as a natural-born witch, she was capable of magic.


The magic worked slowly. Due to the nature of the unbending light, the straight line of light that illuminated the three began to bend little by little.


‘Light’ was essential for living beings to sense objects with their eyes.


In other words, if they want to disappear from sight, she could adjust the light.


At last, the sunlight completely changed direction.


The faces of Grecan and Malandor, who were skillfully blocked from the light, were blurred.


It was only blurry in Mirania’s vision, but to the perpetrators, it seemed like a completely different person.


‘That’s perfect.’


While Mirania was at it, she also blocked the light from her face.


Not long after, the gaze that had been directed their way scattered.




Malandor examined Mirania with curiosity.


Mirania, outside the light, was a figure that could not be remembered by sight. It felt like looking at the shadows.


Malandor muttered quietly, filled with amazement, that Mirania was wielding the light as an ability that he, a member of the dark clan, could not even dream of.


“Indeed. It’s a camouflage that only Mirania can do,” said Malandor.


Mirania, who took a few steps ahead, freed from the gaze of people, suddenly looked into the distance.


“Everyone is here.”


Grecan and Malandor followed her gaze and turned their heads.


It was a red-roofed mansion that was built like a castle.


There were high walls and fences around it.


“That’s the house of the Chancellor.”


When I revealed my identity to the gatekeeper and informed him of my visit, an old, well-dressed man walked out before long.


“The Duke is waiting for you. Please follow me.”


I followed the old man who said he was in charge of the mansion and went inside.


Beyond the fence was a green garden with a fountain.


After passing through the garden, the gate revealed gleaming gold.


Malandor, who had long experience interacting with humans, smiled at the gate, which was made entirely of gold.


“This generation of empires must be quite peaceful.”


The second continent was repeating ups and downs.


To be honest, I could say I was somewhere in the middle.


Unlike Malandor, Grecan, who had never seen such a splendid view, had a larger pupil than usual.


For him, who had grown up only seeing wolves and witches who matched nature, the house of the prime minister was full of unfamiliar things.


“The old emperor has been in power for too long. The head of the pack should be replaced. Since there is peace, the inside must be rotten.”


As she sat in the lounge, guided by the butler, Mirania responded to Malandor’s words.


As they may have heard him, the butler only glanced at her briefly, not responding.


“I will serve the tea.”


The butler went out, and Mirania was lost in thought. Meanwhile, Grecan, who was about to sit next to her, frowned and rose again.


“Why don’t you sit down?”


Mirania asked, and Grecan shook his head in displeasure.


“It’s too soft.”


“Does it feel bad?”


“Not really.”


After a moment’s silence, Grecan, said bluntly, “I don’t like things that are too complicated.”


Then he looked straight at Mirania.


“When can we return to the witch castle?”




“If there is work, let’s finish it quickly. I don’t like it very much here. I want to go back.”


Mirania could not immediately respond to serious remarks.


If I find Alice after all the work, I may not be able to return.


Even if I went back, I would be gone.


‘I have to tell them sooner or later that it will happen.’


It was ambiguous to say that I had not even met Alice yet.


‘Getting into trouble.’


Mirania just nodded, staring at Grecan.




A very short man entered through the open door.


He was a servant serving tea.


Mirania, trying to turn her head casually, stared at the man again with a strange feeling.


Something was shaking on the man’s forehead.


‘It’s strange?’


“I’ll pour you some tea.”


The man said in a thin voice without looking at the three of them.


Holding a kettle made of thick glass, the man poured tea into a colored glass.


Compared to the expensive-looking item, the man’s wrist was skinny and very unattractive.


At first glance, he was not in a position to be treated well.


Mirania took a sip of the tea he poured for her. Compared to the ugly appearance, the taste of the tea was excellent.


“… It’s delicious. You’re good,” said Mirania.


When Mirania said those, the man, who must have been also a beast, was startled but smiled lightly.


“Thank you.”


The man with his head bowed walked out of the door quickly without turning his back to Mirania.


“Do you want me to save him?” said Gretchen, who had not touched his tea.

“Does he look pitiful?” Mirania asked with her fingers resting on the handle of the teacup.


“A little.”


Malandor laughed as he took the teacup.

“The wolf cub has a weak heart. Originally, that was human nature. Not necessarily human. It’s a desire that any intelligent person has to some extent to want to have a weak person under him.”




The door opened again, and this time the butler entered.


“Did you like the taste of tea?”


“Yes, but is that attendant not human?”


“Yes. It’s a beast, not a human.”


The butler, who answered meekly, looked puzzled by the subtle atmosphere.


“Is it your first time seeing a slave?”


“It is not the first time. It was quite a while ago. Since when have you been like this?”


“Less than fifty years have passed since slavery began in earnest.”


The butler responded more politely than before.


“Then you showed me something I couldn’t see for long.”




“I will be careful in the future.”


The butler left, saying he would tell the Prime Minister of their visit, and the only sound in the room was sipping tea.


Grecan, whose face hardened, seemed not very satisfied with his first impression of the second continents.


The Prime Minister did not enter the room after quite some time, and Mirania spoke, looking at Grecan’s stiff expression, whose signs of discomfort did not disappear.


“There’s nothing to look at, everything is unfamiliar. They are greedy enough to constantly want things that are not within their means, but humans also have their strength.”




“Above all, there are many. There are smart people who sometimes make something useful.”




“They are good at finding people.”


Mirania added, turning her head at the sound of the door.


“Isn’t that right, Prime Minister?”


The modestly dressed old man who appeared with the butler behind him grinned.


“… That’s right. Our strengths are our excellent brains and tenacious persistence.”


Looking at the old man walking with a cane, Mirania realized the passage of time.


Obviously, 15 years ago, he was a flashy middle-aged man when they made a deal.


“I guess your tastes have changed as you get older.”


As Mirania spoke while staring at his attire, the Prime Minister smiled softly.


Even that expression was different from what she remembered. The confident old expression disappeared without a trace.


‘He looked completely different.’


He looked like a nice person before.


‘It’s not good.’


Now he has become a serpent who does not reveal any of his inner thoughts.


Maybe this trip to the second continent might not be so smooth.


“As I get older, I sleep less and my favorite food changes and everything has changed.”




“I haven’t seen you in a long time. I’ve grown so old, but nothing has changed. You are still elegant as ever.”


Mirania nodded lightly to the praise that flowed naturally without excessive gestures, as if the Prime Minister had honey on his tongue.


The Prime Minister, seated in front of Mirania, exclaimed, “Ow!” at the sight of the Grecan and Malandor on either side of Mirania.


“You are truly devoted.”


Mirania had no intention of wasting time on other things.


When Mirania showed no reaction, the Prime Minister smiled without embarrassment.


“What brings you here?”


“Don’t you already know by that smart head of yours?”


The Prime Minister looked worried about something for a moment, then looked perplexed.

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