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“Is it because of her?”


“… What?”


“The reason Mirania came all the way here.”




Grecan tilted his head, “I wonder what you need her for.”


It was at this moment that Mirania’s lips opened to answer.


A relaxed voice came behind Grecan.


“I am also curious. Why do you need a woman who doesn’t know who Mirania is?”


The door opened completely, and Malandor walked in, chewing on an apple.


I don’t know where else to find that topic.


Mirania, who shook her head, bit her lips when she realized that the two people’s eyes were completely focused on her.


‘I don’t think it will just pass.’


Of course, I made up excuses just in case.


However, it wouldn’t be a problem if it was only Grecan, but since Malandor was there, she was a bit uneasy.


But the longer I waited, the more unnecessary suspicions I would get.


‘It would be more troublesome if they investigated here to find out.’


With a short sigh, Mirania stared straight at Malandor, who looked at her suspiciously, and Grecan, who showed pure curiosity.


Malandor’s eyes grew curious at her troubled expression.


“It’s simple, I thought you were looking for that woman to accept her into your clan. She seems to be pretty talented. But Mirania, looking at your reaction now…  What?”


“She is a distant relative of mine.”




Mirania spat out quickly before Malandor’s puzzling reasoning got any deeper.


Malandor immediately frowned.


“It’s the first I’ve heard of it. That the Great Witch has relatives.”


Mirania’s heart was pounding.


Grecan may not know it, but Malandor could not easily be fooled.


Now, hundreds of years have passed since she and Malandor have known each other.


Just as she naturally learned about Malandor’s routine and nasty habits, likewise he must have learned something about Mirania.


Mirania knew it.


As Malandor blinked languidly, Mirania could read his thoughts, ‘What kind of relative do you have being born from a tree.’


Mirania replied calmly without a change in her expression.


“Alice is an intelligent being blessed by the fairy tree. Since she is one of the entities that sustains this world, she shares the same roots with the Witch tree.”


And that was the whole truth.


That’s why this world doesn’t want to sacrifice itself for Alice.


Even if Mirania dies, a new Great Witch would be born, but Alice was an irreplaceable existence.


Grecan looked bored as if nothing had come to mind after hearing the story.


Rather, Malandor was digging more into her reason.


“What if it was a fairy tree?”


“Right. The one that grew out of the ancient world tree is connected to my guardian tree. You know what I value most, right?”


“You know what. Mirania is always out of date and shouting peace.”


Mirania ignored his sarcastic remarks.


“I’m trying to keep the world order by protecting Alice. So I must find her.”


It wasn’t a lie, either. I have a bigger desire to break the loop of fate that keeps repeating itself, but maintaining order in the world was also an essential task.


The Great Witch’s disposition was affected by the previous Great Witch’s end.


‘If this is my last return, that is a problem. If my heart is ripped out, and I don’t reach a proper resting place, the next Great Witch’s disposition will be quite savage.’


Reaching a safe end for the sake of peaceful world order was Mirania’s most important goal at present.


“To protect. Does that mean that the fairy woman named Alice is in danger right now?”


Indeed, Malandor struck the core.


Mirania nodded her head in agreement.


“Yes. So I must find her. It would be foolish to completely trust the Prime Minister. I need to figure out the situation myself, so I want to be prepared.”


Grecan, who did not know much about the human world, asked, “What are you going to do?”


“Information on where humans gather. I want to find a place like that.”


“Where is that place? Market?”


“I want to follow her for now.”


After a while, Grecan and Malandor looked up at the huge white building and then looked at Mirania as if they had promised.






Mirania put on comfortable clothes and entered the building.


No, she was trying to get in.


Grecan grabbed her by the wrist and turned her around.




He had a troubled face.


“You can’t go there.”


“Why? We don’t need an identity card or anything like that. We may go in as is.”


After speaking, Mirania pointed to the other building.


From there, men with blushing faces came out one by one.


“No, that’s not it.”


Contrary to Grecan’s frustration, as if he didn’t know what to explain, Malandor was nodding her head with a serious expression.


“Certainly, there is no better place to gather information than the public bath.”


“Right. It used to be. It should not change.”


The place where Mirania brought the two people was a public bath located in the center of the capital.


A long time ago, when she was staying in the capital, she went to the public bath to chat, so this time too, Mirania thought of the bathhouse first.


“It’s an excellent choice. Let’s go, Mirania.”


Malandor smiled pleasantly and took Mirania’s hand and moved forward.


Tap— Grecan put a hand on his shoulder.


“Where are you going?”


Malandor slaps his hand in displeasure.


Grecan took another drink and growled in disgust.


“The male with balls is over there.”


Malandor was disgusted as he looked around at the men walking out of where Grecan pointed.


Mirania poured cold water, speaking dryly towards the two people who were in a useless war of nerves.


“It would be more efficient to gather information separately.”


Malandor chuckled.


“That’s right. But in fact, in terms of efficiency, you have to move according to your aptitude. My specialty is not for males. Finding information here is more helpful…”


Grabbing Malandor’s wrist as he headed toward the bathhouse where the women came out.


Then Grecan said to Mirania, “I get it. Can I go through that door?”


“Let go, stupid wolf cub. To find information, say this. Won’t you let go?”


“As expected, Natasha’s words are unmistakable. A pervert is a pervert. It’s worse than Leverianz’s playboy temperament.”


“Isn’t that pretty bad?”


Mirania, who caught a glimpse of the backs of the two men walking to the men’s bath while bickering, also entered the building.


After undressing and entering the bath with only a towel wrapped around her, Mirania first looked around.


There was a table displaying wine, beer, milk, and various desserts and foods that were prepared for guests to choose from according to their taste, and steam was spouting from large and small bathtubs.


The women gathered in groups of threes and threes, drinking wine and chatting.


‘Looks like it’s a bit different from before.’


It has become much more upscale.


I suddenly thought that the money I paid when I entered the room could be quite a large amount.


They proudly asked for gold coins, so I gave them without hesitation, but it seemed that the qualification for entry was money, not status.


A pleasant scent wafted from the woman being massaged by a maid.


It was the highest grade of enjoyment.


Maybe women from families with some money are gathered.


“You’re lucky.”


At Mirania’s muttering, several women glanced at her.


Mirania noticed that gaze a little later.


In fact, from the time Mirania appeared in the bathhouse, there were many glances at her, but Mirania thought simply.


‘I guess my appearance still looks peculiar.’


When she was on the first continent, no one talked about her appearance except for Malandor. But Malandor was different from the first continent.


Mirania, who understood the word mysterious as having a different appearance from their own, briefly contemplated whether to cover her appearance.


However, it would have been suspicious to anyone to turn the direction of the light in a place like this, not on the main road.


‘I can’t do that here. I have no choice but to blend in.’


Realizing that it was unnatural to stand still, Mirania noticed that many people were soaking in the bath.


The moment Mirania dipped her feet in the bath, the knot in the towel untied.




The white towel brushed against Mirania’s translucent skin.


That was the signal flare. The eyes of each woman, who were doing different things, fell on Mirania like arrows.


Mirania bent down to grab the towel.


Mirania’s loosened silver hair flowed down her long neck like a deer.


As the silver hair that gently covered her bulging chest swayed, the gathered gazes also swayed from place to place.


Roasted by the humid warmth of the bathhouse, Mirania felt as if she had bitten into a lovely apple.


Moist and shining golden eyes and long eyelashes with water droplets.


A blink of an eye created the illusion of a butterfly flapping its wings.


As a sigh escaped through her vividly red lips as if biting off a flower petal, a thick breath came out from the teeth of those who were watching.


“It’s bothering me that it keeps flowing down. I wish I had Chera.”


Mirania picked up her towel and tied it back to her chest.


The wind pulled her hair back, revealing her slender figure.


There, a woman who couldn’t take her eyes off of Mirania unconsciously raised her hand to her face and looked into her hand, startled by the feeling of dampness.


“Oh my gosh?”


A woman desperately holding a towel over her nose, but no one thought she was strange. Because they felt the same way.


Covering her body with the towel and entering the bath, Mirania looked around at the strange feeling.


Perhaps because of the mood, the glancing gazes seemed to have increased significantly.


‘What’s wrong with them?’


Under these circumstances, it was impossible to achieve her desired purpose of collecting information.


‘Should I call a familiar and solve it?’ 


Someone approached her at a rapid pace in agony.


“Oh! How can you not have a mole on your skin!”


Mirania, whose hand was held by an unknown person, raised her eyebrows.


The woman who took Mirania’s hand out of the blue was a woman of a slightly plump figure, with her blonde hair pulled up.


She was very reluctant to see Malandor, who had no resemblance to the woman whose eyes were twinkling.


Mirania frowned and shook the woman’s hand.


The woman who left go of Mirania’s hand licked her lips again, and held her hands together herself, regretfully.


“Identify yourself.”


The woman’s round eyes widened even more at the cold voice of Mirania.


“It’s a unique accent. Are you a foreigner? Oh, this is so obvious. If you are a native with this kind of appearance, there is no way I wouldn’t have known about it.”


The woman who said this and that to herself reached out as if she were going to hold Mirania’s hand again.


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