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Perhaps it was because she had lived for nearly a thousand years, Mirania did not have clear reference about everything in the world.


The source of the witch was nature. Born in trees, the temperament of the great witch resembles nature.


They could let anything go, like a flowing river.


Only the wolves and bats, who were instinctively rejected, were among the “hate axes.”


Then Mirania also had something she hated the most.


The best or worst young leader in the history of the wolves and bats.


It was Grecan and Leberians.


[Witch, give me your heart.]


He demanded proudly with indifferent eyes. From our first meeting, Grecan spit those miserable words.


[It’s good to be able to revive a fairy that would soon die with a body that’s going to die now, with the heart of that body.]


A young wolf just over twenty years old.


For Mirania, who had lived close to a thousand years, it was a sneer-worthy opponent.


Until his mighty hand, the most ferocious wolf chief in history, penetrated my heart.


[You don’t need a heart to save your fairy. Listen to me first, for now.]


[How could I trust a witch? Don’t be silly, just give me your heart.]


As it repeated itself, I was now nervous hearing his words.


Black hair and eyes. A face with small scars here and there with frequent fights where instinct came first.


A high-stretched nose that shows off its ferocious nature. The eyes that radiated hostility were vivid even after decades.


Grecan trudging in with his overwhelming muscle packed body became Mirania’s nightmare and resentment.


“…oh no!”


Opening my eyes, I realized that I had ruined the good sleep.


The whole day I had nightmares about Grecan and Leberians, so I didn’t feel so good.


Perhaps because Grecan was nearby, the nightmare was more vivid than ever.




It was then that a growl was heard in Mirania’s ears as she sighed.


Ack! Mirania turned her head and found two twinkling eyes in the darkness.


I was puzzled.


‘I’m sure I had put you outside.’


As I hurriedly glanced to the side, I saw the door was slightly open.


The situation in which Grecan was unable to dehumanize.


‘How did you open that door?’


The question was not important at this point.


Grecan lowered himself to the floor and jumped like a ferocious frog.


“Oh, my God!”


Mirania quickly took the tassels of his bondage and evaded his body.




A wave of mana was shot towards Grecan.


The spell barely passed Grecan.


Grecan, who turned his body to dodge the spell, landed on the wooden bed on which Mirania was lying.


The quilt of leaves was torn to shreds from his sharp, protruding claws.


This time, I flicked my finger. Bibi’s cage, which was summoned, fell down, but Grecan quickly avoided it and the cage fell on the bed.




Grecan flew towards Mirania.


Although Grecan was only two or three times the size of an adult’s head, the force he attacked was terrifying.


A heart-piercing scene flashed through the mind of Mirania, who had just had a nightmare of Grecan.


It was then.




A huge bird flew out of the window and pecked Grecan’s head.




Grecan, who groaned painfully, cried at the bird, but the bird with a bigger body than Grecan pecked his head with a sharp beak.




Grecan waves one of his arms to chase the bird away, his mouth wide open and his sharp teeth sticking out.


Grecan’s attention seemed to have shifted from Mirania to the new giant bird.


In the meantime, Mirania snapped her fingers. The cage fell over Grecan.




A bird pecking with his claws and beak, as if to tease Grecan, flew up and landed on Mirania’s forearm.




Grecan, trapped in a cage, screamed.


Mirania clicked her tongue and shook her head. The bird that had attacked Grecan without hesitation gently extended its beak to Mirania and rubbed it against her cheek.


The beak was cold and smooth. Mirania scratched the bird’s head gently with her fingers.




The bird waved its wings and cried as if in a good mood.


Trapped in a cage, Grecan was staring blankly at the sight with his snout tucked between the bars.


“Did you have fun, Bibi?”


At Mirania’s sweet words, Bibi nodded his head, sweeping her cheeks up and down with his beak.


When first found him, Bibi was about the size of two hands put together, but after 10 years, it has grown into a hawk larger than any other boy.


Along with the eagle, the hawk was the hunter of the sky, the ‘king of the sky.’


Bibi, who has grown in strength and size, scurries outside to see if there was anything he could do. Sometimes he stopped by the witch’s castle, but somehow the timing was good.


Scratching Bibi’s face with her fingers, Mirania glanced at Grecan in the cage.


Grecan’s eyes glowed as he was stared at.




Even though it wasn’t a human face, it showed a wild and rough expression.


“Ugh, how should I raise him?”


The first step was to change Grecan to be able to rest safely, but I couldn’t believe I ran into such difficulty from the beginning.


Mirania sighed, sealed his cage and lifted it. Then she opened the door again and threw it outside.




“With time, you’ll lose your energy anyway.”


I’ll have to wait and see.





But even after that, Grecan’s hostility did not diminish.


Obviously, the question of how he escaped when he was locked up in a cage was easily solved.


‘I should catch the culprit.’


Mirania left Grecan outside and secretly observed him through the gap in the slightly opened door.


Grecan, who was thrown out of the cage without fail, sat still and tapped the bars with his feet.


‘You wouldn’t be able to escape like that.’


Human hand movements were required to unlock the cage.


Mirania was puzzled, but continued to observe silently.


Tak, tak.


Grecan slammed the fence with his foot and gently lowered it. As if waiting for something.




He started to hear footsteps coming from the stairs. Grecan’s ears perked up.


I turned my gaze towards the stairs.


“I kept hearing something.”


The person who appeared was a witch with a silly appearance.


The witch’s castle did not employ anyone like the human world.


Witches who regard self-sufficiency as an important way of life make the witch community roll by performing their respective roles responsibly.


In the meantime, there are witches who volunteer to clean up the surroundings of the great witch, Mirania, and that was one of those people.


“Oh my, I was just wondering, but the puppy was locked up again.”




Milania frowns. How could that be a puppy?


‘You’ll know the truth just by looking at it once.’


What she meant was that Mirania, who looked at Grecan while clicking her tongue, felt as if she had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer.




Grecan, who was barking madly at the sight of Mirania, was moaning weakly toward the other witch.


He looks up at the witch with his black eyes lit up like lanterns.


Mirania rubbed her eyes in disbelief.




“Oh, poor thing. If you live in a cage like this, you won’t be able to grow up properly.”


In the witch’s castle, most of the animals roamed freely.


The witch’s reaction was nothing unusual if she sees Grecan as an ordinary dog.


Grecan was still small because he’s still young and wasn’t fed well.


At first glance, he might look like a puppy.




“Creung, cung!”


Mirania was distraught by the sight of Grecan acting like a vulnerable dog.


“I brought dried beef jerky just in case, and that’s great.”


He ate the jerky from the witch’s hand.


‘You’re eating well, that’s good.


Mirania was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.


Grecan chewed up the beef jerky.


‘No wonder, I didn’t feed you enough, but I kept wondering why you were alive, and that’s what happened!’


“Go run around and grow up a lot, baby.”


The witch unlocked the cage. Mirania unknowingly held her forehead.


She was the culprit.


“Linda, come over here!”


“Yes, I got it!”


The witch jumped up and went down the stairs.


As the sound of her footsteps faded, Grecan gnawed at the beef jerky, and then slammed the cage door with one foot.


Strolling out of the cage, staring at Mirania’s room.


Mirania, who watched Grecan’s ‘secret escape’ through the crack in the door, made eye contact with him.




Grecan’s black eyes glistened. The snout opened as if he was smiling.


As soon as Mirania instinctively stepped back from the door.




The door opened with a loud sound, and Grecan jumped in.


He lowered his body to gain strength for the jump and ran straight to Mirania.


His teeth shone sharply between his open mouth. A pointed tooth bit Mirania’s thigh.


But after a while, he staggered back as fast as he had been rushing.




Grecan’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.




Grecan bumped into the wall and slid down the wall helplessly.




Perhaps the shock was quite big, but the ferocious energy was drained from his body and drooped.


Mirania quickly looked down at the thigh that Grecan had bitten.


The silver dress woven with spider webs had two holes in the thigh.


The area around the hole was ragged by how strongly Grecan bit.


Whew, Milania sighed.


“I would have been in big trouble if I hadn’t put up a defense spell in advance.”


If I did, I would have a hole in my thigh.


Knowing that Grecan’s movements did not work, Mirania hung a spell on the clothes she was wearing in advance.


The art of defense spells was attacking the opponent and returning its force.


“I couldn’t believe I’d still have a hole in my clothes.”


It must have been a cub that was still weaker than a normal wolf. Such enormous tenacity, Mirania sticks his tongue out.


She walked over to Grecan, who had fallen, and lifted him by the neck.







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