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The wrinkles on her slightly frowning eyes were moistened with water drops.


The combination of wet silver hair and wrinkled beauty was provocative and sexy, so Cosa murmured with an ecstatic face.


“How can you be so beautiful? No one will be able to endure without holding the Lady’s hand.”


“Really?” asked Mirania


“Yes, I bet my name on it.”


“Will the Crown Prince feel the same way?”


“What? His Highness the Crown Prince?”


Cosa blinked in wonder.


Mirania’s attention was focused on the Crown Prince, who was mentioned along with Alice.


‘I don’t know yet whether it’s a good or a bad thing.’ Mirania thought.


It was the love between Alice, Leverianz, and Grecan that I remember clearly during my few lifetimes.


I didn’t think anyone could get involved in the relationship.


“Are you really interested in His Highness the Crown Prince?”




When Mirania, deeply lost in thought, shook her head indifferently, Cosa tilted her head.


“I’m not interested in something like that.”


“Something like that? It’s His Highness the Crown Prince, but something like that… Haha—!


Mirania raised herself, leaving Cosa, who laughed awkwardly.


The damp, heavy towel slipped off Mirania’s body.


Mirania, who looked down at the damp towel that had been bothering her, ignored it without regret and walked up the stairs of the bath.


Cosa looked up at her in the bath with a bemused face.


Looking up from underneath her, Mirania’s slender jawline stood out.


Her slim neck, round shoulders, straight back, and narrow waist were all visible at a glance.


When Cosa couldn’t find a single flaw in any part, a heart sprang up in Cosa’s eyes, which scrutinized her for a short time.


‘Surely, she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever found since I opened the salon. No, it’s the greatest treasure!’ Cosa thought inwardly.


Cosa, seeing a red-haired woman glancing her way in the distance, felt impatient.


She was the madam of a salon that could be said to compete with Cosa’s salon.


Not only that, but she, too, was aiming for this beautiful treasure.


‘Well, I poured out words on her first.’


Pouring praise on herself, who moved one step faster, Cosa quickly chased Mirania, who was getting out of the bath before she knew it.


After leaving the building fully dressed, Cosa looked around to find Mirania.


“Excuse me!”


As soon as she spotted Mirania, she approached immediately and tilted her head to the shadow that suddenly cast over her head.


Looking up, Cosa saw that two men standing in the distance were twice as tall as the petite woman was.


“Mirania, did you wash up before coming out?”


A man with red hair and a sturdy body shed a languid smile.


He had the appearance of a poisonous flower that attracted insects by giving off a scent.


“It smells good.”


The dark-haired man’s strong cheeks heated up as he rubbed his big hand on the back of his nose with his fingers.


His eyes were fixed on Mirania and did not budge.


The sight reminded Cosa of a large beast wagging its tail somehow.


And in the middle was the treasure.


Mirania stands indifferently, brushing her long silver hair that has yet to dry.


She was wearing only a thin one-piece dress without flashy decorations, but the ripple effect of her appearance was so great that the modest attire won’t even appeal.


To her disbelief, the looks of the men surrounding her were also unabashed.




Cosa barely caught the purse she was holding as it almost fell.


The short but fine eyelashes fluttered mercilessly.


“That’s why you said you weren’t interested in ‘things like that’.”


Malandor raised his eyebrows at the mesmerizing murmur of Cosa.


Glancing at Mirania, he pointed his finger at Cosa and asked,


“Who is this human?”


Grecan clung to Mirania’s back as if he wasn’t interested in Cosa.


Mirania, thinking about what to introduce Cosa, removed Grecan’s hand from hugging her neck.


“He’s a brat at all times,” said Malandor with a smile.


Cosa covered her mouth, watching Grecan cling to Mirania, and Malandor clicking his tongue.


Cosa looked as if she was trying to swallow a scream, but strangely, her eyes sparkled even more intensely.


Mirania stared at Cosa as she pushed the Grecan, who clung to her.


“You don’t have to delay, I’d better go to the salon.”


Cosa, who was anxious to take the group to the salon as soon as possible, nodded wildly.


There are not one but three beauties.


“The treasure chest was here, it was here!”


Cosa clenched both fists tightly, refusing to miss this moment.


Mirnia took her steps with Grecan behind her.


Malandor poked Grecan in the back with a cane that he didn’t know where he picks it.




Grecan jerked back ferociously, but Malandor only teased him with the cane more harshly.


As Grecan swung his arm behind, Mirania slipped out of Grecan’s arms and took her steps.


“Shoo! How old are you, and you still act like a child?”


Grecan growled at Malandor, who was giggling and moved to Mirania’s side.


“But do you know the way to go first?”


Standing tall, Mirania stopped walking.


Grecan was calm as if he knew it, and Malandor smiled and stuck a dagger in his chest.


“Mirania is bad with directions. Do you want me to make a new compass for you?”


“I don’t know where, but a compass is useful.”


As Mirania, who murmured awkwardly, glanced behind her, Cosa, who was looking for a new multi-person carriage, smiled broadly and waved her hand.


“I’ll take care of it, everyone—!”


Cosa’s salon was neatly organized from the entrance without any dust, and the interior was also clean.


Cosa explained proudly, “Take a look around the salon, which was decorated with an antique atmosphere overall, it is customized to the taste of the people who are looking for it as much as possible.”


‘It’s a design I saw in the imperial palace in the old days.’


Mirania nodded bluntly, reflecting on her old memories.


For her, who was born and raised in nature, this place full of her artificial touches was not very attractive.


Next, Cosa opened a door, revealing a landscape so green that it was hard to believe it was behind a wall.


Mirania stepped on the green grassy ground and looked around.


Large trees were naturally planted in places, and grass and flowers were adorning them.


In the center of the spacious lot, a fountain spraying water into the air worked, making the air in the garden even more refreshing.


The eyes of those who were already sitting and chatting were on Mirania’s party, who appeared at the moment.


“This is the garden of the salon. We brought in specially selected fragrant plants, so many people with sensitive skin are looking for them.  What do you think?”


Cosa, who had been explaining the good scent while taking a deep breath, paused and sniffed.


Mirania raised her eyebrows as she saw Cosa approaching closer.


“Oh? Mirania smells very good. You smell much better than flowers?”


Cosa kept sniffing the scent of Mirania, then blinking at the scent of Mirania, which had suddenly disappeared.


Grecan, who snatched Mirania, revealed his teeth to Cosa.


Cosa looked blank when she saw the pointed fangs between Grecan’s pink lips.


A growl and chilling goosebumps flowed from Grecan’s throat.


Surprised, Cosa’s eyes rounded. It was only then that Grecan’s eyes, which seemed to rush at any moment, get distracted.


“Oh, I— I won’t touch her…”


When Cosa raised her hands, meaning that she would not touch Mirania, the fangs finally hid inside Grecan’s lips.


“Mirania… ?”


As she looked at Mirania with longing eyes, Mirania took off Grecan’s hand from her neck.


“Don’t mind him.”


“But how can I not care, though, when he’s glaring at me,” muttered Cosa, then awkwardly straightened her posture.




Looking back at the voice from behind, a few women with fans were smiling subtly.


“Oh, young lady! Were you here?”


“I have something to talk about with my friends.”


The woman gave a brief explanation and stared at Mirania, Grecan, and Malandor.


In particular, her eyes lingered on Malandor for a long time.


“I’ve never seen them before.”


“I met them at a public bath, but I invited them because I wanted to introduce them to the empire,” said Cosa.


“I guess you’re from a foreign country?”


At her staring gaze, Mirania lightly nodded.


“What were you talking about?”


Cosa naturally led the women and sat down.


As she introduced himself as the owner of the best merchant in the empire, Cosa’s ability to host was excellent.


Thanks to this, Mirania, who has settled among strangers, was able to participate in the conversation without much effort.


“Anyway, things seem complicated. Who knew that His Highness the Crown Prince would announce finding a bride in a situation like this? Firstly, I’m very interested in how His Highness’ marriage will turn out.”


“Wouldn’t you like to ask for a family name? The most important thing in the current situation is a family that will be a source of strength to His Highness.”


“Will there be many families out there that she is prepared to step out of the eyes of Her Majesty?”


“Will there be many families who will be prepared to catch His Majesty’s eyes?”


“An ambitious family might jump in.”


“Oh, Lady, you must be interested in it, too, right?”


“Haha, I never thought of that.”


‘Her mouth is smiling, but her eyes aren’t laughing.’


Mirania sipped her tea, examining the women’s faces. She frowned at the scent of the flowers that rose to her nostrils.


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