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[It’s because he thinks of me as his mother.]


That thought hasn’t changed, but where does this strange feeling come from?


‘Maybe because he’s grown too big?’


Mirania measured Grecan’s height and broad shoulders, which easily exceeded her height.


The current Grecan looked similar to him in Mirania’s previous life.


If there’s a difference, it’s that gaze, it’s only his eyes.


Yeah. The reason those eyes feel different, maybe because he’s no longer a baby wolf.


‘Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.’



Cosa, who had a great influence on getting everything from shoes and fans to necklaces and earrings, clenched her fists as if it were the last time.


“Now, you have to decide on your escort partner for the last time. It is essential to select a quality partner. Normally, I choose my brother or my fiancé as my partner, but this time it’s a bit unusual.”


Cosa put her finger on her thick lips with a pensive face.


“I heard that His Highness the Crown Prince is looking for a bride. A lady aiming for His Highness will probably choose a brother as her partner!”


“I, it’s nothing like that…” said Mirania.


“Yes, you didn’t have to be interested!”


When Cosa clapped her hands, Mirania frowned, meant for Cosa to shorten her words.


“Lady Mirania has two partners, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


Cosa looked alternately at both sides of Mirania with an ecstatic face.


“One is a gentleman with blazing red hair and an alluring smile that gives chills to the skin.”


Mallandor calmly accepted Cosa’s gaze and wrapped his arms around Mirania’s waist.


“She’s a funny woman,” said Malandor.


“Are you having fun?” asked Mirania.


“Yeah, isn’t it so much fun?” answered Malandor.


Mirania showed no response.


Since he was such a bastard, it was tiring to shake her head again and again.


Cosa shouted while looking at Grecan this time.


“The other is a gentleman like the sun with a boyish smile on a wild body!”


Grecan didn’t even pretend to listen to Cosa’s words.


Instead, he squeezed Malandor’s wrist around Mirania’s waist.


Malandor stared blankly at the back of Grecan’s hand, where the veins were swollen.


With trembling force, Grecan took Malandor’s hand off Mirania’s waist.


“What are you doing?”


“Get your hands off Mirania.”


There was a lot of power in Grecan’s voice.


“This is cute. It’s getting more and more cute. You shouldn’t be arrogant. You’re no match for me yet. Wolf boy.”


Malandor grinned and removed Grecan’s hand with his other hand.


Veins stood out on Grecan’s forehead.


The corners of Grecan’s eyes rose sharply, resisting Malandor, and his shoulders swelled horribly.


Despite his menacing appearance, Malandor only smiled.


“No matter how much you try, you won’t…”


Malandor’s relaxed voice hardened.


Grekan pushed Malandor’s hand away and squeezed his wrist again. The muscles swelled tightly from the strained forearm.




Malandor stared at Grecan with the gaze of ‘Look at this?’.


In the bloody power struggle that takes place with Mirania in the middle, Cosa exclaims “Oh my!”. 


Mirania’s expression, feeling the wave of power in the middle, gradually rotted.


“Take your hands off.”


“I don’t like it, what should I do?”


The grinding of Grecan teeth and the relaxed voice of Malandor flowed into Mirania’s ears.


‘These guys are crazy.’


Come to think of it, both of them weren’t originally normal.


Convinced, Mirania nodded and flicked her fingers.


A formidable wind blew from her, and she flung Grecan and Malandor.


“Huh? There’s a typhoon right now…?”


Cosa looked down at her fluttering skirt, startled.


“Are you a wizard?”


Ignoring Cosa, whose eyes widened, Mirania walked towards the entrance of the shop.


“Are you going to finish with this today?”


“Yes, yes. Everyone has worked so hard today. Go to bed for your skin!”


With Cosa seeing her off, Mirania and the others returned to the mansion.


Perhaps it was because they were out with people all day long, the atmosphere around the three of them was strangely silent.


“Get some rest.”


After the farewell, Mirania entered the room and immediately lay down on the bed.


Since I used to sleep a lot, and I couldn’t sleep today as I wish, I laid on the bed feeling fatigued from walking around all day.


A thin breath came from Mirania, who was asleep in an upright position.


By that time, the round full moon reached the edge of the sky.




Mirania’s eyes opened and looked out the window.


The flapping of wings irritated my ears. A crow was just passing by the window.



The furthest away from Mirania’s room was Malandor’s room.




Malandor, humming, looked at his reflection in the mirror.


He skimmed through the tailcoat that falls snugly from his shoulders to his wrists and frowns slightly.


“Humans are so funny. Making something like this, it’s a pity that it’s ready-made clothes.”


He muttered words that might have been satisfactory or disappointment, and fiddled with smooth-textured sleeves.


It was a decent suit for something rushed, but it was not perfect in Malandor’s eyes, who had been around the continent and encountered the finest.


“It can’t be helped. At least it’s better than a baby wolf.”


Malandor giggled, remembering Grecan, who was glaring in a tight tailcoat.


It was very funny to see that there were no clothes that fit in ready-to-wear clothes, so he wore small clothes.


The human woman was at a loss and went to look for other clothes, but she couldn’t find a suitable one for a day.


After giggling for a while, Malandor wiped the tears from his eyes with his index finger.


“How dare you rub yourself against Mirania like that?”


The identity of the dangerous beast Mirania had picked up was a very annoying wolf beast.


“What do you mean, Mother?”


Malandor’s lips pouted and drew a line when he thought of Grecan growling at him.


“If it weren’t for Mirania, I would have buried him and created him as a fresh skeleton slave. It’s a shame, it’s too bad.”


‘I’m letting him go this time because I think he’s still necessary for Mirania.’ 


Mirania, who was looking back at herself in a black dress, came to mind of Malandor, as he muttered.


The silver dress and pure white dress she wore earlier were also dazzlingly beautiful, but when I saw Mirania in a black dress, I couldn’t even spit out sly words.


Mirania, who had lived in nature, lived in the forest, and thought she would die by nature, also suited the color black, which symbolizes the dark world, very well.


‘I keep getting greedy.’ Malandor thought.


As a bride, the figure of Mirania, standing next to him…


“As my bride… ”


Malandor whispered to himself as if Mirania was in front of him. No answer came back as he pursed his lips.


‘If only she wasn’t born of life.’


‘If only I hadn’t been born in the darkness.’


‘If it wasn’t for me to be the one who eats away her life just by being together.’


‘If it weren’t for me, of all things.’


“If that’s the case, I wouldn’t care about anything, and I’d take you and run away.”


As I kept thinking about it, my heart sank in despair.


Tsk, that was the moment when I clicked my tongue and turned to undress.


A black crow landed by the window, flapping its wings.


As if it had just jumped out of the dark world, the pitch-black crow opened its curved beak.


“My darkness.”


Black smoke pours out. In response to the graceful bowing of his neck, Malandor suddenly looked annoyed and crossed his arms.


“What brings you here, crow?”


“The King is calling.”


“Can’t you see I’m busy?”


“If you say so, he told me to tell you that he would like to visit, so it won’t take long.”


When Mallandor looked annoyed, the crow added, “It’s a message that I hope you don’t forget your place.”


Malandor’s crimson eyes burned bright red.


“Did the King ever say such an arrogant thing to me?”


The crow was silent.


Malandor, who was giggling while holding his stomach, raised his head expressionless.


A wild fraud erupted from his red eyes.




All members of the Dark World are not qualified to deny his energy. Trembling, the crow threw its head to the ground.


Malandor, who was staring at the crow with a disapproving gaze, fiddled with the wrinkled sleeve as to when it was crumpled.


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  1. Tbh I’d much rather see those two be a pair, perhaps it’s because they were born to be incompatible.
    But that’s what draws me to it. Better than raising her husband trope

    1. I agree, I feel they are the most compatible. Also, he’s the one she goes to for help.