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Imperial Family


Cosa, who was looking back and forth between Mirania and Grecan with weary eyes, suddenly turned to Grecan.


“You must never, ever enter the party and ignore people as you did to Her Majesty!”




“They’re as sharp as swords as Her Majesty the Empress.”




“Both His Highness the Crown Prince and His Majesty the Emperor!”




“Of course, you won’t even have a chance to meet those two, but I’m saying this just in case. It’s really just in case, why do I keep getting anxious?”


Such words could not have inspired Mirania. Grecan even leaned his head on Mirania’s shoulder with languid eyes, showing an expression of what kind of dog he was.


“If she’s the Empress, why is she coming from that direction? Wasn’t the Imperial palace on the other side?”


“I know that she was staying at the Duke’s residence until recently.”


“Is that all?”


Cosa hesitantly spoke at Mirania’s weary gaze.


“They don’t get along very well, so she often leaves.”


“If she wants the throne, she shouldn’t leave the imperial palace empty.”


“I don’t know about the story behind it. Rumor has it that many enlisted men are managing the Duke’s residence.”


Of course, Mirania stared at the pointed roof of the imperial palace, which was getting closer and closer, listening to Cosa’s words, emphasizing that it was just a rumor.


‘I think it’d be better to take Alice back before getting caught up in trouble.’


I don’t know if I should hope for Alice’s special relationship with the Crown Prince or not. It’s a headache.


When Mirania’s party entered the party hall, many of them had already been present and were having a conversation with friends.


One by one, people’s gazes were drawn to the entryway.


At first, only one or two individuals looked their way, but even those who turned their heads to get something were unable to divert their gaze away from the entrance.


Mirania took a look around and locked eyes with one of them.


She raised an eyebrow as she stared at the man who looked at her with a slightly embarrassed flush face.


‘What is it?’


It was not easy to ignore not one or two people, but dozens of others.


Mirania turned her head as she saw their gaze shift next to her. People’s eyes went to Grecan and stopped.




As if the collar covering his neck felt stuffy, Grecan smoothed it and unbuttoned the top button.


When he put on the ready-to-wear that he had worn at the dress shop yesterday, it looked ridiculous because the chest was tight, and the sleeves were short.


Grecan, who has a good height than an average adult, seemed to be looking down at people just by slightly lowering his gaze.


He didn’t like to wear his hair up, so his hair, which lay naturally, gently brushed across his forehead.


Slightly tanned skin, big eyes, tall and sharp nose, and thick pink lips harmonized, catching people’s attention.


But it was his cold eyes that piqued everyone’s interest the most.


Although he was not dazzlingly beautiful or like the sophisticated gentlemen of society, the somewhat rough atmosphere that surrounded him was unique to the aristocrats.


‘Grecan was wearing fine clothes, so why are they glancing at him?’


Of course, Mirania thought it was because Grecan’s clothes were strange.


Noticing Mirania’s suspicious gaze, Grecan looked back at her.


Grecan’s dull eyes brightened.




There was a gulp, a swallowing sound somewhere.


Mirania, who only then realized the meaning of their gaze, let out a blank laugh without even realizing it.


Grecan curiously asked, “Why are you laughing?”


Mirania looked straight ahead and nodded her head.






“I think you’ve grown a lot,” said Mirania.


“Huh? What are you talking about?”




Refusing to respond to the repeated questions that he did not understand, Mirania glanced around.


The individual who appeared to be Alice had not yet been identified.


“After all, my eyes weren’t wrong. I thought it was all ruined a while ago.”


Cosa, who had an unplanned encounter with the Empress, grew green and proud like a rain-soaked plant.


During this short period, she had already received inquiries from quite a few aristocrats about Mirania and her companion and was very encouraged by promoting the salon to them.


“Do you have anything you want to eat? Eat as much as you like.”


Cosa smiled lightly and pointed at the food and drink, then lowered her voice to whisper.


“But you have to eat a little. Meeting people is more important than eating here.”


“I had no intention of eating anything anyway,” said Mirania.


As Mirania held a drink in her hand, Grecan did the same and put it between his fingers.


In the meantime, people who knew Cosa came closer


“Cosa, long time no see.”


“Oh, my lady! Long time no see! I heard that you are busy preparing for your engagement. Please stop by the salon with your fiancé. I’m always waiting for you at the salon.”


“All right.”


The woman who passed on Cosa’s hospitality with a smile turned to Grecan and Mirania. Interestingly, her eyes sparkled.


“There aren’t many people I don’t know, but these are new faces I haven’t seen before?”


“He is from a foreign country. Very precious, you know?” answered Cosa.


When Cosa smiled strangely and spoke softly, the woman blinked, then smiled and nodded.


“I know. I think I met someone special, I…”


Cosa’s resourcefulness wasn’t bad, and people who recognized her crept up to greet her and talked to be introduced.


Jumping like a fish in water, Cosa boasted Mirania and Grecan while also promoting her own salon.


Mirania slowly scanned the surroundings, overhearing the conversation between Cosa and the people.


As if the party hadn’t started in earnest yet, not even the Prime Minister, let alone a member of the imperial family, was nowhere to be seen.


‘It’s boring to wait.’


After passing the time by sipping drinks, Cosa, who was dealing with people, opened her lips again.


The moment when Mirania turned her head to find the source of the commotion in a sudden uproar, Grecan grabbed her by the elbow.


Grecan pulled Mirania’s body.


“Oh my gosh, Miss Mirania!”


The fazed-over Cosa pointed to the seat of honor, covering her mouth.


“ T– the Princess!”


“It’s not even the Crown Prince, so why are you acting like that with the Princess? You make a fuss about everything.”


“It’s not like that.”


Cosa blinked and mumbled in astonishment, “Is that Malandor over there?”


“What are you talking about? Why is Malandor suddenly…”


Malandor came into Mirania’s eyes as she replied and turned to where Cosa pointed.


To be precise, she saw Malandor wearing more fancy garments next to the Princess in a fancy dress.


“His not even His Highness’ the Crown Prince? Who is that man?”


“No matter who he is, he’s a gentleman who makes it impossible to take your eyes off of him.”


On behalf of those who curtailed, Cosa spoke to Mirania.


“Where did he get those clothes?”


Dressed in a tight-fitting banquet garment and dragging a long, glossy cloak, Malandor had red hair neatly brushed up.


His gleaming features did not make it difficult to hold people’s attention.


“Besides, when did you become Her Highness’s partner again?”


Cosa muttered as if she couldn’t guess even with her extraordinary skills.


When Cosa looked at Mirania as if asking for an answer, Mirania replied with an expression that there was nothing to be surprised about.


“That’s just the way he is.”


“What does that mean?”


“It’s a sincere greeting from an eccentric person.”




Cosa made a face as if she finally realized.


The Princess smiled shyly at those who asked about her partner.


Mirania clicked her tongue. The Princess had the same expression and eyes, similar to those of many slaves who were fascinated by Malandor’s magic and claimed to be his slaves.


Malandor, who managed to escape from people’s attention, approached Mirania.


Ignoring the wary Grecan, he hugs Mirania tightly. 


Sparks immediately flew from the Princess’ eyes.


Mirania clicked her tongue.


“Are you surprised that I suddenly disappeared? It’s been so long that I’m tearing up,” said Malandor.


“I saw you last night.”


Mirania, neither surprised nor tearful, pushed Malandor’s forehead with her fingers before Grecan snarled and rushed at him.


“You don’t know how worried I was that something might happen to my Mirania in the short time I was gone. Wolf Boy won’t be of any help.”


Mirania, who was staring at Malandor, who pretended to draw tears out of worry, spat out.


“Why did you go there all of a sudden?”


The word ‘dark world’ was omitted. For the people of the second continent, the world that was stranger than the first continent was the Dark World.


No one would understand if I said it, but there was no need to ask questions.


Malandor rolled his eyes with a frown and pointed at his clothes.


“I wanted to bring this. It’s a long-awaited party, but I really don’t like the clothes they have offered.”


Then he bowed to Mirania and whispered, “It’s made of dragon skin. Isn’t it cool?”


“No wonder I felt such unlucky energy. You went around doing nonsense.”


“Mirania is very, very nice to talk to.”


Smiling, Malandor snapped his fingers, exclaiming “Ah!”


“In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about whether there’s anything that can help my Mirania. We just follow around without thinking, and I have to differentiate myself from someone who doesn’t help at all.”


No matter how he heard it, the words pointing to Grecan left a deep wrinkle between Grecan’s blunt eyebrows.


Mirania watched them closely, fearing that Grecan would attack Malandor, but Grecan only glared at Malandor and pulled Mirania back.


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