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“The Duke sent someone to ask if we would like to have tea together.”




Recently, I have been drinking tea with the Duke of Sorpel quite often. I enjoyed refreshments with him whenever I stopped by the office to drop off flowers.

As it was not a bad phenomenon, Camila welcomed the time she spent with him. She had to somehow increase the amount of time they spent together to make her more likeable.

“Come on in.”


But why is that guy here?

Having come to visit the Duke, Camila could see one person had arrived before herself, spending time with the Duke.

“You’re here?”

It was Ravi.

“What are you doing? Come sit over here.”

Disgusting bastard.

Camila clicked her tongue at the sight of Ravi smiling and inviting her to sit down, which was so unlike him when the two of them were alone.

‘He looks to be in a good mood?’

Ravi’s expression as she was drinking her tea looked brighter than usual. Was there anything good going on?

Come to think of it, she was suspicious of something. He was the type of guy who would spend his time separately with the Duke Sorpel, without having to drink tea with her.



As expected, Ravi put down the teacup as if he had something to say. He could be seen trying to hold back his laughter.

“This time, I had the chance to present my thesis.”


So, it’s that day.

Camila immediately understood what was going on. This was something that always happened whenever she looked at this world.

The Mage Tower selects those who have performed well once a year and makes a presentation at a gathering of numerous wizards. It was a very honorable and important position for wizards.

‘It’s understandable that even this little fox can’t control his expression in front of the duke.’

It was very visible that he was proud.

But what about? Camila clicked her tongue internally.

‘Any moment now.’

She glanced at the door.


Then, as if waiting, someone hurriedly opened the door and entered. The one who had forgotten to knock and entered was none other than Jackter, the Duke’s aide.

“My Duke!”

His face was bright as if he would burst into a big smile at any moment.

“What is going on?”

“It’s a big win! Big win!”


“The news is that Sir Ludeville has finally found the base of the rebels and wiped them out!”


“With a strategy that Sir Ludeville himself had set up!”

“Is that so!”

Duke Sorpel jumped up from his seat and smiled brightly. The war against the rebels, which had been bothering him for a long time, had finally come to an end.

“Yes! A report has now been made to the imperial family first! His Majesty the Emperor was also very pleased and sent a personal letter to Sir Ludville himself!”

“Ha… haha!”

“That’s our general. Haha!”

Duke Sorpel and Jackter looked at each other, and laughed together for a long time.

‘That’s how it goes.’

Camila clicked her tongue once more inside her, and turned her head slightly to look at Ravi.

The atmosphere around him, unlike a little while ago, was subdued. He tried to stay calm, but his fingertips were trembling slightly.

‘What did you expect again?’

It’s always been this way.

‘A guy with no luck.’

Ludeville, the duke’s first son, was not doing this purposefully. It’s just that Ravi was always so damn unlucky.

‘It’s even sadder that the presentation and celebration party are on the same day.’

The presentation of the magic tower by Ravi, and the victory celebration party by Ludeville were, so unluckily, to be held again on the same day.

Of course, it was inevitable that everyone in the duchy would focus on the victory celebration party rather than the presentation.

“I will make my leave, Father.”

“Hmm? Why? We should stay a little longer.”

“No. I have something to do, Father.”

“Sure, sure.”

Duke Sorpel saw off Ravi as he stood up with a pleasant smile.

“Me too.”

Camila also slipped up and left her office. Meanwhile, Duke Sorpel and Jackter were busy exchanging laughter.



The moment the office door closed, Ravi’s face sank coldly. He bit his lip softly.

He thought that this time he would get proper recognition from Father!

‘I guess all this effort was for naught?’

For several months, he had been wasting his time on such useless research. Did he just have to learn combat magic and walk around the battlefield?


“Brother, you are more amazing than I thought.”

At that moment when I was feeling more and more depressed, a familiar voice pierced his ears.

“Doing presentations and all.”

Camila, who approached Ravi before he knew it, was looking at him with her eyes wide open.

“Are you teasing me?”

“I’m serious?”


“That’s something that only wizards with really good results and hard work can do.”

“What do you know……!”


“Great job.”


After patting her on the shoulder lightly, Ravi stared blankly at Camila passing by.

“Why is she really like that these days?”


* * *


“Miss! This suits you so well too!”

“How… This is the first time I’ve ever seen this outfit fit you so well!”

The dress designer, who had come to visit the duke’s household, and the ladies-in-waiting attending were busy praising Camila.

Camila listened to their mouths and checked her own reflection in her mirror.

‘It looks pretty even to me.’

The sunset-red dress, contrasted with Camila’s particularly pale white skin, gave her a very peculiar charm.

“Lady Camila will be the most beautiful at this party!”

The Duke’s family was distracted by the sudden party preparations. It was because the duke’s first son, Ludeville, would return soon after winning a great victory over the rebels.

‘Another party already.’

Isn’t it normal to put those returning from the battlefield to rest?

Camila shook her head at the sight of them preparing a party for the day Ludville returned.

‘Well, I guess this is part of politics.’

On the day of the party, a festival was also scheduled to be held inside the estate. It seemed that this time, the Duke of Sorpel’s household—especially Ludville—was to publicize the achievements they had made.

In addition, she heard that such parties and festivals were necessary to calm down the sadness and pain for those who had died on the battlefield.

“The jewels are so pretty too!”

The jewelry prepared along with the dress were all unique and beautiful in design.

“I’ll make it really beautiful that day!”

Camila grinned at Donna, who clenched her fists.


Certainly, it would have been nice to stand out a little that day.

“Just don’t get into any accidents.”

Then, a cold voice rang out. Turning around, she could see Ravi was standing there with a disapproving expression.

“Why are you coming here and nagging?”

“You have a history. Your last party…….”

“I get it.”


“I admit it. I was prone to grabbing people’s hair once.”

Ravi’s eyebrows furrowed even more at the sight of Camila wiggling her hands as if grabbing at someone’s hair.

She has definitely gotten weird.

In the past, wouldn’t she get red with anger or depressed at such words? But now, instead, she laughed.

“Brother, have you had your clothes tailored?”

“What clothes?”

Ravi’s face hardened quickly. Is she asking me if I’m dressed for that victory party?

Have you forgotten what happened to me that day?

“What to wear at the presentation.”

“…it’s okay.”

Then, at Camila’s words, Ravi brusquely turned his head away – it was to hide his shock.

‘You’re crazy.’

she was bewildered. The fact that he had assumed that Camila had completely forgotten his own business, that he had even assumed that even she wouldn’t care about the recital, embarrassed him.

Whether she forgets it or not, what does it matter to me!

“People will compare you.”

“It’s okay. What’s so important about clothes?”

“Whatever. I said what I said.”

“Why, shouldn’t you be the one thinking of not doing something embarrassing at the party-……!”


Fiddle fiddle.


I’m tired.

Ravi let out a small sigh and left her room. He didn’t even know why he was here.

Camila turned her attention away from Ravi and checked out the other dresses and jewelry.


* * *


“Hey, Ravi.”

On the day of the presentation. Ravi hurriedly left his house early in the morning, headed for the mage tower, finished all his preparations in his own laboratory, and entered the presentation hall.

“… … .”

As Ravi stepped inside, a person quickly approached him. The one who approached her with a smile on his face was Gile, who was also going to present today.

He couldn’t figure out why the guy who always glared at him suddenly pretended to be friendly.

“Did you prepare well?”

“Yeah, roundabouts.”

“I’m sure you did, someone like you.”

“What do you want to say?”

At Ravi’s question, Gile’s smile grew even wider.

“My parents are over there.”

Pretended to be friendly, Gile put his arm around Ravi’s shoulder, and pointed out where the people were sitting.

“That’s my sister.”

They looked like his family to anyone who was watching. Among them, the one who seemed to be her younger sister was quite beautiful, and was getting a lot of attention from the men around her.

“Who is coming to your house today? Are you all coming? Looks like no one has come yet.”

It was only then that Ravi was able to understand his intentions at the sight of the guy looking around and smiling proudly.

“I bet no one is coming, right? If you had a family, they would have come to such an important occasion.”

He obviously knew everything, and it was clear that he was doing this on purpose, having already heard what had happened today.

“What? Is there really no one coming?”

Ravi wasn’t even angry at Gile’s behavior, who was feigning surprise with his whole body as if he had no idea. Impudent child.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“What do you mean? It’s because I feel so sorry for my friend who couldn’t even invite his family to such an important event.”

“… … .”

“That’s it.”

Gile’s voice lowered.

“The real son is back, he probably doesn’t have much to do with a fake son.”


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