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That incident worked out well, but not everything went well.

‘Being a subject of sympathy is never good.’

For any actor, it is best to maintain a clean public image, clean as a white sheet of paper. Because no matter what role you take on, you have to make sure people can focus on that role.

If people couldn’t concentrate on the role an actor plays and sympathize with them by thinking of the actor in real life, it is difficult for that actor to survive for a long time.

‘Of course, I managed to survive that ordeal.’

She took on the role of an ultra-villain, took all kinds of hate from the viewing public, and swept all the awards that year.

‘Anyway, to conclude…….’

The fact was that she and Camilla, were very similar, in that neither received proper love from their parents or those around them.

Camilla, too, did not receive any love from her mother. It was the same for her brother, Ravi.

It was even worse after she entered the duchy. Because everyone there treated her like she was no one.

‘Ah, there’s an exception.’

Handmaid Donna.

At least that child had been sincere with Camilla for a long time. To an astounding extent, really.

‘Of course, except for Donna, everyone had the same attitude toward Camilla.’

She herself had never been particularly friendly with the people around her, besides her parents.

She always never got closer than a certain distance. Even though she showed a crush on him, when he got close to him, he felt awkward and distanced himself.

If he hadn’t been an actor, he might have lived a life no different from Camilla’s. Had he not gone mad, thirsting for the affection of others?

‘Like Camilla did…….’

Camilla held back what she wanted to say and always looked out for her family. She only wanted one thing.

Affection. the love of her family.

The reason why she did what Ravi told her to do unconditionally, and the reason why she kept her position until the end even in the face of food she couldn’t eat… because it was all painful.

The desire to be with her family even a little bit. A heart that does not want to be abandoned by them.

‘Because I at least had the love of the public as an actor.’

Even if it was the empty affection of people who only liked her outward appearance, that was enough for her.

But she had no one for Camilla.

Was that so? Even when her frustration and irritation welled up, she supported her life every time because she was very similar to Camilla.

I know all too well the pain of dying at the hands of her family.

The reason she came here was because she was worried about Ravi, who would be alone among her other family members. like she used to be.

“Hey, what are you thinking?”

“… … !”

Camilla, who was momentarily immersed in her memories of the past, was unknowingly startled by Ravi’s voice that she heard again.

“what? Why are you so surprised?”

“no… … .”

Ravi, who looked at her Camilla in silence for a moment, turned around as it was. She then moved ahead of her and headed towards the entrance of the presentation hall.


Did you come here for nothing?

A small sigh escaped her lips as Camilla turned to Ravi as she always turned away from herself. It was an expected reaction, but for some reason, today I lost all my energy.

‘Can I keep going?’

Is it possible to do that among such cold-hearted people? Maybe she is becoming more and more isolated and crazy like Camilla.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“… … ?”

Camilla’s gaze, which stood blankly for a moment, turned forward. Ravi, who had walked earlier, was looking at her again.

“Aren’t you going?”

“… … .”

“come fast.”

Seeing Ravi waiting for her for the first time, Camilla was speechless for a while. Then she walked up to him with a faint smile and a little quicker step.

“Brother, you know what?”

“You know what?”

“My brother’s front head is prettier than the back of her head.”

“… What is he saying now?”

Camilla’s laughter got a little louder as she saw Ravi making her absurd expression.

Chapter. Ludeville Sorpel




“It is quiet.”

The duke’s house was quiet enough to make me wonder if it was the place where the party was held yesterday.

As always, when Camilla came out to pick her flowers for Duke Sorpell’s office, she could feel the quieter atmosphere in the house than usual.

‘He’s trying to give me a good rest.’

She seemed to be considerate of Rude Bill, who returned home after a long absence from the war. Everyone in the house is holding their breath so that he can get some rest.

‘Couldn’t they be blamed for yesterday’s incident?’

Camilla and Ravi returned home late in the evening yesterday. When she said to go in after dinner, Ravi readily nodded her head for some reason.

‘I must have hated it myself.’

It was clear that he did not want to join himself in the party where all the admirers of Loudeville were gathered.

When the two of them, who spent as much time outside as possible, returned home, the party was ending to some extent.

Still, unlike Ravi, who said he had to say hello to her and went to her party space, Camilla headed straight to her own room. She made the excuse that she was too tired for the butler and didn’t have the energy to greet her.

‘I’m still ready… … .’

To be honest, it was very embarrassing. To face Ludeville, the first son of this family… … .

‘Because I died the most at his hands.’

Her heart was stabbed and her throat was cut… … . died at his hands in various ways. It was difficult to count the number of times.

‘It was like that when I first met Duke Sorpel, too.’

Because I was always dragged down the path of death by his orders, I was sweating the moment I first faced Duke Sorpel.

Her fingertips trembled and the pounding of her heart pounded in her ears. It seemed as if a sound would come out of his mouth at any moment.

‘Still, even his expression can be read.’

Duke Sorepel is also on the cold side, but he doesn’t like it, he likes it, and his anger and liking are visible.

But Ludeville, this person was completely unknown.

‘I’d say he’s a guy who plays just the way he looks.’

As for what he looks like… … .


I don’t know.

Camilla let out her long sigh and began to pick her flowers again. It’s impossible to mend her relationship with her rude Bill.

‘Only one person should dig it.’

Even if he abandons Ludeville, he won’t die as long as he somehow holds on to Duke Sorpel’s heart!

‘Isn’t it true that he won’t die?’


“Let’s pick some flowers.”

Did it rain in the morning? The ground was moist.

As Camilla looked at her slippery ground and at the shoes she was wearing, she let out a sigh of relief.

‘Should I develop and sell sneakers?’

Now she was wearing shoes that were quite heeled, something Camilla could never find comfortable. She had the lowest heels of all the shoes she had, but she was very uncomfortable walking on the dirt road after the rain.


In the end, Camilla’s foot slipped on her rain-soaked soil. however.


That’s about it. Camilla put on a proud expression.

She lives as a popular actress and she often walks on the runway. She was never at the level of a top model in the world, but she was ranked as the most fashion show actress in Korea.

‘The 15cm heels were very basic.’

She is herself as she wears high heels and walks on the stage as slippery as her glass, displaying her facial expressions. This is her sense of balance. Gum.

Camilla, who grinned as she ran her hand through her tousled hair, turned her head away at the strange gaze she felt at the moment. She then froze as she did.

“… … .”

Hair as white as snow. His blue eyes are even more striking. A sharp jawline that looks like it could cut paper.

An expressionless expression that matches everything so well.


Camilla barely held back her swear words that were about to burst inside her.

What kind of sudden encounter is this? She knew that today she would be forced to face her, but not this early in the morning!

Standing in front of Camilla was Ludeville.

‘But what are you doing?’

Camilla, who had swallowed her dry saliva for a moment in her nervousness, soon turned her questioning gaze to him.

Ludeville’s posture was a little strange. The fact that one of her hands and feet is sticking out, as if she had just stopped moving after running… … .

“… … ?”

“… … .”

It was Rude Bill who first turned her gaze after looking at her for a while. He moved her steps without saying anything and was about to leave the place.

“Oh, brother.”

Camilla hurriedly called Ludeville.

No matter how much she thought of selling only the Duke of Sorpel, wouldn’t there be no need to pretend to be with Ludeville? It’s good to get along well without touching his planting.

Camilla strides toward Loudeville, who looks back at herself. She still tried to keep a smile on her lips as much as she could, though his nonchalant gaze made her heart tremble.


She then put the flowers she was holding into his arms. I felt like I had to squeeze something to break this awkward air.

“It’s a welcome gift.”

Camilla smiled as brightly as she could.

“… … .”

She smiled really brightly.

“… … .”

very bright… isn’t this

‘why? what? They look good together.’

After all, men are flowers!

With that beauty and even holding a flower, it’s so gorgeous that it’s dazzling. I can’t be dazzled… I have to run away.


Did you give me flowers for nothing?

“Well then, see you later.”

Camilla shook her hand roughly before she hurried away.

“… … .”

Ludeville still looked at Camilla, who disappeared as if running away, with indifferent eyes.



The butler Rube, who was walking down the hallway, widened his eyes when he saw Ludeville walking from the other side.

“What flower is it?”

Ludeville walking with a full of white gypsophila in his arms was enough to catch the attention of others. Everyone who faced him holding flowers was in a fright.

‘A flower, a flower?’

‘Ludeville is a flower?!’

It was the same with Ruby. He wasn’t as shocked as the others, but he was a little surprised. However, the person concerned was very unconcerned.

“I got it.”


This time, Rube also opened his mouth blankly. How dare any man of great stature dare to give flowers to Ludeville and not to anyone else?

‘for a moment… … .’

mist flower?

Rube looked at the flower Ludeville was holding with new eyes. I could guess who he got the flowers from.

“Give me this. I will listen.”

“… … .”


“it’s okay.”


“It’s mine.”

“No, I don’t mean to take it away… … .”

“This is the first time.”

“Is this your first time?”

“That child… … .”

“… … ?”

“… … .”

Rube waited for Ludeville’s next words.

that buck


But Ludeville has nothing more to say.


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  1. This is in no way shape or form a complaint, I’m just looking for confirmation. Rude bill is loudeville/lord ville and Ruby is Ravi right?