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“… … .”

“Please save me!”

Tears flowed nonstop from the eyes of the woman who appeared to be in her late teens.

It was very pathetic to see her beg for her life, but there was no emotion in the man’s face when he saw it.

No, I could only find one emotion.


A cold look of contempt for her

“Take her away.”

“Ah, Father!”

As soon as the man’s words fell, several knights who were nearby came and grabbed her.

Although dragged by the hands of the knights, she continued to cry for help. But no one listened to her.

Not only the knights, but the eyes of those around her who looked at her were the same. pity and ridicule.

After a while, a new person approached her. He is a young man who appears to be in his early 20s.


The man also had a cold look in his eyes towards her.

“My, I was wrong!”

“… … .”

The man looked at her silently for a moment as she was banging her head on the ground, begging for forgiveness, then pulled out the sword he was wearing around his waist.

“fath… … !”


‘Ha… what!’

Sia opened her eyes and immediately placed her hand on her chest.

A sigh of relief flowed out of my heart, which was still beating.

‘Still, today is not the guillotine.’

Should I be happy about this? Sia sighed briefly. I suddenly remembered the first time I experienced this phenomenon.

‘Was I five then?’

The day the incident occurred I saw a ghost for the first time that day.

‘Mom… … .’

My mother who died next to me.

From the day I saw my mother disappear after looking at me with a slightly sad but relieved look, I was able to see other ghosts as well.


Seeing ghosts is like that.

‘But what is this really?’

It was also around that time that Sia experienced this phenomenon. I experienced this for the first time shortly after my mother died.

‘It’s not a dream.’

It wasn’t a dream, it just happened occasionally when I closed my eyes. As if being sucked into another world, a new world unfolded before my eyes.

‘The first scene I saw was … .’


It was just being stabbed by a sword. Just like that

‘My heart … .’

No, that woman’s heart.

She had been unable to say anything for a while after waking up to the eerie sensation that felt as if she had been possessed by her.

That was the beginning.

After that, often when I closed my eyes, I was sucked into a strange world. Then she lived the same life over and over again.

There, Sia is always the same woman. A woman who looks like a noblewoman of the Middle Ages! That woman, in a word.

‘It’s dark.’

It’s depressing!

She doesn’t speak much, and her expression is gloomy. Still, her pride as a nobleman was extremely high and she could hardly stand being ignored or neglected.

At first, I was very annoyed at the sight of a woman who screams and acts violently when angry. Because the end of such a woman was always the same.


In the hands of those who appear to be her brothers.

In the hands of the man who appears to be her father.

Or, she was taken to the guillotine and decapitated in front of thousands of people watching.

‘That feeling is … .’

It is horrible.

It started when she was five years old and has been watching it for over 20 years, but she is still not used to the moment of death.

Please stop dying, live a little differently.

At the moment of death, seeing a woman who goes back to the past and repeats the same life, Sia went beyond irritation and now felt compassion.

Maybe it’s because she goes into that woman’s body every time and keeps watching her life? Gradually, a desire for women’s happiness began to arise. However.


The woman also died today.

“Sis… .”

After closing her eyes during the waiting time for a short filming, she was dragged into a strange world, she spit out abusive language inwardly.

Damn… really annoying

“Sister, are you okay? Did you have another nightmare?”

It’s Jihyun who recently cleaned up her grandmother’s house and returned to work. She said that she had found close to 30 million won under the persimmon tree, and said she was grateful, bringing tears to her eyes.

It is said that she cried for a few more days at the thought of her grandmother who saved up without even spending any of the money .

Anyway, Jihyun, who came back after calming her heart, hurriedly approached me with a surprised look and asked. It was because Sia, who had not moved as if sleeping, was suddenly sweating.

“… It’s a nightmare.”

“Look at the sweat. I’ll put makeup on again.”


Sia sighed and closed her eyes again, feeling Jihyun’s familiar touch.

“… … !”

But Sia had to quickly open her eyes again.


“… … .”

“What’s wrong?”

Jihyun asked with a bewildered expression at the sight of Sia, whose complexion suddenly became paler. But Sia had no energy to answer her question.

‘What, what?’

This is because the moment I closed my eyes, the same scene from a while ago was immediately followed.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before … .

After experiencing this once, it was quiet for a few days. But this time I closed my eyes and saw it again.

Is it because the woman is dead?

First time. To see the world without being possessed by a woman’s body.

The women and Sia’s eyes, who were bleeding and dying, met.

“… … .”

Seeing her eyes full of resentment and sadness, Sia couldn’t release her frozen expression for a while.


* * *


“There… Sia.”


“Go to sleep.”

“It’s okay.”

I’m not okay

Manager Hyunsuk, who looked at Sia, gave an awkward smile. The figure of Sia sitting with her red, bloodshot eyes wide open was terrifying.

As soon as I entered the waiting room, I was told to close my eyes, but for some reason,I gave more strength to my eyes.

It’s still a bit creepy when you sit with your big eyes wide open.

“There is more than an hour left to finish the last scene.”

“I know.”

“Get some sleep.”

That’s enough.

Finally, the manager Hyunsuk gently shook his head. I don’t know what’s wrong with her today.

‘I want to close my eyes too.’

I want to sleep!

Sia was also well aware of how important it was to sleep at such a short and brief time in a situation where filming continued all night.


For some reason, I didn’t think I should do that today. Sia sighed quietly, recalling the scene she saw during the day today,  the last dead woman’s eyes.

‘It’s better to play with the ghosts with broken heads.’

I didn’t want to see it again.

Until now, I have seen many terrible things through various ghosts. However, I’ve never felt afraid when I saw such ghosts.

As long as you are not afraid,  it is very rare for ghosts to physically harm humans.

By the way… … .


The moment I saw the resentful eyes of the dead woman, I was strangely horrified.

Not once or twice I’ve seen her die.

‘Today was a little different.’

Those eyes seemed to be looking at me.

Sia didn’t want to see that figure again, that looked in her eyes. My heart was pounding for some reason, and it felt like something sharp was stabbing my whole body.


That’s not it.

Although the life of a woman is frustrating and sad, it was not heartbreaking to that extent.

Because I have already seen her death countless times for over 20 years… No, we went through it together.

Just the last look I saw her today. Those eyes stayed in my mind and I couldn’t forget them.


“Three members of a family were found dead in an apartment in Daegu. Suffering from the hardships of life, Mr. A committed suicide after killing his wife and six-year-old son… .』


“That… … .”

Then the news came out on the TV that was turned on in the waiting room. People’s eyes naturally turned to the TV where the sad story was flowing.

Manager Hyunsuk, who was standing next to Sia, also had a sad expression on his face.

“… … .”

Sia also glanced at the TV. 

A single basement room in which the family had died was appearing on the screen. It was a scene that clearly showed that he died because he could not overcome the hardships of life.

“How hard it must have been… tsk.”

“Is it okay if it’s hard?”


Hyunsuk, who had been speaking to himself unknowingly, was startled by the soft voice he heard for a moment.

“Then die alone.”

The expression and tone of Sia, who had her eyes fixed on the TV, were very dull. However, when he remembered one thing, he couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

“Hey there, Sia.”

“What’s wrong with that kid?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Hyunsuk wanted to turn off the TV, but he couldn’t find the damn remote control.

“Still, that person called father even died with them.”

Looking at the smirking Sia, Hyunsuk finally unplugged the TV cable altogether. Then he looks back at her with an awkward expression. But Sia still couldn’t take her eyes off the TV that was turned off.

“Sia, it’s okay… … .”

“Sia, please prepare.”

Just as Hyunsuk was about to talk to him again, the filming staff came to the waiting room.


After taking a short sigh inwardly, Sia took her eyes off the TV and slowly got up from her seat.

‘I don’t like it…’

Struggling to hold back the sigh that leaked out of her mouth, Sia headed to the filming set.

Work is so bad today. Maybe it’s because I’ve been with the ghosts for a long time? There were times when I really felt like this. Feeling like something is going to go wrong? On such a day, no matter how big or small, something always happened.

On days like this, it’s good to just go home and rest.

“Are you both ready?”

A romantic comedy drama about the romance between a handsome and talented young boss and his secretary. It wasn’t particularly difficult either. It was a scene where she attended a party as the male protagonist’s partner and took care of him as a secretary.



While filming the scene where the male lead, who has a picky taste, as a secretary, checks the food that he cannot eat, she lifted her head at the unfamiliar noise.

“Oh my god!”


The moment you raise your head, you hear the screams of people.

“… … !”

Sia sees the luxurious chandelier falling over her head….

 No, when I saw a ghost hanging over it, I blacked out.


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