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“uh… … .”

Come on!

‘You damn ghost!’

I take it back!

‘I take back saying that ghosts do not physically harm humans!’

How long have I been out? Sia slowly opened her eyes as she felt that her body was very heavy like cotton soaked in water.

As soon as I came back to my senses, I felt resentment toward the ghost who was hanging on the chandelier.

The chandelier won’t fall on my head  if it wasn’t for that ghost!

In anticipation of the worst case of the cancellation of the show, Sia carefully touched her face. For an actor, the face is as important as his acting ability. To make sure my beauty is intact… Well?

‘Something strange.’

The heavy and sharp thing fell over my head, and it was less painful than I thought, no, not painful at all.

Did the chandelier get out of the way or something?’

Fortunately, my face looked fine. There was no bandage, and there was no particular pain. 

by the way.

‘Where am I?’

It didn’t look like a hospital.

In the past, I collapsed from overwork and was hospitalized in a special room, but even the best private room was not this spacious.

Besides, what the hell is that luxurious curtain that floats in the air? What’s with that old-fashioned candlestick?

‘But here… … .’

Something a bit familiar? Feeling unfamiliar yet very familiar?

‘By the way, why is nobody there?’

There must be someone around to ask about the situation, but even if I looked around, I could not find anyone at all.

‘Wow… It’s really too much.’

A person has fallen How can there be no one? Where the hell did Hyunsuk oppa go?

Sia moved slowly. Fortunately, there did not appear to be any abnormalities in the body. There was no particular pain other than feeling a little heavy.


Sia, who raised her upper body, looked at the hem of her sleeves flowing down.

What sleeves have these laces on them? Is this a hospital gown?

Clicking her tongue at the sense of putting an injured person in such uncomfortable clothes, Sia completely got up.

“… … !”

But Sia had to sit down again in a hurry. It was because her whole body felt like he was being crushed by something, along with a feeling of dizziness.

Realizing that her body was definitely not normal, Sia let out a small sigh. Fortunately, the dizziness soon disappeared.

Knock, knock.

Then a person entered with a knock. It was a young woman in her late teens.

By the way… … .


Seeing the woman’s face, Sia’s eyes widened.

“Oh my, lady. You woke up.”

Sia, who had a blank expression for a moment, opened her mouth very slowly.


Oh my god!

After waking up, Sia who spoke properly for the first time opened her mouth blankly again.

It wasn’t her own voice. It’s definitely not her voice… No, it’s a very familiar voice.

“Yes, do you have anything to ask, Miss Camila?”

“… … .”


‘Did you just look at me and call me Camila?’

I’m Camila?!

‘Why is that name here?’


The woman she always saw when she closed her eyes, her name was Camila.

2. Camila Sorpel


“Hmm… It’s so pretty.”

Sia gently shook her head as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. This was the first time I had looked at this face in such detail.

Light pink blonde hair and red eyes. Dense little lips. Pure white skin with no blemishes, as if it had been taken care of every day for several years.

With a face like this, why do you have to face all kinds of misfortunes by yourself?

By the way, did I really get hurt?

Usually, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get out of this world, but now there is no sign of that at all.

“My body moves the way I want”

She wiggled her hands a bit. Rock Paper Scissors. Hmm, why are you moving … .

So far, Sia has been only an observer. She could watch what Camila was going through, but she couldn’t interfere.

But now, everything was moving according to her will. Words and actions are everything.

After staring intently at the mirror for a long time, something suddenly crossed her mind.

Then, when the chandelier fell over his head, a ghost was hanging there.

It was such an urgent moment, so I couldn’t look closely, but at first glance, it seemed that the face of the ghost was Sia, her own.

“Ah, maybe.”

That’s absurd. Does it make sense that he didn’t die then and that his soul was visible in front of his eyes?

Sia, no, Camila gently shook her head. Every time she shook her head, her pink blonde hair swayed gently.


“… … ?”

Then the door swung open without knocking, and someone strode inside.

‘That man… .’

It was a face he knew all too well. How do you not know that face?

He was a man with a handsome appearance that even a woman with an excellent aesthetic would admire.


He frowned as he called out to Camila in a voice full of irritation.

“I told you to come out on time for breakfast.”

“… … .”

“Follow me.”

He turned around without hearing an answer. He looked confident that he wouldn’t resist even the slightest bit of rebellion.

Camila looked at him silently for a moment, then slowly stood up from her seat. The corners of her lips rose slowly.

‘okay… … .’

I don’t know  why but…

‘I really wanted to do something if I saw you.’

Step-, step- ,step-

Come on!

Camila’s steps toward the man grew faster and faster. At the end, she looked as if running … .


Sounds good.

“… … !”

Camila smiled brighter than ever at the man who was hit in the head with all her might as he widened his eyes.




* * *


Sorpel Dukedom.

Where Camila lives. As a child, when she was seven, her mother remarried. Thanks to that, she became one of the few dukes in the empire at once.

The person who entered the duke’s family with her at that time was that human, Camila’s real brother.

“I’m telling you, I was half asleep.”

“… … .”


What should I do when this guys keep staring at me? I said it was because I wasn’t awake, so what are you going to do?


You should know that you’re lucky that you got hit only once.

Ravi Sorpel. Camila’s older brother and a member of the Magic Tower.

He showed great talent in magic when he was young, and even now he is showing quite outstanding abilities among young wizards.

He has a good character, a good family, and a good ability.

Then what’s wrong?’

For Camilla, that man was not as helpful as the dirt on her nails.

‘Because of him… … .’

She died every time because of that bastard.

Unlike Camila and Ravi, who became one family after remarriage, the real son, Ludville Sorpel, inherited the blood of the real duke.

Same appearance , same swordsmanship,He resembles the Duke of Sorpel as it is, and he is an outstanding figure who will lead the next great duke family.

Ravi, who became competitive with him, began to ruin himself. All of life’s goals began to change to defeat Ludville.

At first, he tried to get the duke’s approval by revealing his skills purely. However, it was by no means easy to defeat him by showing a better ability than Ludville.

It was Ravi who always felt a sense of defeat. Every time he accomplished something, Ludville got even bigger and got in his way.

Then, at some point, the desire to defeat Ludville turned into a twisted jealousy and hatred. In the end, he even tries to assassinate him.

‘That’s the problem.’

He often attracts Camila to his evil deeds.

‘Even then … .’

The last scene she saw.

It is a situation in which she was caught participating in the assassination of his first brother, Ludville, at the command of that bastard, and her head was cut off by his sword.

Before that, there were countless deaths.

The situation was a little different each time, but always the end was to get caught up in what that guy was doing and to die together.

“I’m really sorry.”

‘One more hit in the back of the head.’

I should’ve done it in a row!

“… You must have slept less.”

Ravi was more embarrassed by the fact that he was hit in the head by Camila rather than the pain.

‘What’s with those eyes?’-Ravi

Her mouth was saying sorry, but her eyes were not at all. On the contrary, the feeling that she was angry with himself was conveyed.

Are you angry? That girl?

‘No way.’

Camila is always arrogant and indifferent towards the lower ones, but she can’t even raise her head properly in front of himself or other family members.

Ravi, who knew this all too well, did not say anything else.

“We are late because of you. Follow me quickly.”

“… … .”

Seeing him walking ahead, Camila clenched her fists again. If I hit just one more hit, I think my stomach will feel a little bit cooler.

‘Well, there will be another chance.’

Just wait I’ll give you your fill next time.

I guess there’s the duke at the table today’

Camila, who followed Ravi, kicked her tongue inwardly.

A human who doesn’t usually care what his sister eats, pretended to take care of Camila like this at dinners with the duke.

It seems that he wants to appeal to the duke the image of an older brother who knows how to take care of his sister.

‘It’s very cheap.’


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