Author: Nikss

Chapter 10 : He’s My Real Brother, Duke 

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ

He whispered, twisting his lips strangely.


“It won’t end with kissing the back of your hand.”


What! Are you crazy?


I pursed my lips, but no words came out of my mouth. Our eyes met in the middle.


The dining room became calm, but an alarm was ringing in my head.


In fact, I’ve never been in a relationship in my life.


For me, my heart may explode if I go to the next stage of kissing the back of my hand.


Of course, my heart won’t explode that easily, but…


Just in case, I need to prepare my heart…!


Fortunately, the dinner ended quickly.


When I returned to the Delphinium room, I rolled over the bed hugging my pillow.


‘As a result, I couldn’t hear what the duke said before finishing the dinner. I’m curious about his real name and what kind of beast exactly the duke was. Being someone from outside of Castle of Duke Anais, I don’t know anyone with expertise.


Even in the novel, his information was completely hidden.


All I know was that he’s the most dangerous and mysterious person in the Empire.


Therefore, he was a strong candidate for the final villain.


‘I’ll slowly find out exactly what he is.’


If the Duke was really the final villain, I would have to figure out a way to deal with him, or I’d have to make him an ally who could help me.


I shook my head and briefly organized my thoughts and looked around.


Even the day before yesterday, I was lying alone in a lonely little house.


Three years ago, after separating with my brother who joined the Knights Corps for revenge, I came to the Northern Dukedom by myself.


Hearing all kinds of criticism at the Treatment Center of the North Duchy, I had a hard time working, and waited for a letter from my brother that did not come.


Now, I was lying on the big bed after washing away those memories and softly closing my eyes as I fell asleep.


Was it because I’ve been suffering for so long?


The fluffy bed that I had experienced for the first time in my life was unfamiliar and terribly cozy.


I wriggled my feet under the blanket.


After revenge, I’ll buy 500 wool blankets full of fluffiness.


And I’m going to bury myself in that fluffy blanket.


I’m going to order more than a thousand sorbet and cranachan desserts with a sweet raspberry flavor for the first time today and eat them until my stomach explodes.


(N: Cranachan -scottish dessert made of oats, raspberries,cream,malt,honey etc.)


I mean, really…


‘By the way, it’s about time for the cello to come. I have to write a letter to my brother.’


As I closed my eyes and imagined a happy future with my brother and my nephew whom I haven’t met yet, when I was about to fall asleep, I heard the sound of drizzle falling.


To-tok, tok, tototok…


I quickly opened my eyes at the sound from the window.


It was definitely the sound of a bird knocking on the window with its beak.


When I looked straight at the window, I saw a black bird coming in through a gap that was slightly open.


My brother’s messenger bird, Cello Le de Moore, abbreviated as Cello!


Finally, I can send a letter to my brother.


Starting with [I saved Duke Anais.], then continuing with [Duke Anais, I think he’s a good man.] and ending with [ Please Take care brother.]


‘Except for the story of the imprint with the Duke or the story that I must hold his hand in order to live.’


My brother has been unusually overprotective of me ever since I went missing once and became a beggar when I was a child.


He also paid close attention to my relationship with the opposite sex.


‘Since I can’t make mistakes in writing a letter, let’s say it simply.


As I shuddered, I picked up the quill.


After grabbing the letter, Cello flew out of the window immediately.


‘When will I get a reply?’


Soon I fell asleep thinking that the answer might come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


However, my brother, who loves his younger sister the most in the world, did not make me wait long.


A few hours later, dawn came after a dark night.


At twilight, I suddenly woke up to a faint sound.


As I turned my head, I could see Cello’s bright yellow eyes, beak, and black, glossy soft hair again over the frosty window.


I smiled broadly, keeping my eyes on the bright yellow and round eyes of Cello who squeezed through the gap.


“Cello, you came back fast.”


Cello was wet with morning dew.


He flapped his wings and flew into the bed without much response.


I stroked the feathers of the black bird that came into my arms.


Cello rubbed its head against my hand and squeezed my hand. I laughed because it was so cute.


Then I tapped his beak with my finger.


“Hey Cello, did you bring the letter quickly?”


As if to agree, Cello tapped the back of my hand with his beak.


At the same time, a small basket suddenly appeared on his wing, which was empty.


Every time I saw it, it was an amazing technique.


I checked my brother’s letter that Cello excitedly gave me.




You saved Duke Anais? What’s going on? I want to hear more details, but I’m running out of paper.


Fortunately, I think I can hear it myself.


I’m planning to go to the north soon. I can’t wait to see your face.


We’ll be able to meet very soon.


P.S. Don’t trust Duke Anais too much. He’s not a good person.]


Immediately I took out a new paper and pen, rounded the tip of the pen, and began to write down.


[Okay, I understand… I’ll be waiting for you!]


In fact, I already knew from reading the original story that my brother would come to the Northern Dukedom.


In the original story, my brother vaguely notices that those who destroyed the Vietry family have been hiding under the Duke of Anais. Thanks to the friend of the Information Guild that helped my brother.


As a matter of fact, I could have been here because I know the future information ahead through the original book.


Of course, it would be nice if I could share information on the original story to my brother and have a conversation with him.


‘Every time I tell my brother about the original story, he doesn’t believe me at all!’


…I couldn’t help it because he tried to exclude me unconditionally from the revenge.


Anyway, he volunteers for the Northern Demonic War to be able to enter the Duke of Anais Castle.


That was probably at this time of year.


I put the short written letter back into the basket of Cello.


“Cello… you also want to see my brother again soon, right?”


He flew around me as if he didn’t want to be away from me.


I sighed and stroked his lovely beak.


It’s cute how Cello has been attached to me…


It was a pity that it couldn’t stay longer, but I couldn’t help it if I wanted to avoid their suspicion.


When I tapped on Cello’s beak, the basket and the letter disappeared.


I carefully let him out through the window.


I can’t wait to see you soon, my brother.


* * * * *


There was an evaluation that Duke Anais could not be deceived by any lies because he possessed a sixth sense like a beast.


That was right.


In his office, Duke Anais instinctively opened the window, and in the air outside the window something flying, he saw a dark illusion that one would not see unless they have some magical power.


Except for the bright yellow beak, all the black-haired birds entered the open window of the Delphinium Room.


It was suspicious that a bird enters the Castle where no one can easily enter and exit, except for the open window.


It crawls to the room where Astel stays.


Considering that only few humans come to the Northern Territory, Astel, who has been with the Northern Healing Center for several years, seems like a very strange person.


The Duke of Anais knows enough that she was quite suspicious.


But what is that?


He did not break the fragile wings of a small bird flying out the window again.


Instead, he contemplated on the direction of that flying bird, without a change of expression.


Under his generosity, the bird became a black dot and flew away toward its destination.


Duke Anais’ eyes were glued back to the pine tree desk in the middle of the office.


His smooth fingers tapped the table a few times.


That bird was heading to the capital.


Leaving Astel’s room, then going somewhere in the capital.


‘The Capital…’


He had no good memories of the Empire’s capital, so he quietly lowered his gaze.


After a few minutes.


Inside the office, the sound of the quill pen filled the room, the air in the office became cold as if nothing had happened.


* * * * *


“Why do you feel so cold? Do you actually have a cold?”


Late at night, three days later, inside the Knights’s quarters in the capital.


Cassian Gray, the hottest celebrity in the Empire and a knight called the Flower of the Capital, recently entered the Knights’ quarters trembling.


The knight commander, who was particularly concerned in his health, muttered while swallowing the words.


“Why are you like this? Because the death was near?”




“Because you’re about to go to the Monster’s!”




Cassian gave a smirk as if he was not interested.


“Are you crazy? You volunteered for the Monster’s War when you were so successful! Then are you not going to hell?”


The Knight Commander tapped him on the shoulder and opened his mouth with a serious face.


“Hell, that’s good.”


Cassian frowned.


The knights in the camp looked at him trembling.


What do you mean, a monster appetizer?


It was like a death sentence that Duke Anais was elected to the subjugation of the monster war.


The monsters were very ferocious and it actually tore humans apart.


Ordinary people who were not a shapeshifter could not afford it.


Furthermore, Duke Anais, who would be the commander-in-chief of the former Chief, was not very merciful to his men, whether he was a shapeshifter or a human being.


Of course, it was true that many Imperial Knights have a reverence for the Duke of Anais, who successfully wins the war against monsters that cannot be captured by human strength…


You can’t give your life just to be admired.


Life was precious.


In conclusion, for ordinary knights, the battlefield of the monster in the north was a rough patch that everyone avoided.


But Cassian Gray was different.


Recklessly, he volunteered directly to that very monster war.


All the knights were amazed at the aspiration to beat all the monsters.


At the same time, I had a foreboding.


“Why, I think it’s going to be fun.”


Cassian hummed and rummaged in his arms.


Unlike his handsome face, he’s like a Mad-Dog, and that crazy guy will surely survive in hell…!


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