Author: Nikss

Chapter 12 : He’s My Real Brother, Duke

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


Looking at the bedside, there were two unfamiliar women standing there.


‘Since when they had been there?’


‘Who are they?’


Soon I realized by looking at the gingham* plaid maid uniform they were wearing. They were maids.

(E/N: Gingham is a type of fabric made of cotton)


They probably came to help me get dressed. I didn’t know their exact race, but they looked gentle.


The two maid’s tan hair and black eyes looked exactly like twins.


“Oh, are you the maids that were sent for me?”


“Yes, that’s right! We are maids who were supposed to serve a human lady!”


“I’m Jenny, and this is Sally.”


I don’t know if the Duke especially used his authority or if Rudel was considerate of me.


The appearance of the maids who seemed to be young and innocent, without pretense, made me feel at ease.


They talked cheerfully around me.


“Good news. The knights went to the treatment center where you work and handed your resignation letter, and stopped by your house!”


Quite a few things happened while I was asleep in the morning!


With a big smile, I looked around.


Certainly, my worn-out items were disparately laid out in a gorgeous room.


I didn’t have much luggage in the first place, so it looks like I brought everything.


“Do you want me to prepare some wash water and help you get dressed? You don’t have any schedule for today, would you like to sleep more?”


Their chatter continued as they looked around the interior of the Delphinium room.


“Yes, I want to sleep more and have brunch.”


The maids nodded vigorously and then carefully closed the door and left.


Lying in bed, I was lost in thought, deeply thinking.


So, in the future, these two are the maids who would be my eyes and feet in this castle.


I took out a secret notebook that I kept in my arms even when I slept and checked the plan,


 ‘Article 200: When a maid was designated for me after infiltrating the Duke Castle.’


– Checked confirmed item ‘Article 200″




A sly laughter flowed from my mouth.


After scrutinizing the plan and preparing a few things, I called the maids who were waiting in front of the room, pretending to wake up and opening the door.


“Well, there!”


Of course, the voice that came out was a bit timid.


“Oh, yes? You’re up!”


“You said you were sleeping more, aren’t you tired yet?”


Perhaps they were thirteen or fourteen, and the innocent eyes of the little cute maids were filled with curiosity about an unfamiliar guest.


Even I, who couldn’t easily get along with people I’ve seen for the first time, was friendly and gentle enough to them and ease my boundaries.


“I want to give you something!”


I frown slightly.


At that moment, both cheeks of the maids turned red and their ears were prickly, and then a fluffy yellow-brown tail appeared.


‘I didn’t expect that humanization would unravel immediately like this!’


I was the one who entered the Northern Territory and worked at the treatment center for three years, day and night.


I recognized it at first sight.


Those yellow-brown hairs are obviously…


“It’s perfect for a puppy.”


It’s a puppy.


Once again, I frowned my eyes slightly.


Then, as I intended, the black bean-shaped eyes of the maids began to sparkle.


“…We are puppies!”


I know.


Because the two maids have a face that says, “I’m a puppy!”.


It was written all over their faces.


“Really? Wow, then this, I want to give it to you… But there’s no way to explain it?”


As she shook a bottle, Jenny and Sally opened their mouths.


Eyes wide open.


Lips that breathe out slightly open.


Their upper body tilted forward.




They came over perfectly.


* * *


As it felt short, the long conversation was over.


Jenny and Sally, who were guarding Astel’s room, were in a daze.


The two were a rare naive type of young maids in this rugged Duke castle.


They were so curious that they volunteered to take on serving a human that everyone hated.


For them, Astel was like an oasis in the desert!


She clapped her hands when they said that they were Dog Shapeshifters.


One of the maids said, ‘We’re Golden Retrievers,’ and I responded that I liked them and they nodded their heads.


A human was seriously interacting with me, and a tail almost protruded in front of a stranger, but I managed to hold it in.


I didn’t expect you to make a special fatigue recovery medicine for a ‘Golden Retriever Shapeshifter.’


After taking the recovery medicine Astel gave me, I felt that my body became light and strong.


How good it felt, My ears popped out and my tail was spinning like a pinwheel.


“It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a fatigue remedy medicine!”


Jenny’s eyes glistened at the medicine bottle that was big as her thumb.


“It’s really amazing! As soon as I drank the medicine, my fatigue began to fade.”


“Besides, she likes dogs!”


“And she especially likes Golden Retriever!”


The two screamed like a chorus.


Jenny said excitedly, who flicked the bottle upwards and received it again, as if Piero performed a trick.


“Maybe Astel’s not a human, but a hamster shapeshifter who couldn’t wake up, her cheeks were plump and cute!”


“But she said she was human. She also smelled like a human.”


“I’ve never seen a human before… It seems like it’s better than I thought, and it’s strange… ”


“She was so cute. She was so white. How old would she be?”


“She was very pretty and smelled good.”


The excited maids whispered and continued the conversation along the hallway.


Of course, they didn’t make a very loud noise.


However, their voices were loud enough for Rudel to hear.


Rudel who was carefully inspecting the halls of the mansion.


“What are you talking about?”


The two maids, who had not yet grasped the cold atmosphere of Rudel’s attitude that they suddenly encountered were excited and babbled.


“Look at this, Ma’am!”


“It was given by Your Majesty’s benefactor Astel!”


Rudel, the stubborn and tough maid, looked down at the two with stern eyes.


And they found that the vial they brought out was quite empty.


“Are you saying you ate what humans gave you? You are still young. You can’t eat anything easily. Especially when it comes to medicine.”




“If Shapeshifters ate human things, shapeshifters are bound to get sick.”


Only then the faces of the maids who grasped the seriousness of the situation, turned pale. 


It came to mind that Rudel didn’t like humans, and I even got caught fooling around with a human.


Besides, you could have an upset stomach.


Seeing the maids shrug their shoulders, Rudel pressed down on her prickly temples and approached the Delphinium room and knocked briefly.




“I have something to tell you.”


Although Astel’s fingertips are wonderfully sharp at cleaning. However, that room was full of flashy tidying techniques that she has never learned before…


It’s not that I didn’t like it.


I have to say what I had to say to the human who didn’t know what the rules are at Duke Castle.


* * *


“It’s not bad!”


Certainly, attacking the maids of Golden Retriever with medicine had a quick and accurate effect.


Shapeshifter girls, who were drinking medicine excitedly without knowing that their tails popped out, immediately stimulated Rudel’s curiosity.


Everything was as I expected.


Of course, Rudel’s face didn’t look very good when she opened the door.


When I saw a vial arranged neatly on the table, which was organized according to the color, from the dark red color to light red color, I opened my lips without realizing it, but that was all.


“Those children are still young, Miss Astel. Please, I ask you carefully to refrain from giving human medicines to shapeshifters.”


It wasn’t that I didn’t expect Rudel’s reaction to be like this, so I had a hidden card.


“I’ve been working at the treatment medical center for three years. I can make a customized medicine for shapeshifters. It’s like… Like I made a cleaning potion.”


Rudel’s facial muscles twitched at the word cleaning.


This kind-like, infinitely innocent-looking face was particularly helpful.


I laughed bashfully like a good person as hard as I could.


“I don’t think the maids were uncomfortable with anything.”


Like Rudel, there were symptoms that were common among the maids who disobeyed their race characteristics.


It’s a migraine.




“There’s a potion for relieving tension, it’s a relaxing potion, a good one.”


As soon as she handed over a bottle of medicine, Rudel touched her lips.


I stare at her with a sparkle in my eyes.


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