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A few seconds later, when I felt frightened, fortunately, Duke Anais smiled.


After I felt relaxed as I glanced at his expression, I carefully continued.


“…Anyway, there are knights like Cassian Gray, who run away to the capital after a lot of accidents. I think even if there are knights who could participate next year, they need to be healthy without any injuries to strengthen their power. So! Could I work as a healer for the swordsmanship contest?”


Even Astel herself thought it was gibberish that lacked some logic.


However, the Duke smiled satisfactorily and responded.




After thinking for a while that since she had done it, Astel decided to continue pretending to hate her brother.


‘Because it’s for our survival, and my brother won’t be able to hear this conversation anyway, right…?’ (Astel)


“If you want it that much.. I think you could. Because we’re in a relationship.”


“…Ah yes.”


Duke Anais smiled as if he were full and muttered to himself.


“So it’s natural that I’m bothered by what’s related to you. Because it’s all about you.”




“From now on…”


He whispered low.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


At the end of those words, the call flashed and turned off.


Lastly, the words of Duke Anais were very meaningful, but more than that…


What should I do with my brother’s image…?


Astel firmly vowed to find out why the Duke hated his brother.




After turning off the sphere, I lay down on the bed.


Still, there have been many achievements.


Knowing that my brother had returned to the capital safely, I also took on the role of a healer in the swordsmanship competition.


It was changing for the better.


However, the poor beggar who used to roll in the mud has a terrible habit, and at the happiest time, he volunteers to imagine the worst outcome and ends up unhappy.


I’m so used to the anxious daily life that I couldn’t get used to the peaceful and happy life.


‘What if the Duke… was really the final black villain?’


Naturally, the ending of the original came to mind, so I shook my head.


It was essential to be wary of the Duke and not give up.


However, there’s no solid evidence yet, so let’s not imagine anything bad about the Duke, let’s think objectively.


When I was young and I didn’t even know I was reincarnated in a book, I was walking on the street and got hit by a bully and broke my nose.


My brother went to find the bully who beat me, and beat him twice, and then lay down with me on the nice lawn.


‘Astel, the stars in the sky are so beautiful. Aren’t you happy?’


‘Then what are you doing? I’m a beggar! I’m the only one who always gets beaten.’


My older brother, who was staring at me with a sorrowful look when my cheeks were swollen and spitting out blunt words, said.


‘I hit him twice. Right?’


‘Even so. I’m angry. I don’t want to be a beggar!’


My brother handed a small diary to me grunting.


‘…Astel, your brother prepared a diary. If something good happens in the future, let’s record the happy memories here, what about that?’


‘A diary?’


‘Yes, when something happy happens, write it down. So that we could check them again later when we are having a hard time.’


Looking back, my older brother was only 15 years old, and he had a mature side from an early age.


With the memories that came to mind, I got up, looked through the things that had not yet been completely unpacked, and pulled out a small diary.


It was 【 Astel’s Happiness Diary 】 name by my brother and Cassian.


A diary I’ve been writing for the past decade.


Even before I realized that I had been reincarnated, I read this diary, which was at the same level as my knowledge.


And I started writing a diary.


“I’m quite happy these days.”


People like my hair growth potion.


In addition, the Duke cares about my health even if I am far away.


Besides, the Duke takes care of my health even when he’s far away. I think he’s a really sweet person.


It seems that happiness wasn’t far away.


“…I want to be happier in the future.”


Afraid that someone might steal my diary, so I didn’t write down specific words on purpose, but this was enough.


I closed the front page of my diary and laughed.


Thinking that it’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to tomorrow, not the distant future where revenge was over.




In the afternoon of the second day, the outside treatment center of the Duke Castle was turned upside down.


“You mean that damn girl was going to participate as a healer in the swordsmanship contest?”


“Yes that’s right.”


The head of the treatment center, Miles, grinded on his teeth.


However, the unfortunate news was not over.


“What’s more…”


The healer held out dozens of letters from the treatment center.


“Other people are asking how to buy that hair regrowth…”


Miles snorted and ripped the envelope roughly.


“What a terrible human healer!”


[Do you, by any chance, sell such bizarre hair regrowth? Where could I buy it?]


…How could someone send a letter like this! (Miles)


In other words, it was a nuance that they were only interested in the hair growth potion that Astel made.


“Damn it! What’s wrong with that hair regrowth thing!” (Miles)


He threw the others’ letters to the floor, muttering abusive language.


To tarnish Astel’s reputation, he spread rumors that she had betrayed her teacher, only to unintentionally promote Astel.


“That’s just great.”


The ignorant healer fueled the situation.


Miles ruffled through his hair, immersed in his own thoughts.


What’s the way to overcome this situation?


‘But what should I do when I can’t get into that Duke Castle?’


Miles’ worries deepened.


Then the healer standing next to him carefully spoke.


“But I still have good news for you, Miles.”


“Tell me.”


The healer, who was looking at the feisty Miles, muttered as he took a deep breath.


“Well, I got an official letter from the Duke’s Castle to recruit for a healer.”


Mail snatched the paper in the healer’s hand and read the official letter with shriveled eyes.


To summarize the contents of the official document, it was necessary to conduct a test for the knights who would participate in advance for the swordsmanship competition in a month.


As they tried to seek medical advice for him, it was briefly written that they wanted to recruit manpower.


Miles, who became more satisfied with the good news, spoke as he closed the official letter.


“Oh, come to think of it, I forgot about this good opportunity, yes.”


“Yes, Director Miles?”


Miles’ lips turned to smirk.


“I’ll go and play an active part, and if I get the attention of the Duke, that’s it. Then Astel, that girl’s place would be mine.”


Hopefully it was a good opportunity for him to take the young girl’s position.


Miles seemed thinking as if he was leaving for the Duke’s Castle right now.


“Well, by the way…”


“By the way, what?”


“I heard that the manager of this swordsmanship competition has changed…”


“What does total responsibility have to do with me?”


“…Look at the bottom of the official letter.”


[General Manager: Ricardo Basio, the former head of the Jaguar family and former Knights Commander.]


Ricardo Basio knows this well. Wasn’t he the predecessor head of the Jaguar family that Astel saved?


The head of the treatment center clicked his tongue.


However, he also took pride in himself as an excellent healer as good as Astel.


‘Well, I heard that he wasn’t completely cured yet, so if I treat the remaining insomnia better, he will come to me.’


‘Even if it’s cheap treatment, Lord Ricardo was just a beast. He would like me more, as I’m also a beast.’ (Miles)


“Well, that’s right.”


“I should just get ready. Until when do they need the manpower?”


Raising the collar of his medical uniform, Miles giggled and laughed.


It seemed to me that a wonderful future could be seen in front of me.





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  1. “Wonderful future (?)” hahaha…do I tell? or do you say?