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‘…I wondered why the spies who destroyed Count Vietry had to hide in the Castle of the Duke of Anais.’


More than I expected, I felt that there might be a close connection between the spies and the Duke of Anais.


The reason why they wanted to kill his successors was still unclear.


I carefully picked up the artifact and put it in my pocket.


I have earned another clue, but why was my heart shaking?


Maybe because of the conclusion that the Duke might be the final villain so my heart was a little heavier.


“Oh, and… For now, I’ve destroyed all the connections that link the artifact for the time being.” Warret said as he handed Astel the artifact.


“That’s all I have left. Originally, it was a rule for me to keep the artifacts requested for disposal, but…”


Astel was aware of this fact.


As far as I know, Warret was greedy for artifacts.


In particular, an artifact with a special ability of ‘Fraud’ would be more desirable.


Even now, he still has lingering feelings about his gesture of handing over the artifact.


I’ve never asked for it, but there must be a reason for handing over artifacts containing this ability like a gift.


“You seem to be asking for something in return.”


Warret spoke, implicitly. “The Diary Artifact.”


The unexpected remark made me frown. Warret immediately glanced at me.


“Be sure to show it to me later. No matter how I look at it, it’s the finest artifact I’ve ever seen.”


He persisted in asking if he was still curious about 〈Astel’s Happiness Diary〉,which he had seen in the office before.


“Yes, I got it.” I answered moderately.


But the diary wasn’t really that great.


‘I’m sure I’ve seen my brother buy it at a normal shop.’


The moment I was wondering, frowning. It was because of a sudden throbbing sensation in my head.


“Why? What’s wrong?”


“Oh, it’s nothing,”


I’ve been having frequent headaches lately.


It doesn’t seem to be a problem from the imprint, so I thought it was okay to take two pills and smiled.





Meanwhile, Retro and Astel were still away for a while to meet the raccoon.


Rabbit and fox maids below the maid’s chief gathered.


They tentatively called themselves the ‘Life Protection Committee‘ and were a group that met every night. The party was ringed as usual.


And today, because Astel was out, they were able to find time to gather earlier than yesterday.


As soon as everyone was seated, the rabbit maid, who became the seat’s top informant, spoke out.


“Miss Astel said she had gone to buy a present for the Duke with Sir Retro.”


“Well, I’m glad to hear that, I can hear the sound of our lives extending a centimeter long.”


“Can I live for another two days if my life extends a centimeter?”


They put their heads together and fervently discussed measures to extend their lives.


The most certain thing was to get rid of the child Astel had brought, but it would not be possible to dispose of him, so there were hardly any sharp measures to avoid the wrath of the Duke, the king of beasts.




“Miss Astel doesn’t seem to know the special treatment of the Duke for her?”


“Well, that’s why she’s so carefree with bringing the baby.” The rabbit maid stuttered.


Her ears perked up and her red eyes glistened.


Then Bell spoke gently, “I think it’s Astel’s baby.”


As Bell shared the conversation he had with the baby the previous day, he sat down heavily as he sighed.


“Now, what will the future of our castle be?”


“Well, the Duke has been in a good mood lately…”


At those words, the beasts looked at each other softly.


Various past events flashed through their minds.




In fact, until Astel came, the Duke was dark, gloomy, and frightening.


ㅡ’I’ll pay the worker punishment, and I’ll kill the mastermind.’


ㅡ’Your Excellency…’


ㅡ’…It- it’s a little too much, don’t you think?’


ㅡ’Didn’t I say that treason must be uprooted?’


After ascending to the Duke’s position, the present Duke of Anais boldly punished those who did not submit to his authority.


Those who doubted his origins were quickly slaughtered.


He laid the foundation for his power based on his abilities, which was strong enough to be said to have exceeded the limits of the power of humans and beasts.


It was a quick purge and laying the foundation to the point where it felt very impatient.


ㅡ’Everone curious of my origin or my real name…’




ㅡ’In other words… Is there anyone who wants to challenge me?’


His method was simple.


Those who challenged his authority were subdued, and those who lost led to their own death.


It followed the law of the weak against the strong without mercy.


Thanks to that, the Duke Castle and the North were quickly stabilized, and the number of those who tried to take over the authority of the Duke was significantly reduced.


ㅡ’I’m thinking of putting in a new room next to my room.’


ㅡ’Yes, Your Excellency.’


ㅡ’Please arrange it in the most beautiful way. Delphinium, it would be better to name it after that flower.’


The Duke kept only those who could accommodate even the most demanding and outrageous demands without hesitation.


Even though it was a temporary greeting.


Therefore, unlike the previous Duke of the North or the nobles of other Empires, he had no one to call his closest ally.


The fact that his maid-in-honor, Rudel, was sternly selected to satisfy the taste of her master, Duke Anais.


He was indifferent to internal affairs of the castle, but he suddenly became so thorough about the management of the castle’s buildings a year ago.


However, after Astel entered the Duke’s Castle, the Duke’s attitude became quite gentle.


ㅡ’During the war of the monsters, shall we kill the remnants of the betrayals immediately according to the law of the army and hang them on the wall?’


ㅡ’It would be quite hideous to kill them.’


No, from others point of view, this castle has always been ugly…


The Duke, who had rarely frowned, spoke.


ㅡ’I’ll exile them instead of killing them.’




ㅡ’Do that.’


As they simultaneously recalled the past when the reign of terror continued, they broke out in a cold sweat.


“Maybe it’s more bloody than it used to be…'”


“Don’t say such scary things!”


However, there was no time to rectify the situation.


Just when Astel went out to buy presents, the vassals were busy putting their heads together.


“His Excellency has announced his return.”


The most terrifying news came. They looked at each other.


Before they knew it, the maid-of-honor Rudel’s face turned dark.


“When, exactly?”




‘What should I do with this? No, maybe this is a good thing’ Rudel thought for a moment.


She could already hear horns in the distance.


The Duke of Anais returned much faster without further notice.


Then one of the most important things in this situation right now.


“Where is the baby?”


…To keep the baby out of the Duke’s sight.


“Now in the room…”


Rudel, who was leading them, calmly exclaimed.


“Hide him right now, lock the Delphinium room.”


In the absence of Astel, there should not have been a situation in which the baby would be alone with the Duke.




In recent years, as they look the most disciplined, the maids have risen resolutely.


Rudel said seriously, “The baby must be taken care of by Sally and Jenny. Go and tell them.”


At the moment, the baby had gained weight and was running around the mansion.


The baby was placed in the Delphinium Room and they had to lock the door tightly.


In that way, Astel and Duke Anais, a busy espionage operation that only the two knew nothing about, began.





At that time, the Duke of Anais looked around the Castle and ran slowly.


The mansion was immersed in peace to the extent that Retro’s report felt inappropriate.


He sent the knights on horseback to the training ground and inadvertently passed the wild beasts guarding the Duke Castle, calmly organizing his complicated mind.


The Duke’s black horse soon arrived at the doorway leading to the main building.


His gaze reached the group of vassals who were standing in line waiting for the return of the castle lord.


When he got off the horse, he looked around casually.


His expression had been frightening all the way as he walked, but after entering the castle, he was trying to put on a gentle smile.


However, the most important person was missing.


To be exact, there was no Astel to cheerfully talk to him saying, ‘Your Excellency, you’re here already?’


Retro, who the Duke had attached to her to help Astel, was also nowhere to be found, and even the maid-of-honor, the dogs who had always followed Astel, could not be seen.


The situation was bizarre and suspicious.



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