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“Well, I told her not to get friendly with the teacher!”


“…Did I almost fall for it?”


“Yes! I feel something strange.”


Bazel clenched his fists. His nails dug into his palms. There was probably blood in his palms.


“You’re not lying to me, are you?”


Bell tilted his head, “No!”


‘I tamed Bell very well. How can he tell a lie?’


Bell was the heir to the patriarchal silver fox family. He wanted to be recognized by his father, but he was a child with a severe lack of affection due to his indifferent father.


—’Well, sir. I’m good, right?


—’ Yes, but we’ll have to wait and see. Your form is clumsy.’


—’Thank you!’


—’ The Silver Fox family doesn’t really think about Bell, do they?’


Each time he did his training assessment, Bell stared at him with a wounded gaze.


—’ Because I know Belle well, and I’m the only one who cares for you.’


He kept hitting the whip with sharp criticism and tamed him to suit my taste by giving carrots as a compliment just before falling off.


Bell, who has been trying so hard to look good to me, can’t probably lie in front of me.


Let’s put it together.


It was clear from the circumstances that the woman, Astel, had stolen the artifact. More than just what she had, she was messing around with the Duke’s castle using the artifacts.


Then it was clear what had to be done. That he has to deal with the woman quickly, aiming for a time in the absence of Duke Anais.


Otherwise, she may ruin his plans. Bazel’s brain began to quickly put the puzzles together. Even after only a few seconds passed, a deep smile appeared on his lips.


“Well, then,”


I don’t know anything else, but she had a great talent for framing others.


Meanwhile, Bell tilted his head as he watched the sword teacher, who was agonizing over something, and hurriedly leaving.


‘But why did Astel tell me to brag about her?’ Bell thought inwardly.


A lot of questions were pouring into his head, but Bell pretended to be mature and folded his arms.


Now, Bell didn’t compliment his teacher much, and he liked Astel better than the teacher who gave him a strange stomachache whenever they met.


‘Do what Astel tells you! Because I’m the brave Bell!’


All this was thanks to Astel’s ‘courage’ potion. Bell, who recalled the efficacy again, clenched his fist bravely.


Laughing, Bell rubbed his eyes and clutched the sword in his hand again.


Now he no longer wanted to avoid holding the sword, and training the sword was no longer painful.



The swordsman was Bazel.


Recognizing the fact, Astel immediately set out to prepare for revenge.


Astel had meticulously crafted her scheme to catch Bazel in a matter of hours. She also threw a small trap through the little Bell.


‘Tomorrow is the swordsmanship competition.’


She had to sleep well for a wonderful future. Astel lay in her bed and tried to simulate in advance what was going to happen tomorrow.


“Aste, are you sleeping?”


…However, because of the child, I couldn’t help it.


Astel patted Lune on the shoulder and whispered, “Yes, let’s go to bed. Do you want me to read you a fairy tale?”




Astel pulled out one of the fairy tale books from the office shelf in her room. She carefully selected which children’s books to read based on strict criteria.


All fairy tales with bad knights are eliminated. Negative fairy tales about the healers were also eliminated.


So what was left was an instructive story that wrapped the knight into a cool and wonderful job.


“Do you see here? It’s a story about a wonderful knight rescuing commoners.”


“Great knight!”


Lune laughed with his rosy cheeks held by his hands.


To improve the relationship between Cassian, and Lune, Astel felt the need to exaggerate a little more.


She began to make up stories pretending to read fairy tales to him, “Once upon a time there lived a wonderful knight. The knight was very righteous and wonderful. The knight had a young son, and he loved him very much.”


Lune’s eyes grew roundly, “I love it!”


Placing his hand on his little chest and feeling his heart beating, Lune laughed.


“Do you like it that much?”




“Knight father loves baby!”


Astel laughed. Lune likes knights, so when Cassian returns, he’ll love it.


‘After the revenge is over, the seeds will pour out. And we will be rich people.’


A happy ending was already unfolding in her mind.


“Of course, Daddy loves his baby.”


After reading fairy tales by mixing exaggerations for a while. Lune didn’t look sleepy, his eyes wide open, and was listening to her story.


“…Shall we go to bed now?” (Astel)


Maybe it’s because of the instability of the imprint or just chronic fatigue. These days, Astel, who has been sleepy all the time, hugged Lune tightly and closed her eyes.


Astel put the child to sleep and promised for tomorrow, and also fell asleep as it was.


However, there was something Astel, a novice at childcare, didn’t think of.


The child, who peeped out of her arms, tilted his head once and crawled out of Astel’s embrace.


All he had in his mind was the fairy tale book. A cute children’s book about a father knight and a baby together.


In the storybook, a blonde baby like himself was loved by his father. What surprised the child was the description of the knight in the children’s book.


‘That knight looked just like that man…’


Actually, he didn’t know exactly what a knight was, but it just looked cool in the eyes of a child.


‘I want a handsome and cool person was my dad!’


Above all, Astel seemed to like that man. That alone meant a lot to the child. The child had a poor memory until he met Astel.


Lune couldn’t speak because he couldn’t even think of words to say, and his memory just before her was also hazy, so he kept forgetting.


As if someone had cast a spell, his memories were not stored in his mind.


But from the moment I saw Astel in this mansion, I remembered everything clearly. It’s like the magic has been unleashed.


So the child believed and followed Astel as his mother, whom he had only seen for the first time, like a bird that had just broken up from its egg.


I learned the world by capturing each thing Astel showed.


The most interesting of them is… A handsome man with a ferocious look on his face.


Astel, no Mom looked happy when she was with him.


So… There was only one way for my mother to be happy and the baby to be happy too.


‘My mom’s favorite man is here!’


The child, keenly aware of her feelings, glanced at Astel as she slept with a bashful smile.


‘That man can be my dad and Astel’s husband!’


So I’m sure my mom will like it if the two of them stick together.


From that simple thought, the child got up and came out of the Delphinium room door.


To the hallway of the Duke Anais mansion.


After opening the door and making sure that the maids weren’t present, the child with the chestnut-colored hair started toddling.


And after a while, the child stopped in front of the room in the middle of the hallway.


In order not to offend the owner, who hates uncomfortable and annoying things nearby, it was quiet without a maid or knights waiting outside.


So the child could enter the Duke’s room without any restraint.


Inside was a colorful collection of only the most precious things in the Castle. The child, whose eyes widened seeing the man, ran to the bedroom as it was.




Knock, knock—


The boy who knocked on the bedroom door with his plump fists laughed softly. The man’s cold face was revealed through the cracks in the door whether the child tapped correctly on the door.


He said, looking at the little boy standing on the floor of his room, “You…”


Even for a child could, his voice was drowned in deep despair.


His expression was full of pain, there was also a slight smell of alcohol.


The child rubbed his eyes and tilted his head, looking up at the unfamiliar behavior he saw for the first time.


This man doesn’t even look like a knight!


“…The child of Cassian Gray. What’s going on, Cassian?”


Seeing him grunting his teeth, the child tilted his head.


This man seemed to hate me, but it also felt like he likes me somehow, and it was confusing.


‘Is Cassian Gray my name?’


The child with his round eyes spoke to the Duke of Anais, “I don’t have a name I’m not Cassian!”


The Duke leaned down indifferently and soon lifted his fingers to lift the baby’s chin.


‘The child didn’t even seem to know who Cassian Gray was.’ Duke Anais thought inwardly.


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