Author: Nikss

Chapter 9 : He’s My Real Brother, Duke

Translated by Niks 

Edited by KBJ

I eagerly supported Rudel in my heart.


‘Opening the window is hard for me, but not that hard for Rudel.’


Rudel, who was attacked by my sparkling eyes, quietly headed to the window as if she was possessed by something.


“That’s right. I would like to share your opinions on cleaning later.”


The window opened a little with a rumble sound.


Rudel stood near the window and took out a portable magic tool from her pocket.


“Please keep this magic tool for self-defense.”


I was handed a magic tool while singing delight to my heart.


“I’m sure you’ll have no problem staying at the castle, but if there’s a strange creature near the window, you just have to press this button.”


“Of course!”


It was a very simple matter.


“In the future, you only have to open the window on the cleaning day. Because my life is precious too!”


“Yes, it is.”


Rudel, with a complex expression, nodded.


“The only thing that is more important than cleaning is life.”


I listened to what she said and answered.


“Yes, of course.”


Then, Rudel’s eyes looked even brighter, but there was no time to care about it.


After all, the world was turning on the absolute proposition of personal-connections.




A little cold wind came in through the open window.


‘That’s enough for cello to come in.’


After checking the window satisfactorily, I changed into a pretty dress that was like a light green grass flower and went to see the Duke again.


The dinner hall of Duke Anais Castle was very beautiful.


Inside the elegant hall, the center of the dinner table made of Irish marble was decorated with colorful flowers, and tableware was set in each seat.


Sitting there and having a meal, the Duke and I talked about the past.


The Duke was reticent and I pointed out the fact that I graduated from the Capital’s Academy of Therapy, obtained a certificate of a therapist, and worked at a medical center in the North.


The subject of our conversation has finally reached about my family and friend relations.


“I am curious about how Astel has lived so far. Who are you close to?”


The Duke asked while cutting the steak.


To the Duke, who was outspoken while cutting a bloody steak, I recited a seriously made-up story.


“I lived in the Zenette Orphanage. Most of my friends are people I met at the orphanage. Duke, fri-, do you have any friends?”


“In the past, there was one. We used to be very close.”




Even in the original, I listened attentively to the stories that I had never heard of while living in the North.


He muttered in a dark voice.


“She’s gone now.”




“So, I’m going to take revenge.”


Because the dining room was so spacious, the Duke’s words rang out, creating a more gloomy atmosphere.


He put down the knife with the blood of the meat, looking at it with a cool gaze.


My appetite fell.


It was a hideous look that showed his willingness to recover his friend by killing someone.


“Well, you’ll definitely find it!”


I don’t know who he is, but I feel sorry for him, so I’ll pray for him in a short time.


“I’m sure so, now… let’s go back to Astel’s friends in detail.”


I gulped down.


‘I’m sure you’ve already done all your background checks on me. It’s strict against outsiders.’


Fortunately, my relationship was thoroughly fabricated thanks to the hidden magic.


Born on the street, it must have been manipulated as being a wandering beggar for ten years.


The “real” things that happened at Zennette Orphanage since the age of seven are also well documented.


“There’s Anne, Gilbert, and my Teacher Rosen, who helped me go to the Academy of Therapy at Zennette Orphanage. All three are no longer friends because contact has been cut off. ”


I took a deep breath.


Now, my hero, who has green eyes with curly hair.


It was time to talk about my brother, “Cassian Gray.”


Let’s calm down.


In the eyes of others who don’t know anything, we seem to be just ordinary friends who sometimes exchange letters.


“Oh, and do you know Cassian Gray, who was recently awarded the title as a commoner knight?”


He stared at my lips and squeezed his chin as if he was observing the name I spoke with particular force.


“I’ve never heard of him before.”


…It wasn’t the first time I heard of it.


He couldn’t have known.


I looked quietly and shrugged my shoulders.


“That commoner, Cassian Gray, was also my friend. We’re not very close… We grew up in the same orphanage. We sometimes meet and talk.”


“Is that the end of your friendship?”


“Oh, yes…”


The Duke was silent for a moment.


The fire on the ornate candlestick on the table flickered.


Perhaps because of that, his handsome face was darkly shaded and brightened again.


“Well, actually… It’s cool to be like a national hero, so I just said it.”


“You like the heroic stories of the knights.”


“Oh, yes! That’s right! If you are an imperial citizen, I can’t help but like my people.”


Due to frequent disturbances such as monster warfare and local disturbances with the eastern continent. Because in the empire, skilled knights were given preferential treatment.


I nodded and looked back at the table as if I agreed with it.


I thought it was time to eat properly.


Then the Duke murmured faintly.


“Cassian Gray…”


It sounded like a serious grumble.


Just like those who have many things to hide, I struck the bowl with a fork in my hand.




“Because it’s a friend of Astel, my imprint… I want to meet him.”


I was wondering what to say, and I was surprised to see the Duke’s steak plate at first glance.


The plate was full of blood.


Blood so red, as if suggesting someone’s future.


“I hope he’s a good man.”


He gently emphasized.


I put my fork down on the silverware and felt my wrist to see if the concealing magic worked properly.


It was a habit that came out naturally when I got anxious.


Fortunately, the concealing magic remained intact.


I opened my mouth to answer him.


“Yes, I think so.”


He didn’t seem to believe me, but I…


I decided to stay calm and concentrate on the meal.


Luckily, the two of the Duke’s food matched well.


When I ate well-baked salmon and pork, I thought the topknot rang in my ears.


It was really full time just eating.


However, the problem occurred when the sorbet was served as a dessert.


My heart suddenly tightened, then my breath was short and my face burned red.


I wasn’t the only one who noticed the abnormal symptoms.


“It looks like the imprinting has not yet stabilized.”


…Oh, imprinting.


For a moment, I thought I was being poisoned.


I reached out my hand to him in a hurry.


“Oh, yes… Here, your hand”


I swear it just meant to hold hands.


But the next thing that happened was beyond my expectation.


The Duke lifted my hand and kissed me on the back of my hand.


As soon as his cold lips touched the back of my hand, I opened my eyes wide in shock.


Thanks to that, the tightness on my chest subsided.


“You’ve been overwhelmed.”


As he spoke with his lips on the back of my hand, a strangely itchy feeling burned from my toes.


He kept muttering with his lips on the back of my hand.


“It says to kiss the back of your hand when you’re having trouble breathing.”


Did you read a book related to imprinting?


With his low voice, muttering to himself, my ears became hot and quickly turned red.


Obviously, my shortness of breath seemed to have healed, but my heart pounded as if it had raced through a distance of 50-meters.


I hurriedly pulled out my hand and hid it behind me and muttered.


“Hey, well… is it properly treated? It feels like my heart is going to burst now…”


It may seem like I was really talking randomly, but it was true.


My heart was beating tremendously.


He answered calmly, looking at me hiding my hand behind my back.


“Me, too.”




“It feels like I have arrhythmia.”


Duke and arrhythmia.


It was a combination that I had never thought about before, so I doubted my ears.


But he looked at my confused face and opened his mouth calmly.


“It’s my first time kissing someone on the back of their hand.”


With a relaxed expression that was not like the first time, Duke Anais stared at me.


I blinked my eyes a few times with my lips clenched.


It’s the first time.


The Duke, and me too.


After swallowing, I felt a little ominous and subtle.


I rambled on about the words that popped out of my mouth.


“Well, then. From now on…Uh, I mean, a kiss on the back of the hand would be enough, right?”


When I spit those words, a strange chill ran down to my spine.


I kept blinking my eyes and quickly added words.


“It’s like the fever’s going down like this.”


His gaze strangely missed my gaze.


“Don’t be overwhelmed, Astel.”


He answered lightly, but the weight of those words was never as light.


I carefully opened my mouth and asked.


“…If-If it’s me or the Duke, what if it’s impossible?”


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