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Luensir’s eyes were full of embarrassment.


“Is it really that surprising? By any chance… was there something happening with Martin?” Charteron, rather surprised by the reaction, became much more cautious than before.


“…Because it’s more convenient. I’ve been calling her like that since I was little.”


“What else did she say? If possible, call her by her name. She was upset!”


“Martin…? Did she tell you directly?”


“It’s not like that. I heard it while pretending to sleep.”


“Charon, it’s rude to eavesdrop.”


“Then what should I do? There was absolutely no way I could say I woke up.”


“What happened?”


“It’s just she’s talking about the late Viscountess Rael. I must say that she looked a little sad. Anyway, it looks like Martin will be here soon… Let’s go to sleep… I’m sleepy.”




Even after sleeping like that, Charteron fell asleep within a few seconds, but Luensir tossed and turned all night long. Then, he was suddenly awakened by Charteron’s kick and had no choice but to come out of the bedroom.


“Your Royal Highness? You woke up early. Why don’t you sleep more? It’s still dawn.”


Martin, who was closing the window, saw Luensir yawning slightly and told him the time.


“Viscountess… you woke up early.”


“Her Royal Highness always kicks off the blanket during this time. She might have caught a cold.”


Martin smiled softly and carefully covered Charteron’s body with a blanket.


“It’s summer, so how can she catch a cold?”


“Oh my. If Her Royal Highness is sick, who is the person who worries her the most?”


Luensir shook his head, saying it was just fussy.


Martin grinned as she recalled Luensir running around in the middle of the night carrying Charteron, who was groaning from stomachaches.


“Right. I was shocked to hear that Her Royal Highness had indigestion because she ate too many sweets.”


“I was surprised to see that even though she got indigestion before, she still ate cake the next day.”


“That’s right. Um…”


The conversation always continued thanks to Charteron, but they were soon left speechless.


Normally, Luensir would read a book quietly without paying much attention. Still, he found himself feeling uneasy after hearing Charteron’s words about being upset.


Martin made him comfortable, and it seemed like she cherished Charteron, and he had served him since childhood. He had been calling her ‘Viscountess Rael’ for a while now. Still, he had always considered their relationship to be intimate. He didn’t think she would be upset over a mere form of address, as she had been fine all this time. Perhaps it was because she had felt like he was drawing a line as he refused her help when he could do it alone.


He understood better than anyone how much effort it took to take care of the energetic Charteron. So, in order to ease her burden even a little, perhaps that’s why he was like that. Maybe it was also because of other reasons that he was taking a step back and maintaining some distance. Either way, he trusted her. Because he was certain she wouldn’t betray him.


If he called her by her first name out of the blue, it would have been obvious that Charteron had eavesdropped. Given Martin’s personality, she would never reveal her circumstances to anyone in the future. For some reason, she didn’t seem like the type to bring up her personal affairs. She probably wouldn’t tell anyone for sure.


Luensir worried that if he called her name thoughtlessly, it might make things awkward between them. So he wasn’t sure how to resolve this.


Lost in thought, he realized he was thirsty. He reached for the teacup on the table, but his hand lost its strength, slipped from his grasp, and fell to the floor.


“Your Royal Highness!”


The teacup shattered in an instant with a sharp shattering sound.,




“A-are you okay? What should I do, Alec, Baron Alce! No, first of all, did you hurt your hand a lot?”


Charteron got up, and Martin, who was adjusting her dress to wear, rushed over. She looked at Luensir’s hand in confusion.


Luensir felt strange again as Martin stuttered and worried. This kind of mistake was something only Charteron made, so her concern, which was the first time he had received after a long time, made him feel awkward.


“Martin, calm down. I’m fine.”


“Just in case, it’s best to get a check-up first—”


Still, he didn’t feel too bad. He had called her like that unconsciously and surprised himself. However, the one who seemed even more surprised was Martin. She stopped what she was saying and looked at Luensir with a look of disbelief.


“Your, Royal Highness… What now… N-no. First of all, it’s dangerous here… Go over there…”






“I want to eat pudding. Would Martin like to eat too?”


“…Yes. I will quickly clean it up and bring it to you!”


Even though she tried not to show it, Martin could hardly hide the raised corners of her mouth.


Calling someone who wasn’t family by their name wasn’t as bad as he had thought. It could have been more challenging if the emotions of the future were added to it, but since it was something to deal with later, he felt that it was better to leave it as it was for now.


* * *

It was one quiet afternoon. Charteron, who was sitting by the side working on the assignment given by Madame Lientil, seemed to quickly get tired of it. She laid back and sighed, making a strange noise. Then she suddenly raised her body and rested her face on Luensir’s shoulder, who was moving his hands eagerly.


“You know, Lur. Martin, don’t you think she’s in a good mood these days? She keeps humming. Do you know why?”


“I see.”


“What is it? It’s not fun. When the weather is nice, does it make sense to sit still and embroider?”


“This assignment is simpler than usual.”


“You Aster. I’m Astra. I have one more word than you.”


Bewildered by her eccentric logic, Luensir gave up on speaking. He soon finished embroidering his second surname, quickly putting it aside and opening the storage compartment.


Luensir worked in his spare time on a gift to give his mother. All he had to do was engrave the flower language, which was complete. If possible, he wanted to use the light purple thread that his mother liked most, but he couldn’t find it, no matter how hard he searched.




“What’s the matter?”


“The light purple thread here is gone. Do you know where it is?”




He clearly confirmed that he had plenty until a few days ago. When he asked Charteron if she was using it, she awkwardly avoided his gaze. When she was like that, it meant she was hiding something. It didn’t look like she would tell him right away.


There had been something to get Charteron to open her mouth, but unfortunately, snack time was long past. But, if she replied that she already used all of it, there wouldn’t be much to say. For now, with the intention of improving other aspects a bit more, Luensir refocused on embroidery.




Anyway, he’s quick to notice.


Different thoughts went back and forth between the two small heads.


Charteron, who had completed her embroidery assignment with the help of Luensir, stretched her legs. After a brief rest, she took a history lesson from Baron Rustel.


“Do you know when the war broke out with the Sonia Kingdom?”


“It’s the year 982 of Eterni in the Elioter Empire calendar. It’s also the year that Kalia II, who was called the saintess after Elizabeth I, the empress of the Elioter Empire, took the throne.”


“…Do you know why the war broke out?”


“This is because Royal Princess Lilsia, the half-sister of Empress Kalia II, was defeated in the succession battle. Royal Princess Lilsia’s biological mother, Queen Alexid, was the princess of the Sonia Kingdom.”


“You answered everything right… Conversely, when her brother-in-law, Royal Prince Yurian, threatened her throne, why did she not show mercy, unlike to Royal Princess Lilsia?”


“Royal Prince Yurian was weak and grew up in his maternal family, Marquis Larend, from a young age, so he didn’t have much interaction with Kalia II, even though he was her brother-in-law.”


Nevertheless, Luensir answered without hesitation.


“On the other hand, Royal Princess Lilsia’s aunt, Countess Canse, was the trusted headmaid of Empress Kalia II.”


“…That’s right.”


“Even though the war broke out in the first place, there was no major damage to the empire, in part because of the 8th head of Marsetta Duchy. That’s because Countess Canse, who was the princess there, was able to understand what happened in the Sonia Kingdom and prevent her loss.”




“The reason Royal Princess Lilsia was able to survive is because Countess Canse made a deal with Kalia II to spare her nephew’s life in exchange for her acting as a spy.”


“Do you think she betrayed her own kingdom simply to save her nephew? Queen Alexid was a legitimate child, and Countess Canse was an illegitimate child.”


“It was said that as the king’s illegitimate child, she almost became the second wife of Marquis Petil, who had four children. Her loyalty to Kalia II was probably due to her being Countess Canse.”


Baron Rustel was truly impressed.


“…You’re amazing. Even students attending Eralpier Academy couldn’t answer it properly.”


“It’s because Baron taught me well,” Luensir responded politely by praising him.


Cough, well… I think it’s a natural result since you learned from me, who graduated second place in history at Eralpier Academy. Now then, this time, I will ask Her Royal Highness.”


Nodding his head with a satisfied face, Baron Rustel’s gaze shifted to Charteron. Luensir nudged Charteron, who was dozing off, with his finger, and Baron Rustel cleared his throat.


“Your Royal Highness. Can you tell me at least two things about the treatment of Princess Lilsia after the war and her achievements under Empress Kalia II?”


“Um… That’s… So…”


“Even though she won the war, she didn’t make Kingdom Sonia a vassal state and gave them convenience. She saved Queen Alexid as well.”


When Charteron, who had just woken up from sleep and could not answer, Luensir gave her a little hint.


“Ah! She preserved Royal Princess Lilsia’s right to the throne… Um… And she granted her the title of Viscountess Wyvenstein.”




“She recruits talented people regardless of status… Hired them and made a wealthy empire and powerful soldiers… And make new laws to allow illegitimate children to continue the family line.”


Baron Rustel frowned at Charteron’s perfect answer, which was flawless, even though she received help from Luensir. He seemed displeased because if she couldn’t answer, he would be able to say what he wanted to say.


“You got it all right. However, it would be better if you focus on class next time.”


“I understand…”


“Until now, there has never been anyone who listened to my classes so half-heartedly like Her Royal Highness. Do you really know what I mean?”




“I can’t believe you’re this much different from His Royal Highness… You should follow at least half of him…”


Baron Rustel suddenly compared Luensir and Charteron in a barely audible voice. 

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