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“Apple Tart… Do you like it?’’


“Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”


“Because my mother used to make it for me when I was young.”


“…I just hate sweets.”


“If you don’t like sweets, how about adding salt?”




Cella smirked at Arensis’s nonsense joke.


“Now that I think about it, Bell, that kid always added salt whenever she made something. Really… It wasn’t delicious. I don’t know why she always confused it with sugar after adding it.”


After finishing her horrifying recollection, Cella shook her head in disgust. She didn’t want it to be known that she missed that moment.


“…Still, I ate it all. Because if I didn’t eat, Bell would get restless.”


“She even added salt to the last birthday cake she made for me. She was very consistent.”


It had been a long time since both of them had talked openly about Arabella. Cella felt happy and bitter at the same time, and her heart ached for no reason.


“If you really want… you may bring it.”




“Don’t add salt.”


“That’s… I can’t guarantee it.”


“Now that I see it, it’s not your daughter who looks like Bell, but you.”


Cella raised her eyebrows and said it was ridiculous.


“Wait, can I touch you?”


“…Please do.”


Suddenly asking for permission, Cella raised her hand carefully and touched Arensis’s face.


“Your… eyes, nose, lips… They all resemble Bell. You don’t know how pretty it is to see dimples forming here when you smile.”




Arensis’s eyes bent beautifully as Cella touched him.


“My dear baby. Mom will protect you. Thank you for being born.”


As if touching something precious to her, Cella’s slow stroking touch reminded him of a nostalgic moment.


“I couldn’t save your mother. That day… I went too late… No, maybe it’s because of me that Bell was kicked out of the clan… If it weren’t for me, Bell wouldn’t have died. I’m sorry I killed Bell.”


Arensis said, looking into the eyes of Cella, who avoided his eyes. “…It’s not your fault.”




“…I hope to see you next time, Aunt.”


Cella, who didn’t want her tears to be seen, quickly turned into a butterfly and flew away.


Arensis left after watching her for a long time. His steps were quite light as he went. He seemed to have let go of a long burden.


* * *

It was a few days later, at Elac Palace greenhouse. Arensis introduced Khan and Riette, whom he had brought from Edelise’s home base to the children. They already knew the identities of Lili and Shishi, so it was fortunate that there was no need to give a complicated explanation just yet.


Charteron was very happy to find that she finally had an eagle. Luensir also smiled, stroking the head of the cat whose eyes resembled his.




“Did you just say ‘pii’ now? Shishi chirps all the time, but because you’re small, your chirp sounds different. So cute!”


As Charteron compared Shishi with the baby eagle, Shishi, next to her tapped her foot.


“Shishi, are you upset?”




Shishi, who would normally chirp and flap its wings, turned its head around without saying a word.


“I’m just saying it to the baby.”




Then, a rather thick voice came out of Shishi’s mouth.




There was silence as Shishi continued to try to imitate the baby eagle. Instead of getting its desired response, Shishi started to pick at its fur.


Pii, pii…


The baby eagle, who escaped from Charteron’s arms, patted Shishi.




Shishi, whose pride was hurt by the comfort of the baby eagle, slowly turned around and opened the windows. It scattered its teardrops in reality that no one held onto.


“Anyway, Shishi. You’re old enough, but I don’t know why you’re always being like that.”


“Charon, you teased it first. Today… I think Shishi will come back in about two hours. When it comes back, give it some raw meat it likes. If you don’t resolve it, Shishi probably will be gone for a week?”


“Okay. By the way, can my baby eat raw meat?”




“…This scene, why is it so familiar?”


Arensis, who was watching the situation with a smile, suddenly narrowed his forehead.


“I’ve seen this somewhere… Ah. Now that I see it, it’s just like what I did with Pepe.”


“What you did, Your Majesty?”




Luensir and Charteron asked at the same time.


“Your grandmother… I mean, Dad’s mom also raised an eagle. The eagle’s name is Pepe.”


After thinking for a while, Arensis, who remembered belatedly, continued. “It was really prone to sulking, so when I was younger, I had the same conversation just like you now. I suddenly thought of that.”


“Really? Then, is Shishi the cub that grandma’s eagle gave birth to? So, this baby was born from Shishi… wouldn’t it be like that, Dad?”


“What? No. If Shishi hears it, it’s going to make a fuss.”


Charteron asked with her innocent face, and Arensis answered while smiling sweetly.


“Then where is the mother eagle who gave birth to this baby?”


“Um.. that’s…”


To answer Charteron’s curiosity, he had to tell her something about Edelise. Arensis, who wanted to hide it as much as possible, made a slightly embarrassed expression.


“…Now that you’re its mother, it doesn’t matter.”




Luensir, who noticed it, stepped up.


“Ah, right, Your Majesty. Didn’t you say you had some urgent documents that needed to be processed urgently?”




“You must be busy, so we’ll get going now.”


Luensir, who got up from his seat, hugged the kitten.


“I haven’t eaten all the cake yet. Hang in there.”


“Just ask Martin for the cake again. Let’s go and give them a name. You can’t call it a baby forever.”


“Then… Your Majesty, see you later at dinner! Guys, let’s go now!”


Charteron, who was looking at the uneaten cake with eyes full of regret, fell for Luensir’s persuasion.


“…Take care, Charon, Lur.”


* * *

As he moved some distance from Elac’s palace, Luensir asked Charteron not to bring up anything related to her previous question. Since his expression was unusual, Charteron didn’t ask any more questions.


Entering the library, Charteron lay down on her stomach on the blanket and wiggled on her feet. “I like the name Ciel, which means morning star, and it has a cute sound, so I think it’s okay… What should I do?”


“How many books have you brought?”


“I’ve just brought everything I see regarding naming… Ah, I’m really worried!”


Luensir sighed as he sorted out the books she had piled high.


“Baby, what name do you like? Huh?”


Pii, pii!”


Charteron, who pretended to tear her hair, asked the baby eagle for its opinion.


“All good? How about a Pippi?”


…Pii, pii.”


The baby eagle took a backward step and vehemently rejected it. Luensir smiled slightly at the sight.


“I guess it doesn’t like it. Even from my perspective, Pippi was a little too much.”


Hmph. What’s wrong with Pippi? It’s cute.”


“…How about Luni?”




“Yes. It means the sea of the sky. I want it to be able to fly freely in the sky as wide as the sea later.”


“I love it! Lur, its nickname is similar to yours… Ah, you know what?”




“Your original nickname was Luen, but I called you Lur when I was a baby, so you’re called Lur now. Did I say Lur as my first word? I don’t remember a thing though. Hehe.


“…I don’t remember. Really? Why?” Holding Charteron’s shoulder, Luensir asked back.


“Isn’t it even weirder if you remember when it has been long since we were born? Anyway, you’re Luni now. Please take care of me now, Luni.”




This time, the baby eagle answered quickly, whether it liked it or not. In fact, the baby eagle was afraid that Charteron would change her decision and named it Pippi, so it quickly accepted it.






Luni thought its true feelings were being revealed to Charteron, who was staring at it with narrowed eyes. The baby eagle’s small heart was pounding.


“When will you be able to fly?”




Fortunately, Charteron didn’t seem to notice it, and the baby eagle was relieved.


“What’s wrong with Luni? Is it sick?”


“I don’t know.”


“Ah, then, can I name your cat?”


“If it was Pippi that you had in mind, I would decline.”


“Why? Isn’t Pippi okay?”


“I can see why Luni is nervous.”


Perhaps she was really thinking of Pippi, but the sullen Charteron’s shoulders went down.


“And it’s already got a name.”


“What is it?”




“Ter? Why does it look like you just made it up abruptly?”


“Abruptly? Right, it’s better not to know.”


“What are you saying now? Well, unfortunately… Once you’ve decided on a name, there’s nothing I can do… Luni, we’ve decided on a name, and now let’s go! I’m hungry,” said Charteron as she continued to cover her growling stomach.




“You want to eat too? A baby shouldn’t eat that kind of stuff.”


Maybe that’s why he named his cat, who will be with him for the rest of his life with, a short word. It was because this was another candidate for Charteron’s nickname. But Charteron was too busy thinking about eating chocolate cake and didn’t notice it. 


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