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As feared, Charteron, who was stuck in the middle of her study, stayed in the dormitory for a while. They were worried because she didn’t come back even during vacation. Then, they received a letter saying she would quit the Faculty of Magic and focus on swordsmanship, which she took as her minor.


After graduating, she went on to follow Luensir, who became Duke Marsetta, and received the new title of Grand Duchess Isla. The nobles became impatient as the only three imperial grandchildren became independent one by one. They demanded that Karena be appointed as the crown princess. Having received Karena’s opinion too, Charelize made her the successor. And so, the day of the coronation ceremony for the crown princess was coming.


“Lur, what should I do?”




“I found the perfect match of the ideal type I was looking for.”




“There, turn your head to two o’clock.”


Charteron, who had been there before the coronation ceremony began, licked her lips and winked slightly.


“The one holding the wine?”


“Yes. His black hair is as black as obsidian, and his eyes are red like rubies. Well, he’s shorter than you, but that’s fine. Crucially, that birthmark over there. Ah… I’m so happy.”


“Your eyesight is good. Can you see it over there?”


“Lur, my heart is racing. What should I do?”


“What should you do?”


Luensir responded indifferently to Charteron’s words and called Baron Alec nearby. “Baron Alec.”


“Yes, Your Grace.”


“I think my sister has an arrhythmia. It looks like she will collapse soon, so please check her quickly.”


“Yes? Are you okay, Your Excellency?”


“…Lur was joking.”


Charteron, who had reassured Baron Alec, who had rushed to her, sent him back and said, “Lur, don’t ignore my love.”


“What do you mean he matches your ideal type? Your ideal type is someone who looks handsome, right?”




“Color doesn’t really matter. Two days ago, it was the second son of Count Luwen, and a week ago, it was little Marquis Meden? Long ago, it was young Master Tiena. You liked him for a while though.”


“Originally, love is something that keeps moving.”


Charteron shamelessly responded to Luensir’s actions by endlessly listing her crush.


“You move too much. But even though you like them so much, you’ve never stayed like them for more than a month. How can that happen?”


“That’s… I couldn’t help it. Everyone keeps acting so annoying.”


“Did you know that because you hit young Master Rite on stop, rumors started spreading all over the place?”


“Is that why you banned me from entering society?” Charteron narrowed her eyes and spoke as if pleased.


“…Anyway, please have some dignity.”


Luensir, who coughed in vain, turned his head, pretending not to notice.


“I was angry. He said he would be satisfied even if I became a commoner. Still, he suggested that I become the crown princess, surpassing our youngest. It’s really nonsense… No, he was making a fuss about it. In an instant, his smooth face looked crushed.”


“You actually crushed it. Don’t say his face turned like that out of nowhere.”


“…Hmph. This time, it’s real. Don’t worry. Just wait a few days. I will let that person call you bro.”


“I don’t know. Unless my younger brother is born, I think I will be called as ‘Older Brother’ until I die.”


“Wow, you’re hurting self-esteem. Because of what you said, I gained a competitive spirit.” With an absurd tone, Charteron let out a smirk.


“You stay here. I’m going to visit His Majesty Father.”


When Luensir went to Arensis, Charteron found her aide nearby. “Hey, you see that guy? He’s my ideal type.”


“I can’t see it.”


“How old are you, and do you already have presbyopia? How much difference do you have from me?”


“I’ve outlived Your Excellency by five years and eight months.”


“Oh my god, you’re so old. But you look younger than your age. Congratulations.” Charteron clapped soullessly.


“Excuse me, Grand Duchess.”




“The person Your Excellency refers to as your ideal type is the third prince of Kingdom Camus. According to the rumors, he’s quite greedy for power.”


“Isn’t it better than nothing at all?”


“Even though the eldest son and eldest daughter are still alive, he openly boasts that he will become the king.”




“I understand that the reason he came today in the first place was to make a connection with Princess Berteze. Since he only relies solely on his blood, there is no chance he will become the next king, so it would be strange to welcome such a person as a companion to Your Excellency…” Eden lifted his glasses and continued in a calm voice.


“Isn’t being a grand duchess’s husband much better than becoming the next king of a small kingdom? He will also become the royal princess’s husband, and no matter how I look at it, it would be a better option than that.”


Eden, who shook his head once, whispered into her ear. “Royal Prince Camus came to take someone as his moon. He doesn’t want to be the moon himself. He is not compatible with Your Excellency, who is the sun.”


“If anyone hears it, they will think I’m preparing for treason. The sun is not me. It’s my younger sister.”


“To put it bluntly, it would be like that. You’re so lazy to the point that you won’t even help Her Royal Highness with her work, let alone plot a treason.”


“…But how do you know all that? Have you talked to the prince?”


“I received an order from Duke Marsetta. From the perspective of Your Excellency, he told me to learn most of the personal information about a man who could be described as handsome.”


Charteron tapped Eden on the shoulder. “Hey, are you Lur’s aide? You’re my aide, right?”


“Even if it wasn’t His Grace’s command, I would have memorized it for safety reasons.”


“…Why? F-for whose safety?” Slightly thrilled by Eden, Charteron felt her heart pounding.


“Wouldn’t I be doing this for a long time if I knew what kind of person the person who would be the companion of Your Excellency would be?  It’s already too much to take care of Your Excellency, but if another person looks like Your Excellency…” Eden said that just imagining it was terrifying, so he took off his glasses and blew on the dusty area.


“You don’t want to get paid this time, do you?”


“Please respect my working hours.” Eden bowed his head straight away and apologized.


“But, now that I look at you… you have a birthmark too?”


“This is not from birth. It was created. It looks like that because my young sister stabbed me with a quill pen when I was young, leaving behind a scare.”


“…That docile Lady Lirin? Nonsense.” Charteron, who raised her eyebrows, made a face in disbelief.


“It makes sense. Lirin is quick-witted, so she only acts like that to those who can help her in times of emergency.”


Hmm, really? Then, should I grant you the title of Baron? I can bestow you a single title. Of course, other options are available. Because I have enough power to fulfill anything.”


Eden frowned and genuinely hated it. “I refuse. I have never once looked upon Your Excellency as someone of the opposite sex.”


“Why? What’s wrong with me?”


“Your Excellency, you’re the same age as my younger sister. And does it make sense to look at the lord I must serve with such eyes?”


“Why doesn’t it make sense?”


“And… is Your Excellency just an ordinary noble? You’re the eldest daughter of Her Majesty the Empress, noble from birth. On the other hand, my family is a baron who only owns a small territory on the outskirts.”




The moment Charteron tried to refute something, the servant whispered something in Eden’s ear.


“…Since my father is coming, I will leave for a moment. I apologize, Your Excellency.”


“I understand.”


Charteron watched the back of Eden leaving. Eden’s firm refusal actually ignited Charteron’s anger.


“What’s wrong with me? Do I… like him? All of a sudden?”


Frustrated, Charteron felt strange now. Her heartbeat was quite different from the one that usually beats when she spotted a handsome man.


“The little sun of the Elioter Empire, Crown Princess Karena Noel Aquilleia von Marsetta Elioter, is entering!”


“Oh my, our Rere. Why is she so cute today? Look at her walking proudly. It feels like it was yesterday that I picked her up and raised her, but when did she grow up to that size?”


Before planning a plan to overcome Eden, she praised her lovely and beloved younger sister.


* * *

It was the next day, in the Duchy Marsetta.


“Bring out some cocoa and tidy up Charon’s room.”


“Yes, Master.”


Charteron suddenly barged into his office, saying she was going to sleep here, which seemed familiar. Luensir instructed the butler while still looking at the documents.


“You know, Lur. I have a question.”


“What is it?”


“Do you remember the story I wrote when I was six?”


“The princess died, and the knight found a new lover, and it was a lady who looks just like the princess.”


“Oh, you didn’t forget?”


“…The story’s contents were so shocking that they’re stuck in my mind, and I cannot forget them even if I want to.”


“What the hell!”


“Didn’t it end with the knight calling the princess’s name in his sleep, getting slapped by the lady, then getting divorced, and the knight crying in front of the princess’s grave?”


When Luensir recited the story without hesitation, Charteron was moved.


“Even Countess Arnon wasn’t this enthusiastic to hear it. Now I see that you’re my true reader. Lur, I love you.”


“Enough. Why are you bringing that up? Is it based on a true story? Oh my gosh.”




“Who’s going to put you on trial? Don’t worry. Because the value of the princess’s title is meant to be used in such situations.”


Charteron glared at Luensir, who jokingly said if Charteron should give them the ruby mine as a settlement. 


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