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“No! That’s not it! As a result, he met a lady who looked like the princess because she couldn’t forget her, but he still married another woman.” Charteron shouted, her words lengthening in frustration.


“Last time, I heard from Aunt Casilla… It is said that Her Majesty and His Majesty knew each other before they attended Rosielt Academy. It was when they were a very young kid.”


“When Her Majesty Mother went to study in the Peschte Empire. She stayed in the imperial palace there until she entered the academy. Isn’t it weirder not to know?”




“And what if you found out? His Majesty Father has now given up that title. Still, at that time, he was the second prince of the Peschte Empire, and Her Majesty Mother was the quasi-imperial person.”


“Yes! That’s it! Why did His Majesty Father give up that title?” Charteron, who clapped her hands, stood up excitedly.


“Since Aunt Casilla didn’t have any children at that time, he wanted to prevent further complications in the future?”


“No. Why do you always take a political approach? Develop your imagination like me. Now everyone wants creative talent.”


Luensir asked when he saw Charteron clicking her tongue. “…What are you thinking?”


“Love between childhood friends? Weren’t they lovers since then? I’m sure it wasn’t a political marriage…”


“…That’s not right. As soon as mother came of her age, she held an engagement ceremony. A few months later, the engagement… was annulled though.”


“Really? Who is it? With who? Crazy, this is crazy?”


“He was the second son of Marquis Radiasa, Delphir Kashu von Radiasa.”


“The second son? Why the past tense?”


“Because he died a long time ago.”


In response to the reply that he was already dead, Charteron sniffled her nose as she sat down again. “But how do you know him? Did Her Majesty Mother tell you?”




“I’ve always thought about this since I was young, but sometimes I’m scared of your intelligence. I think you know all my secrets that I don’t even know about. I’m glad you’re my twin though.”


At Charteron’s mischievous reply, Luensir hardened his expression.


“How can I forget that name?”


He soon smiled as if he had never done that before. “Charon.”




“I don’t mind if you bring some lover later. Although it’s your fault to like them as long as they’re handsome, you know how to draw a line. If they’re a bad guy, I can take care of it. Even if it’s a woman, it doesn’t matter. Whatever your sexual orientation, you’re my sister.”


Tensed by the unusual atmosphere, Charteron gulped down.


“But… don’t ever get involved with that family.”


“Which family?”


“Marquis Radiasa. This time, the little marquis gave birth to a son.”


“Lur, what are you saying to a newborn baby who is less than a month old? He’s younger than our youngest! So please come to your senses.”


She was nervous at best but became dumbfounded by Luensir speaking so seriously.


“I didn’t know about other people, but no one got involved with that family ended well.”


“I didn’t mean to do that, but… I’ll keep this in mind for now. And my preference is low-saturated hair color. From what I heard, they have platinum blond hair.”


“Right. How similar is the hair color to that man? I don’t like it even more.” Luensir took a deep breath and held back his anger.


“That man…? Have you ever had a bad incident with the marquis or the little marquis? Or did you get slapped by a guy with platinum blond hair? What kind of enemy to even makes you react like this?”


“…Don’t ask.”


“Right…” The deeply misunderstood Charteron gave a sympathetic look.


“Ah, Lur. Let’s go see Martin sometime.”


“Martin? Okay.”


Even though the daughter of Baron Thebes died, the heartbroken Martin went down to Viscount Rale’s territory. Charteron, who was sighing that she was worried about Martin, found Ter on Luensir’s lap.


“Ter. How have you been doing?”




“I saw you three days ago.”


She neatly ignored Luensir, who interpreted Ter’s words.


“Come here, Ter.”




“It said it would do that if you give it a snack. Ter, haven’t you eaten?”




Luensir affectionately stroked Ter with a gentle hand.


“I think Luni is in puberty these days. My cute little baby eagle is stuck in its own world.”


“It’s taking after its owner, right?”


“You haven’t been hit enough lately, have you?”


Shrugged, Luensir laughed.


“Ah, I had something to tell you.”


“What is it?”


“I saw His Majesty Father yesterday and heard that he was changing his surname for the second time.”




“Now that Karena has become the crown princess, they need to revise the imperial lineage, but he’s changing it this time.”


When he married Charelize, Arensis, who had given up his right to the succession to the throne of the Peschte Empire, gave up his first surname, ‘Kabel’. Still, he retained his second surname, ‘Yuan,’ which identifies him as part of the royal family. It meant that he was a member of the royal family of the Peschte Empire, which wasn’t commonly used.


“What is he changing to?”




“That name is…”


“Yes, it’s our paternal grandmother’s name.”


As they grew up and learned about Arensis’s past, Charteron was worried about him first.


“Is he okay now?”


“I didn’t think he’d be okay, but he actually looked relieved.”


“Then that’s a relief. Rather, Lur. Wasn’t our youngest looking so cool yesterday?”




In the future, many will be curious about the meaning of Arabella, the second surname of Arensis. His daughter, Grand Duchess Isla, replied, ‘It’s the name of the one who made it possible for him to be my father.’


* * *

The sound of movement was heard in the Grand Duchy Isla training ground since dawn. Charteron, who had been pretending not to pay attention to the figure coming closer and closer, pointed her sword at that person as they got closer.


“It’s Baron. Please make a noise while coming.”


“…So scary. Please put this away.”


“Didn’t you learn swordsmanship when you were young? I thought you knew how to avoid it.” Charteron, who put the sword in a sheath, asked Eden.


“Yes. But I’m too lazy to move my body.”


“Really… I don’t know. You don’t move much, but how could you be this tall?”


Eden replied firmly and quickly. “What do you mean?”


“My older brother. Lur is like that too.”


“Ah, the duke.”


“Instead of a sword, he learned the bow from Her Majesty Mother… is it inevitable that he’s taller than me? Did Baron learn anything other than swordsmanship?”


Eden shook his head. “My family has produced knights for generations, so my father told me that if I wasn’t going to hold a sword, I shouldn’t do anything else.”


“You’ve been producing knights from generation to generation?”


“…I told Your Excellency once when it was raining, didn’t you remember that? I guess you were just trying to make fun of me.”


“T-that’s… Ah, I mean, something else. Say something else.”


“That’s it.”


“I’ll remember that. Okay? I promise.” Charteron, embarrassed by Eden’s sulking face, hastily made an excuse.


“…My younger sister received more love than me. Their attention was solely on my younger sister. So I was surprised just now.”




“As the son of a baron, I don’t have a good relationship with my parents, but Her Majesty the Emperor personally taught His Grace how to use a bow.”


Charteron, who walked inside, brushed her hair and said, “When I selected Baron as my aide, I only looked at your brain and face, so I didn’t know your inside story.”


“…Your Excellency is really honest.” Eden, who was listening to the recruitment conditions, looked shocked.


“You always seem to come without even listening to me first.”


“Since we’re at it, please listen to one more thing.”


“…Tell me.”


“I was always anxious that my younger sister would become the head of the family just because she graduated from the Faculty of Swordsmanship. I was always told to hold the sword at such times, but I refused until the end.”




“If I could become the head of the family just because of that, it would feel so unfair and resentful. Just because you’re good at using a sword doesn’t mean you know how the people of the territory can live well, right?”


She frowned as Eden handed the report that he had compiled. “Is that so? You’re the opposite of me.”




“When I was six years old, on a rainy day… There was a time when I almost got kidnapped. It happened a few times when I was a baby, but I don’t remember, so I’m not sure. Anyway, I still hate thunder because of that. For a while, I was afraid of anyone who walked behind me, and I couldn’t sleep without Lur.”




“Countess Kabe, my mother’s exclusive maid, said that if I learn how to use a sword, I can protect my precious people and myself. Whenever Lur saw a sword, he freaked out, so I learned to turn his weakness into my strength. That’s why I chose the Faculty of Swordsmanship, which was my minor.”


It was now well-known that Luensir was afraid of swords, so there was no reason to hide it. More than that, because she believed in Eden, she brought up the story of the past.


“Your Excellency.”




Eden took out a finely folded handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to her/


“Baron! Finally…”


“That’s not it. Wipe your sweat.”


Eii, what the? Anyway… I’ll use it well.”


Not wanting to acknowledge her misunderstanding, Charteron sniffed the scent of the handkerchief.


“It smells good. It’s embroidered with flowers. It’s…”




“Because of you, there is love…”


“…Do you know the language of flowers?” Eden looked at Charteron’s face with a surprising look.


“It’s Martin’s birth flower.”


“If it’s Martin…”


“Yes, it’s the name of Viscountess Rael. My second mother.”


“…Is that so?”


Charteron called Martin as her ‘second mother’ as if it was natural. At that moment, Eden suddenly felt his heart being pinched and tickled.


“By the way, did you embroider it yourself?”




“Really? I’m really bad at embroidery, but this is amazing. You know Madame Lientil, right? I grew up learning from her.”


Eden chuckled at Charteron’s joke.


“It’s not a joke.”


“I know.”




“I’m listening.”


“Don’t betray me. Then I’ll be really sad.”


“I won’t. Because Your Excellency gives more bonuses. Honestly, I was moved when I saw the amount.”


“…Would you go if another person gave you more money?”


He let out a smirk, but Charteron, who didn’t notice it, had an anxious expression on her face.


“It meant asking for a raise in salary.”


“Get out of here right now.”


“Thank you for your hard work today. I’ve put the paperwork on the desk in your office.” Clear sunlight followed Eden’s brightly smiling face.


They became precious to each other, and Charteron announced that she would get engaged with Eden, who became her lover. She told him to call Luensir as a bro. It was later that Luensir laughed, saying that he didn’t expect that she would bring someone who would treat him like a bro. 


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