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This child is someone who always wants to do something with Charelize… Duke Marsetta found her refusal strange, but soon put it aside.


“It seemed like she has an allergy to cheese. Let’s do that.” He didn’t really remember, but he followed Lillian’s advice to not invite the little duchess.


“Yes, Uncle.”


“Lilli, I feel you are somewhat calm today. You suit more to run wild like Siael.”


“…Is Mom like that?”


“Well, didn’t she always like that? When I look at you, I feel like I’m looking at Siael.”


Seeing the back of the head of the Duke of Marcela, who was soaked in memories alone, Charelize held her breath while touching her hair. Shall I kill him now?


At that moment, Duke Marsetta looked back and smiled. “Lilli? What are you doing without coming?”


“I’m going now.”


Charelize followed him with a smile. Now. Later, he has to die in the most painful way. If he ingests the poisonous roots of vallesium flowers, he will experience unimaginable pain.


Enjoy your moment for now, Father.


Recalling her mother’s unfair death, Charelize set her sights on what she should do next.


* * *

After having lunch with Duke Marsetta and returning to the county, Charelize vomited everything.


Duke Marsetta had cut her steak and fed her. He even offered his share of cheesecake, asking her to eat more.


Even though she vomited more than she ate, she still didn’t feel well. After wiping her mouth and leaving the bathroom, Siael stood there, looking at her with concerned eyes.


“Lilli, are you sick?”


“…I have a stomachache.”


“Oh gosh, you must be in pain. Come here.” Siael sat on the bed and tapped her knee. “Lie down. Mom will rub your stomach.”


“I’m o…kay!”


When Charelize, who was embarrassed, refused, Siael pulled her hand and forced her to lie on her lap. Siael’s arms were strangely cozy and smelled like her mother’s.


The smell of lilac… Charelize closed her eyes tightly and smelled what she had longed for.


Siael touched Charelize’s belly and sang a lullaby. She envied the love Lillian received. Maybe because she wanted to be her so badly… their body switched.


Charelize, who was moved to tears by the melodious lullaby, brought up the story of her mother. “My aunt.”


“Do you mean Duchess Marsetta?”


“I wonder if my aunt loved older sister like how Mom loves me.” She was curious about what other people saw her mother like.


“Of course. I could only see her a few times because she was sick, but she really loved the little duchess.”




“I’m telling you. Before she died, she even asked me to look after her and take care of things for her if she died.”


Charelize dug further into Siael’s arms.


“You’re being so childish today, My Daughter.” Siael smiled and gently brushed Charelize’s hair.


* * *

A week later, the day came when Duke Marsetta taught her how to ride a horse. When I went to see him early in the morning, a small horse was already ready.


Time passed so quickly. It’s already been a while since I lived in Lillian’s body.


“Little Lady.”


“Butler. What about older sister?”


“She’s in her room again today. She doesn’t seem to be in very good shape.”


In the meantime, Lillian stayed in her room as Charelize had said. Charelize had visited the temple to find out how to return their body, but there was no useful information.


“Has uncle ever visited older sister?”




The butler was reluctant to talk with a face of embarrassment. It meant that he had never done it. Although Charelize already expected it, she just smiled. Even if someone you don’t know is sick, you’ll visit them if they live in the same house as you.






Duke Marsetta came from far away, smiling kindly. It was absolutely not the face of someone who had a sick child.


Today, again, Charelize put on her mask and acted like Lillian.


“You’re here.”


“You still could get a lot of sleep in the morning, but you came so early today. Are you really looking forward to riding the horse?” Duke Marsetta ruffled Charelize’s hair with an expression that said he couldn’t stop her.


Obviously, Lillian asked him if it was okay for me to go horseback riding with her… But he didn’t even ask me if I wanted to come. Charelize hid her bitter smile.


“Come on, Lillian. I told them to bring a gentle horse. Phillip’s horse is too dangerous for you.”


Duke Marsetta personally gave Charelize a ride on the back of the horse.


“Yes. Like that. Hold the reins and move slowly.”


Charelize, who at first followed Duke Marsetta’s instructions, pulled hard on the reins. When his hand touched her, she felt irritated. As she kept moving the horse and driving it roughly, she heard Duke Marsetta talking in the distance.


“Lillian! It’s dangerous to run like that all of a sudden!”


Duke Marsetta also mounted a horse and followed Charelize.


It’s not dangerous at all, but it’s Lillian’s first time riding a horse, so it might be better to stop running. I tried to stop moving, but the horse wouldn’t listen.




The horse cried and became agitated, then stamped its foot in an attempt to throw Charelize off.


Why all of a sudden…!  The panicked Charelize let go of the reins and was about to fall off the horse when Duke Marsetta flew and wrapped around her. Dururuk— Because of this, the sight of Duke Marsetta, who had fainted while holding her, appeared in her eyes.




Charelize closed her eyes as the butler and coachman rushed towards them.


* * *

“Little Lady! You’re awake! Count Larso and his wife are coming.”


When she opened her eyes, the butler’s voice caught her ears.




When the butler hesitated, Charelize went to Duke Marsetta’s bedroom. In the bedroom, Lillian and the doctors were guarding.


Lilian whispered very quietly as she approached Charelize’s side. “O-Older Sister, What should I do? Uncle is in danger.”




“Yes. I heard he may have a hard time getting through tonight. What should I do…??”


Upon hearing Lilian, Charelize asked the doctor for an accurate explanation. “What happened?”


“…It seems like he broke his bone when he fell from the horse. He took the medicine as quickly as possible, but it seemed difficult to save his life.”




“Maybe he will be gone soon…”


Charelize slumped down on the floor and lowered her head. If he dies like this, I’ll feel sorry for my mother. He hasn’t paid back anything, and if things go on like this…


Charelize, who scratched the floor with her fingernails to the point of bleeding, received a sorry look. If it were now, they wouldn’t see it as strange.


“Older Sister.”




“It’s because of me that uncle became like that. If it’s okay, may I stay by uncle’s side?”


Lillian, who recognized Charelize’s signal, nodded her head. “Everyone, let’s go out.” She let everyone out, mimicking Charlize.


“Yes, Your Highness.”


Charelize and Lilian are the only ones left.


“Older Sister, what should I do now? If uncle… dies…”


“You, in my appearance, will succeed Duke Marsetta.”


Lillian had a tearful face at Charelize’s words. “H-how can I! I was too scared to pretend to be Older Sister even for a moment… But to succeed Duke Marsetta? I-I can’t do that.”


“You have me. Even if our bodies don’t change like this, as the little duchess, I will take care of everything. Just like before, you just need to imitate me.”


“…B-but, Older Sister, aren’t you worried about uncle?”


At Lillian’s question, Charelize sat on the bed. “I’m worried. However, as the successor to Duke Marsetta, I’m also thinking about my family’s future.”


“I see…”


At that moment, seeing that Duke Marsetta’s fingers had flinched, Charelize stared at him. He seemed to wake up, so she told Lillian. “Lillian, please go out for a moment.”




After Lillian left, Duke Marsetta opened his eyes and opened his mouth with difficulty. “Li-Lillian. Are you… okay?”


As soon as he opened his eyes, he checked to see if Lillian was okay. He gave out a painful groan throughout the talk, but he didn’t seem to care about his physical condition.


If I had been injured instead of Lillian… would he be so worried like this? No, he wouldn’t have thrown himself to save her like he did to Lillian in the first place.


“Li-Lillian, c-can y-you c-call S-Siael…?”


Charelize sensed that Duke Marsetta, who was out of breath, had no time left to live. She regretted sending him off like this, but since it would be their last time, Charelize had something to know about.


“Father, why did you do that?”




“You poisoned mother and then shamelessly told me that mother will go to a good place at her funeral…”


In disbelief, Duke Marsetta blinked his eyes slowly.


“You don’t look after me. I got used to not being loved, so it was bearable.”




“But I can’t forgive you for killing my mother.”


Duke Marsetta, who belatedly grasped the situation, recognized her. “Chare, lize?”


“Yes, Father.”


Duke Marsetta, who was trying to get up, choked up and vomited dark red blood. “Why did you… Lillian… C-call, Lillian and Siael…”




“I, have, to, see, their, faces…”


Charelize cut Duke Marsetta’s words. “Now I understand, Father. The best revenge I could give to my father was to keep your end to myself.”


The arm of the Duke Marsetta, who was trying to reach Charelize, fell helplessly.


“Goodbye. Let’s never see each other again for any reason.”


Charlize’s tears fell as she bid farewell to Duke Marsetta. The days she longed for his love passed quickly. It was such fleeting and meaningless days.


The End.


* * *

Words from the author:

Hello, this is Januri. I remember when I wrote the first sentence of this novel. I wondered when I would be able to finish Charelize’s story, but now, about two years later, I have finally put an end to it. It was a really long journey. Thank you for being with me. 


Author's Thoughts

Hello, Alyalia is here~
It's been a long time since I translated YRAL, and now this novel has ended. Thank you for reading this novel. I hope you enjoy this story. May we meet again in another series (≧∇≦)/

P.S.: I heard this novel will be getting a manhwa adaptation, though I'm not sure when it will be coming out.

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