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“Father, I heard you’re discounting the ongoing business with Viscount Blanche.”


“Not only business, but I also won’t ever see their families, including the Viscount.”


“What is… the reason?”


“It was the price of spilling wine on Lillian’s dress and not repenting their sins.”


“First of all… it was Lillian who said something that offended Lady Blanche. Didn’t Father see it too?”


“Whatever happened, Lillian is the Princess of Marsetta. It wasn’t a matter of right or wrong.”


“Viscount Blanche is my person. Are you not going to overturn that decision?”


“That’s right.”


Just because the wine was spilled on Lillian’s dress, Duke Marsetta cut ties with their family. Despite being an old vassal who served Charelize, he didn’t change his mind.


“Lillian! Is she okay? Are there any injuries?”


“Fortunately, the fire didn’t reach the Princess’s room. But… the little Duchess’s office was on fire…”


“Lillian may have inhaled the smoke, so call the priest…”


“More than that, there is a burn mark left on little Duchess’s…”


“Burn mark?”


“Yes, that’s—”


“…baby! Lillian! Get a hold of yourself! What’s happening with her?”


Without hesitation, Duke Marsettta ran to the fallen Lillian. That night, more bitter than the burn mark on her wrist that would remain forever, was the bitter scar in her heart.


It wasn’t just that she felt angry. Lillian’s presence was also only a secondary matter. It was a regret. The regret that she realized it belatedly. And she thought it was too late.


She was betrayed by her loved ones, and her wounds were so great that she refused to believe in her people. Nevertheless, she showed her heart. She even confessed that she was coming back from the past.


Charelize swore that she would never show her feelings again. But why did she have tears in her eyes?


She was envious of Professor Hail’s daughter, who had an affectionate father, and Crown Princess Elizabeth, who was clearly being loved.


“Your Highness.”


“By the way, how long will you stay in the capital?”


Charelize quickly changed the subject to hide the tears in her eyes.


“Rudbihi… no, I’m here to attend the succession ceremony of Grand Duke Innovestin.”




“He is my last disciple since Her Highness Elizabeth passed away.”


“Were you the Grand Duke’s teacher?”


“…that’s right.”


Professor Hail’s face hardened when asked by Charelize.


“Did you know that the predecessor Grand Duke Innovestin… and his daughter died in the carriage accident?”





“Since the predecessor Grand Duchess was on an unplanned stay, so I came here thinking he wouldn’t come. Shouldn’t at least one adult show their face?”


Professor Hail, who spoke about Grand Duke Innovestin and his family, laughed bitterly. Like Crown Princess Elizabeth, Grand Duke Innvoestin lost his family because of Harbert IV.


Charelize nodded, remembering in the past that the predecessor Grand Duchess never showed up at her grandchild’s succession ceremony.


“If it’s okay with you, I will give you a guest room.”


“No, I can’t cause any trouble to the little Duchess.”


“For the time being, walk with me in the garden and be my companion.”




“Let’s go to my mother’s place and greet her together.”


“If that’s the case, I won’t refuse anymore. Thank you, Your Highness.”


Professor Hail bowed his head a little and thanked me.


The butler came in when Charelize pulled the silver string next to her.


“Did you call, young Master?”


“Give Professor Hail the second room on the second floor, and let the faithful servant serve him.”


“I understand.”


“Since he’s my guest, I’m sure you will educate the servants.”


“Yes, don’t worry.”


Professor Hail smiled a little as she watched Charelize’s appearance repeatedly.


“Like last time, there are always things to be grateful for.”


“I hope you don’t feel burdened. And…”


“Yes, go ahead.”


“As you said earlier… Do you know anything more about Edelise?”


Professor Hail was puzzled by Charelize, who asked about Edelise. He was telling her his experience as an example.


“It’s something I studied a long time ago, but… I will organize it with books and give it to you through my people.”


“Then I’ll be waiting for it.”


“I’m going to go now, Your Highness.”


Charelize believed there was a reason for telling her that.


* * *

“Professor Hail sent me.”


“Follow Hailey, and I will pay for the trouble.”


“I understand, Your Highness. Please follow me.”


A few days later, the things that Professor Hail sent arrived. A servant brought a pile of books that looked pretty heavy and a stack of papers stacked on each other, then immediately left the room.  


Charelize took a few deep breaths and opened the book.


“A cat, who has been with its owner since their birth, when its owner has a beloved companion… One of its eyes changed to its owner’s companion’s color…?’


Charelize read it carefully, pondering the content, and noticed something odd.


When the person who would become the head of Edelise was born, an eagle and a cat were also born. The eagle, unlike ordinary birds, was very intelligent enough to understand human speech. It was said that the cat has the same light purple eyes as its owner. Its other eye could become the color of its owner’s companion and could turn into a human being.


Charelize had already heard it from Professor Hail once, but she didn’t notice it then. When she thought about it slowly, the cat that Arensis was raising also had different eyes.  One was light purple, and the other was the same blue as her.


“You didn’t give them a name? What a cold-hearted owner. Do you feed them properly?”


“He didn’t because he was too sad to live.”


“I told you not to turn into a person when we are outside.”


“Look at this. What sin did I commit in my previous life to have an owner like this… I’m turning back.”


“Poor thing, come here.”




“Can I name it?”




“The cat is named after me, Lili. Let the eagle be named after you. What do you think?”




Once again, the unsourced memories of what appeared to be Arensis ran through her mind. Her heart began to ache from beating fast. She barely calmed down and breathed out, but this time her head hurt. After a while, the intense headache stopped. She came to her senses and flipped the back page.


“Edelise’s eight head turned back the time of his mate, Princess Ercia, made her alive and erased her memory.”


Finally, what she was looking for came out, so Charelize hurried to the next page. But the paper was torn. One thing was clear, the price paid by the head was death. When she realized that face, her whole body trembled. She saw fantasies she didn’t want to see, along with anxious feelings.


Arensis was stabbed to death and was vomiting blood. Clearly, his death was settled as he turned back time for Charelize and saved her from death.


Charelize wanted to leave her seat and come out to find him right away. But if he disappeared like last time, there was nothing she could do. Moreover, she could hardly hear any information about Arensis, whether she was concerned about what had happened from that day.




“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Is it right for the royal from other empires to attend the succession ceremony of Grand Duke Innovestin this time?”


“As far as I know, yes. The First Princess of Peschte Empire is also coming…”


Charelize smiled leisurely as she asked if Arensis would be present.


“If he’s running away, I’m in trouble.”




“It’s something that should be asked in a place where he couldn’t run away.”


While Charelize’s mouth was smiling, her eyes were not at all.


‘Like medicine last time… He didn’t seem to be a bad person, but what the hell happened with them?’


Hailey thought about it.


“Do you have anything to say to me?”


“N-Nothing, Your Highness. Since the tea is cold, shall I bring you a new one?”


“Yes, thank you. Bring your share to drink as it comes.”


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


Hailey ignored the thought she had just had.


‘She won’t strike first, but… that doesn’t mean she’s gonna lose her prey. I’m sure this is only a useless worry.’


There was a time when Charelize didn’t attend the coming-of-age ceremony. Because she was a princess, the ladies were jealous of her. She made the jealous young ladies, who had been spreading vicious rumors about her, unable to even walk outside their territory. It wasn’t because Charelize punished them. It was a decision she made by herself after she had a brief meeting with those young ladies.


“Then I will leave now, Lady Ruben.”


“…t-take care, Princess.”


“Ah, right. There’s one thing I haven’t said.”




“Treason is a felony that will destroy a family for three generations. You know that, don’t you? Then take care of yourself…”




“Please give my regard for the Marquis.”


“Yes…yes. I-I will definitely… give it to my father.”


Hailey was listening closely to what Charelize had to say. With her respect for Charelize, she felt again that her decision to choose Charelize as her master was right.


It was a distant future for her to regret passing by Lari’s obvious lie while waiting for Lari to tell by herself.


* * *


“Your Highness, it’s time for you to prepare your robes for the succession of Grand Duke Innovestin.”


“Has the date already been decided?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Send a letter to Madame Lientil asking her to visit us soon.”


At Hailey’s words that she should prepare her robes to wear at the ceremonies of Grand Duke Innovestin’s succession, Charelize asked her to write a letter to Madame Lientil.


Madame Lientil’s original identity was Countess Lucas. She lost her husband too early and opened a dressing room to raise her twin sons alone. She expressed her embroidery delicately in her own way, and her skills were outstanding.


However, only a few nobles were looking for her dressing room because of their fear of misfortune as twins considered to be cursed by the Goddess Resina. Madame Lientil suffered from hardships and continued her difficult life, not knowing what to do.


“The embroidery on this handkerchief. Were you the one who made it?”


“T-That’s right. I-I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable…”


“I’m not trying to blame you, Madame. This embroidery… were you really the person who made it?”


“I… I’m ashamed, but yes. Is something wrong with it?”


“I want to sign a contract with Madame.”


Her life changed after accidentally meeting with Charelize, who would become her own benefactor. The fact that the little Duchess of Marsetta personally visited and offered a contract spread quickly.


“M-Madame Lientil. I’m sorry back then. I was careless.”


“If you help me meet with the little Duchess Marsetta just once—”


“I think I know why the little Duchess signed a contract with Madame Lientil.”


The nobles who had ignored her because she had twin children immediately reacted differently.  She was truly skeptical for a while, thinking that Charelize had brought them to her. Soon, it disappeared with the delighted feeling that she could buy her children anything they wanted and pay for their school.  


“I see the little Duchess. May Goddess Resina’s blessing reach you.”


“May Madame Lientil also be protected. Did you feel any inconvenience to come?”


“Thanks to the carriage Your Highness sent me, I came here comfortably. My children also take classes at the academy, so there wasn’t any inconvenience.”


“I heard Madame’s children have been admitted to the Eralpier Academy.”


“The older child is attending the Swordsmanship Faculty, and the younger  one is attending Foreign Relations Faculty.”


“I hope to meet them later as a knight or vassal of the duchy.”


“It’s an honor that won’t happen again, Your Highness.”


Madame Lientil put her hand on the chest and lowered her head slightly at Charelize’s joke. She was grateful to Charelize for giving her so many things.


“The reason I called you today is…”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“I want you to make me a robe for Grand Duke Innovestin’s succession.”


Madame Lientil felt stiff as soon as she heard it. Although she signed a contract with the little Duchess Marsetta, she only made dresses for regular banquets.


“You don’t have to be so nervous. If you do as you have done so far, there will be no problem.”


“I-I’ll do my best.”


“I’m going to wear a tiara made of silver topaz, and the rest of them made from rose quartz.”


“Then… is there something else that needs to be embroidered…?”


“Of course…”




“A blue shield with a silvery hawk engraved on it, the coat of arms of Duke Marsetta.”

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