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“I knew long ago that my older brother would end up like that.”


“…What do you mean by suddenly saying something like that?”


“Isn’t Goddess Resina angry because my Sister-in-law gave birth to damn twins?”


“Eric and Deron are listening. Be careful with your words and actions.”


“Haa, the curse has been placed on our family, and now there are only the damn things remaining!”


The person who pushed her through difficult times without hesitation.


“Before winter passes, get married again to Count Hamel.”

“Don’t you feel sorry… for my husband who died on the battlefield?”

“You’re still talking a lot. So are you going to raise my grandchildren as fatherless children!”


“When my children become your grandchildren! You’ve never treated me like your daughter all your life… who… do you think you’re?… Right… with what qualifications do you say something like that?”


“Stubborn. If you don’t follow my decision, I won’t provide any support in the future.”


The one who left her alone in difficult times.


“Countess Lucas?”


“Y-you can call me Madame Lientil at ease…”


“You don’t have to be so nervous. After all, you’re the same person.”


“I’m sorry…”


“Have you thought about the contract I offered last time?”


“Didn’t you… hear about… my children?”


“It’s my principle to only look at an individual’s skills rather than rumors spread by those who like to share about other people’s affairs.”


“This… how should I repay this kindness?”


“Thanks to the handkerchief Madame has embroidered, I have a good excuse to visit my mother. Thank you.”


When she was in trouble, there was someone who helped her without any conditions.


“Can you do it?” Charelize asked Madame Lientil if she could do it.


Madame Lientil saw the trust contained in Charelize’s gaze. She immediately rose from her seat, bowed her head, and lightly kissed the back of Charelize’s hand.


“What you said to me back then… I still haven’t forgotten.”




“I will not disappoint you.”


Madame Lientil replied in the calmest possible voice, trying not to show her nervousness.


“It’s not that I have asked something difficult. And I know Madem’s skills, so you will do well on your own.”


Charelize added with a satisfied smile, “I prepared blue silk and black wolf fur from the Kingdom Poeld. Take it. The butler will guide you.”


“Black wolves live only in Lete region, so it must have been difficult to obtain the fur… Still, to entrust those precious things to me…?”


“Is that a big deal to someone who was even allowed to embroider Marsetta’s crest?”


“…as much as you trusted me, I will make it with all my heart.”


Charelize wanted to ask Madame Lientil, who once again determined.


“By the way, what is the symbol of Madame Lientil?”


“It’s Rosemary, Your Highness.”




“In the flower language, it has the meaning of good memories that protect family happiness.”


“…I see.”


“Do you mind if I step aside?”


“Go ahead.”


Madame Lientil bid her farewell by slightly lifting the hem of her dress on both sides. She carefully closed the door and left as Charelize nodded her head.


The sight brought Charelize memories of her past life. Around this time, she called Madame Lientil too. Although she didn’t grant the crest or mention words about the cape. In the same way, she asked for a cape to be worn at the succession ceremony of Grand Duke Innovestin.


“That’s what Your Highness requested the other day. How is it?”


“Madame… always seems to show more than I expected.”


“As always, I always do my best.”


It resulted from a short time, but Charelize was delighted with the result that exceeded what she expected.


“Sister! Your dress is so pretty.”

“Thank you. By the way, Lillian, it’s time to leave soon.”

“Dad hasn’t come yet, so how about waiting while having a cup of tea?”


“There’s nothing bad about it.”


“…so, Dad gave me this brooch and put it on by himself!”




“Ah, by the way! Sister! Are you listening to me?”


“I’m listening. It suits you well.”


“I’m so nervous at the thought of entering with Dad’s escort.”


“Lillian, the banquet held in the Imperial Palace is to enter with a partner.”


“My partner will be Dad!”


“It’s customary for the head of the family to enter with their successor.”


“So… what about me? Am I going alone?”


“We will ride the carriage together. It’s just you’re entering at the next turn.”




“Lillian, it can’t be helped…”


“Sister, your tiara is messed up. I will sort it out for you.”


“It’s alri—”


Lillian got up from her seat to sort out the tiara, but the contents of the teacup soaked Charelize’s dress.


“Ah… S-sister… your dress…”


“Your Highness! Are you okay? Call the doctor!”


“…the tea had already cooled down, so I didn’t get hurt. There’s no need to call a doctor.”


“Si-sister… I… I’m sorry. I-I just… trying to… sort out…”


“…Lilli! Why are you crying?”




“Charelize, What on earth have you done to Lilli!”


Just then, Duke Marsetta arrived. At Lillian’s sudden tears, he looked at Charelize with a look bordering on contempt.


“I-it’s not like that, Dad. B-because of me, Sister’s dress—”


“Don’t cry, Lilli.”




“I was late because I was getting a ruby necklace for you at the auction. I’m sorry this father couldn’t come sooner.”


He was restless at Lillian’s tears, which had become so natural, like a daily routine.


“Is it because your dress made your younger sister cry!”


“That’s not—”


“I don’t want to see you. So take another carriage.”




Charelize, struggling to hold back her tears, got ignored. She was so shocked that she forgot to tell him the situation. But her father didn’t hear what happened and came to a conclusion like that. Duke Marsetta, who learned what happened belatedly, didn’t apologize to Charelize. Only Charelize was the one who remembered it.


At that time, Charelize couldn’t let go of her hope even after being treated like that. She couldn’t disgrace her father by wearing a tea-soaked dress. In the end, she changed into a silk dress, which barely matched her jewelry.


Arriving at the hall belatedly, she managed to keep her emotions in check. As if it wasn’t enough that Duke Marsetta entered with Lillian, she arrived late by the carriage alone. Even though the main character of the ceremony wasn’t Charelize, everyone noticed it and whispered about her.


“Not anyone else…”




“To be late for the Grand Duke’s succession ceremony, which can be said as the family to the Duke’s family.”


“…I apologize.”


“I’m sure Grand Duke Innovestin must be very disappointed.”


And there was no way Harbert IV would let it go quietly.


“The blessing of High Priest Lucio will begin soon, so go back to your seat. What a disappointment.”


At that moment, all Charelize saw was Duke Marsetta, who turned his head and kicked his tongue as he ran into her.


Perhaps from that on, a group that followed Lillian, not Charelize, was formed. Everyone made up and spread rumors about Charelize. No one passed up her mistakes.


Charelize kept getting hurt. She became an adult even though she hadn’t reached adulthood yet. Unfortunately, she had to be seen as an adult in the eyes of others. Every second she breathed, she fooled herself, pretending to be an adult.

Charelize finished reminiscing about her stupid past and tried to focus on looking at the papers again. However, no matter how much she looked at it, she couldn’t focus on it. As she couldn’t help it, she got up and went outside, where Martin and Hailey were there.


“Why didn’t you call—”


“Your Highness, I think it would be better to get checked up by Baron Alec.”


The former was Martin, and the latter was Hailey.


“Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.”




“Isn’t it rude to call someone who is busy with something I asked for?”


Hailey stared at her with a concerned look as Charelize shook her head and gently refused. She didn’t want to bother Baron Alec, who was already busy.


“What about Lari?”


“She prepared early in the morning because she had something to do today.”


“Ah, vacation. That was what she said before.”


A few days ago, she remembered Lari asked for permission to take a vacation because she had a place to visit for a while.


“Shall we go to the garden and rest for a while?”


As Charelize contemplated whether or not to rest in the garden, Martin next to her smiled brightly and made tea.


“Ah, then I’ll get the tea.”


“Thank you, Martin.”


“I’ll go ahead and get it ready, Your Highness.”




As she watched Martin leave with quick steps, Charelize frowned.


“At this rate, she’s going to fall.”


“She’s running like that, fearing Your Highness changes your mind to take a break.”


“…no way.”


“Right now, Your Highness needs a break.”


With Hailey’s determined attitude, Charelize was forced to walk into the garden. Hailey, who had locked the door to her office, followed after Charelize.


“So, does Your Highness know what Lari said?”


“What did she say?”


“After thinking for an hour, she said she liked lemon pie better when she chose tiramisu in the end.”


“I think the Lari I know will change it to apple pie after thinking about it again when she wants to call other servants.”


“…how did you know?”


“Add a slice of cake with strawberries on top, then she will look satisfied.”


“Were you… in there…?”


When Charelize spoke as if she was in there, Hailey gave a look of surprise.


“She’s always like that when she goes out with me sometimes. I’m used to it now, but I will be disappointed if she doesn’t do that anymore.”


“Your Highness, as I have repeatedly reminded you, please don’t pardon Lari’s foolishness too much.”


“It’s just because she was cute. Hailey, you sometimes tend to be a bit too strict with Lari.”




The face of Charelize, who was having a playful conversation with Hailey, suddenly hardened. It was because, at the entrance to the hallway leading to the central staircase, she found Lillian smiling while crossing her arm with Duke Marsetta.


“I’m going to my mother’s garden…”


“…Your Highness.”


“I don’t want to ruin my mood with something pointless. Let’s go to the stairs leading to the back door.”


“Yes, I understand.”


In the middle of the quiet way, the conversation that had been enjoyable until just now had stopped.


“Lady Lillian kindly said something first… and kept smiling?”


“No small talk during working hours, Chervil.”


“What do you think about it? Over the past few years, Your Highness has been down this path, but she has never been to the private library.”


She could hear the knights talking loudly. 


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