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“Deliver this opal necklace to lady Ramed.”


“It looks very precious… even from a glance.”


“It must have been an invitation to criticize me… or to raise herself.”




“That’s right. This will save your face to some extent even if I don’t go, and it will be more comfortable if you attend instead of me.”


“Thank you for your consideration, Your Highness.”


Viyon placed her hand on her chest and bowed her head slightly.


“My excuse for lady Ramed… I’m sure you will know what to say.”


“I will make sure none of your worries will happen.”


“Oh my gosh, it’s already late.”


Looking at the sky through the window, it seemed like time had passed quite a bit.


“I’ll get up first, Your Highness.”


“Go with caution.”


Viyon lifted the hem of the dress slightly and went out after setting an example.


“Please… I hope you do well, Viyon.”


Watching the scene, Charelize spoke quietly.


* * *


The days of regular meetings were back again.


“You still… haven’t been able to interpret it?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“It turned out to be more complicated than I thought.”


Among her vassals, who had gathered from early in the morning, Charelize received bad news. Reports have been made that the paper with ancient characters, which was previously discovered in the North, hadn’t yet been interpreted.


Charelize ran through her hair, making a troubled look.


“Within this month, I will personally visit Queen Lilze and ask for her understanding.”


Count Luwen, who took over the work from Count Argen, said he would visit Queen Lilze and ask for her understanding.


“Okay. Please take care of it.”


“Don’t worry too much. Isn’t Your Highness familiar with the character of Queen Lilze?”


“Then… I will let Count Luewn handle this matter… What’s next?”


At Count Luwen’s words, Charelize briefly put off her worries and moved on to the next issue.


“It’s inevitable with what happened to the esteemed son of Justina… but if Your Highness doesn’t enter with a partner, you will definitely be talking back and forth. In addition…”


“In addition?”


“Leaving alone Lillian de Buzz is problematic, Your Highness.” Viscount Blanche brought up Lillian as carefully as he could.


Charelize wasn’t in a good mood when Lillian was mentioned, but she allowed Viscount Blanche’s remarks, thinking that public and private life should be distinguished.


“Keep talking.”


“Although Your Highness is in charge of most of the contracts that are concluded, including the regular meetings and various tasks…”




“However, isn’t the current head of Marsetta, the Duke, still healthy?”




“If the Duke wants to make Lillian de Buzz his princess, there is no reason to stop it.”


“…that’s right.”


“Marquis Luxen family has already been reinstated… Rather, how about Your Highness speak about it first and present the conditions?”


It wasn’t something Charelize hadn’t thought of either, she nodded.


“Do you mean to use it in reverse?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


It was meant to listen and decide.


“You did the same last time, trying so hard to get Lillian de Buzz to join the family.”


Someone snorted and showed opposition to Viscount Blanche. It was Count Riven who was sitting in front of him.


“Don’t doubt my loyalty to the little Duchess.”


“Viscount Blanche has a point, so watch your words and actions, Count Riven.”


“…I apologize, Your Highness.”


At Charelize’s intervention, Count Riven immediately dropped his tail with a grim face.


“Let’s talk about it, the conditions.”


“First, let Lillian de Buzz register as princess, but don’t give her a first surname.”


“First surname?”


“It means they have a successor right, but I think it’s better to prevent anything in advance.”


“What’s next?”


“Second, we must let her stay somewhere other than Rosnia, which is only given to the eldest daughter and the .”


“Second, let her stay somewhere other than Rosnia, which is only given to the eldest daughter and royal princess.”




“That room… was named after Her Majesty Empress Rosnia, the eldest daughter of the first head.”


Charelize listened to all the conditions Viscount Blanche said, and thought as she rested her chin on her hand.


“This is probably more problematic than whether or not she would have the succession right.”


“…I’m really curious about how the Duke’s reaction will be when he hears the conditions.”


“It isn’t just my opinion. Together with others, I will speak to His Grace.”


“So be it.”


Viscount Blanche caught his breath for a moment. “Your Highness, the only master I will serve is the Duke and his successor.”


“How can I doubt the loyalty of Viscount, not anyone else?”


In previous life, Lillian had insulted Viscount Blanche’s daughter. In the end, the daughter of Viscount Blanche, unable to contain her anger, spilled wine at Lillian’s dress.


It was obviously bullying in other’s eyes, but Charelize heard what had happened from Lady Blanche herself. Lady Blanche said she did that because Lillian treated her father as Charelize’s dog.


Upon hearing the news, Duke Marsetta was enraged and stopped all the business with their family. Viscount Blanche permanently removed from the list of his vassals. No matter how much Charelize stood up from him, Duke Marsetta didn’t take it back.


“I heard your daughter is going into society next year.”


“Yes, it’s already time.”


“Lillian de Buzz tends to say her words without going through her head before. If by any chance she says anything that insults your daughter, just tell her to ignore it.”


“I understand, Your Highness.”


At the sudden mention of his youngest daughter, Viscount Blanche seemed taken aback. He then nodded, saying he understood.


A few days later, Lillian became a princess. After that she took the surname of Marsetta.


What was surprising in the process was that Duke Marsetta accepted all the conditions from the last meeting. It was said that he briefly took a moment to examine the term put forward by his vassals, and he said nothing much. What was even more surprising was that he asked if there were only two terms.


Charelize felt strangely unpleasant and headed to the training ground. After training by shooting arrows at the target, she felt better. Before the sweat on her forehead cooled, she washed her body. She dried her hair and closed her eyes for a moment as she was tired, then lay down on the bed. When she came to her senses, it was already morning.




“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Did I… sleep until now?”


“I didn’t wake Your Highness because you looked tired. By any chance, is something going on?”


“…it’s just that I’ve been spending more time sleeping these days.”


Charelize drinking the tea brought by Lari, who just happened to enter the bedroom and lifted up the curtains.


There had been a lot of things she couldn’t understand these days. Insomnia once developed wasn’t easily cured no matter what method was used, even if it was handled by Baron Alec who had a reputation in the capital.


“Your Highness, take it easy.”


“Take it easy?”


“Yes, then you’ll fall asleep at some point.”


But, strangely enough, at some point, her time to sleep increased. Just like the doctor said, Charelize wasn’t particularly in a comfortable state.


With Lillian officially registered, there were more things to do. Her headaches came commonly, especially when thinking for a long time or looking at the documents for a long time. However, Charelize could feel herself that the intensity and frequency of it coming had decreased significantly.


“Since you’re on vacation, you could have taken a little more rest.”


“Thank you for saying that, but I feel at ease when I stay by Your Highness’ side.”


“If anyone sees you, they will mistake you for a mother following her child around,” said Charelize as she was served by Lari.


“Anyway, just twice a year is enough.”


“Twice? Who did you meet?”


“Yes. Since it’s my friend’s birthday, I talked about this and that and we shared delicious food.”


“It’s okay as long as you’re happy.”


Charelize got up and patted Lari a couple of times, who smiled brightly. Even though Charelize had known Lari for a long time, she smiled at her as if they had met for the first time.


Charelize faced Lillian in the hallway leading to his office.


“I see you, little Duchess.”




Lillian didn’t change her habit of calling Charelize as sister, no matter what Charelize said. On the contrary, she deliberately brought out Charelize’s title in front of Duke Marsetta and didn’t hesitate to provoke her.


For some reason, Lillian, facing Charelize, bowed politely and greeted her. Charelize was wondering if the sun had risen from somewhere else today. Lari, who was next to her, was also quite surprised.


Charelize reluctantly accepted her greeting and tried to walk past.


“Your Highness”


“What’s going on?”


At the voice of Lillian calling her, Charelize was forced to turn back.


“I moved my room, and I really like the new room. Thank you.”


“Why are you telling me that?”


“It will be very windy soon, so how about moving your room to the south where you could get sun…”




“It was what His Grace said.”


“Who said it?”


Surprised by who said that, Charelize asked back.


“Dad. Why are you asking again?”




“And now that I become the princess of Duke Marsetta, I want to get along with Your Highness too.”




“Likable or not, we become real siblings now,” said Lillian said with a big smile.

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