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“Young Master.”


“What is it?”


“Finally, two people have arrived for an interview for the servant position.”


“Let them come inside.”


Last time, after going through Baron Ite and Kanna’s affair, to prevent it from happening again, Charelize changed the method to face-to-face interview before hiring.


In addition, recruitment conditions have become much more difficult than before. They had to get recommendation letters from more than one person, and they had to complete all the investigations about their relatives within their cousin. Also, to get interviewed by Charelize, they had to be chosen first by the butler.


“The second daughter of Viscount Shuril, Anessa Junen de Shuril greets the little Duchess Marsetta.”


“May Goddess Resina’s blessing reach you. It’s an honor for me to meet the little Duchess.”


They were introducing themselves from right to left. Charelize found the paper with the identity of Viscount Shuril daughter on it.


“Lady Shuril?”




“…You’re Count Luwen’s niece?”


“My father is the cousin of Count Luwen.”


Count Luwen. He was serious and calm in everything, so he was in charge of the scribe. He was one of the nobles who were absolutely loyal to the Duke Marsetta. Furthermore, since she had brought a recommendation letter by Count Luwen, Charelize had to think of his face.


“First of all, the next person… Lira?


“Yes, little Duchess.”


“I know you’re the younger sister of Baron Karmen, but why didn’t you write your last name?”


“It is true that my brother is Baron Karmen, but since it’s only a single title, my status in no different from a commoner.” Lila answered politely in a gentle tone. It seemed that she had a personality that wouldn’t blindly look down on others just because her family was noble.


“The interview is over. I’ll let you know the results in a letter soon.”


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


“Then, you can leave now.”


After hearing that the interview was over, Anessa and Lila said their goodbyes and left.


“Among the 11 applicants, are they the only two left?”


“That’s right. Count Luwen’s niece and Viscount Shuril’s daughter is good, but Baron Karmen’s sister has no problem with her reputation.”


Charelize agonized as she tapped her finger on the desk.


“Baron Karmen… He’s currently attending the Faculty of Foreign Relations at Rosielt Academy, so I’ve heard conversation with him a few times.”


“It’s true that I’ve considered his relationship with the young Master, but I’ve never judged by that alone.”


“I know. I heard that he had a gentle sister. She must be that one.”


Charelize could already tell how careful the butler did his work, even without asking.


“Young Master, we are currently short of hands.”


“…Is that why you’ve become very thin while I haven’t seen you?”


“Young Master. A small number is fine, so please allow me to bring in new servants.”


In the first place, the reason why he wanted to hire new servants was because they were too short of workers, so he made a suggestion and received support. Nevertheless, out of 11, there are only two left. It was visible how careful he was.


“After three days, send a letter to Lady Shuril and Baron Karmen’s sister to go work in the Duchy.”


“From three days on, write to the daughter of Viscount of Shril and sister of Baron Carmen to work in the Duchy.”


“Thank you, thank you, young Master.”


As he smiled brightly, his tired face stood out even more. It was pitiful seeing him constantly saying thank you.


“If you bow your head that far, don’t you think I’ve overworked you too much?”


The butler didn’t refute it. He just gently shut his mouth.


“Your Highness.”


“Come in, Lari.”


The moment an awkward atmosphere was formed, Lari came in just in time.


“I have to tell the head of the maid, who will conduct the training, so I will leave first.”


“Go ahead.”


The butler bowed his head, saying he had to meet the head of the maid.


“Please have some of it, Your Highness.”


When the butler left, Lari carefully poured the tea into a teacup and handed it to Charelize.


“I’ve just finished, that’s great.”


“I also baked some cookies too.”


Charelize rose from her seat with a faint smile. She patted her swollen shoulders and let out a hard sigh.


“Your Highness.”




“Are there any important documents that you need to remove from what you’re doing now?”


“I don’t have it now, why?”


“Then, I will organize the documents while you’re taking a rest. At this rate, Your Highness will be buried in paper.”


“…I can’t deny it,” said Charelize, looking at the documents piled high as if they were about to collapse.


Even if the papers fall on the floor or piled up, Charelize didn’t care too much. Perhaps that’s why there were quite a few times the situation ended up in that state.


“Just in case, I’ll just put it on one side.”


“Yes, thank you for doing so.”


Lari, who was picking up what had fallen around her first and organizing what was on her desk, suddenly hardened her face.


“What’s wrong, Lari?”


“I-I’m sorry, Your Highness.”


When Charelize asked what was wrong, Lari dropped the paper she was holding in her hand, apparently bewildered.


“Ah, it must have been made by Viscount Argent. You don’t have to worry about it. I was thinking of throwing it away anyway.”


“…Your Highness.”




“Maybe, uh… this…”


Lari’s body trembled slightly. After her constant fidgeting, Charelize comforted her. it was something she would dismiss in the first place. That’s why Marquis Pasimello’s matter was written at the bottom of that paper.


“Come to think of it…”




Then, Charelize noticed that the name was the same as Baron Karmen’s sister who had just been interviewed.






“Lari, it’s similar to your name. And is it possible that the one he’s looking for is the younger sister of Baron Karmen?”


“The name Lira is common, but too common.” Hailey, who had come in before Charelize knew it, answered instead of Lari.


“It is the name for a child who was born when the moon lit, so I have seen many people named with that.”


“Well, if we’re going to find her so quickly, Marquis Pasimello would have found her first.”


Charelize nodded her head in interest. He said that she lived in Marsetta’s estate, so the person he searched for couldn’t be the younger sister of Baron Karmen.


“Did… something happen?”


“Hailey, among the young ladies, could you look for a lady named Lira with red hair and brown eyes? If there are too many of them, you can list them up.”


“…Is it urgent?”


“It’s not, but… now we’ve made a deal, so it’d be better to find her quickly.”


“I understand, Your Highness.”


* * *

It was a few days later.


“…Nanny’s health distorting?”


“My father is busy… So, I think it will be easier if I stand by her side and take care of her.”


Charelize knew that Martin’s father, Viscount Rael, was in the midst of expanding his business. It was just like her previous life, although Martin didn’t quit her job. Perhaps Martin cried all night, her eyes were particularly red.


“I will order you so, go with Baron Alec, Martin.”


“B-but Baron Alec…”


Martin, who was sorry to take time off at such a busy time, was restless.


“That will put me at ease. Can’t you tell her that I feel sorry I couldn’t go to see her in person?”


“For always doing me a favor… thank you… Your Highness.”


Being an envoy required a lot of preparation. As if it wasn’t enough to be an envoy, Charelize had to watch over Lillian too. Representatively, Charelize led the vassals meeting. Duke Marsetta gave Charelize all the work he had to do.


“If this isn’t the case… I will visit Viscount Rael’s mansion personally.”


It was something she had gone through before, but the pain was the same. Charelize was going crazy as she was worried about her nanny. She received the news by dawn that her nanny often had a high fever and couldn’t sleep.


Hailey replied to the letter on behalf of Charelize and worked separately to get information. It was true that Hailey became busy as Charelize became busy. In addition to that, since she was slowly doing the work of Count Kabe’s family, it was clear that she would be busier than she had imagined if Martin was missing.


It was true that Lari was Charelize’s exclusive maid and had a high position among the servants. However, she didn’t like to do work with others, so Lari did only cleaning and sorting simple papers even after she learned about letters.


“I… become a noble?”


“That’s right. It’s only in name, so don’t worry. Just for your identity…”


“I know, Your Highness. But… I like it the way I’m now.”


Even though she was a commoner, she always refused when Charelize tried to give her a title. It seemed like she was troubled with it, so Charelize didn’t recommend her after that. Still, she felt sorry for her.


While she was thinking about what to do, Charelize remembered Anessa, the Lady of Shuril, and Lira, the younger sister of Baron Karmen.




“Yes, Your Highness.”


“What do you think of Anessa and Lira?”


“We don’t run into each other very often, but basically they both work well. Anessa is meticulous, and Lira always seems calm.”


“If Martin goes on vacation, you’ll be much busier than you’re now… I’m sorry.”


“No, isn’t Your Highness having a harder time than me? All I do is simple tasks…”




“The delegation issue, the vassals’ meetings that had been held three times, with each of them showing no end in sight.”


Hailey shook her head with a nonchalant expression.



“Your Highness, don’t you think we should do a proper investigation?”


“That’s right. Granting the right of succession for the Luxen family is okay, but for being selected as delegation…”


“Why are you bringing the succession issue again? It looks like you can’t let this matter slide.”


“Don’t you know what is more important? Well, since you only know about stupid things…”


“What did you just say!”


The matter of Lady Luxen asked Harbert IV for a favor. Harbert IV said that he wouldn’t give Lillian a right to succeed the Marsetta family. In fact, it was no different from threatening Charelize. This time, the vassals were in a frenzy, biting each other who gave an opposing opinion. 


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