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I didn’t know how you, who didn’t have Edelise’s blood, remembered everything and regressed.


Charel. You loved me, but you didn’t look at me. Every time I looked at those empty eyes, it seemed like you were looking at someone else. There was nothing in those eyes looking at me.


Even if I regretted it belatedly, I knew you won’t forgive me. I knew it wouldn’t be enough even if I pay my sins for the rest of my life. If only I could return, I would be a kind person to you and the baby.


I’m sorry that I only made selfish choices until the end. I broke the trust you gave me and didn’t believe in your love…


I’m really sorry, Charel.]


* * *

“Marquis… Have you read this?”




She didn’t know he was related to Edelise. Marquis Radiasa adopted Delphir, his half-sister’s child, and raised him as if he were his own child. It was clear that he knew something about the ability to regress.


“The two of us will leave you for a while, Your Highness.”


That must be why he took his wife out even after seeing Delphir trembling after breaking the glass beads.


“Little Duchess.”


“The letter of annulled engagement will be coming soon.”


“If you leave our mansion like this, you and I will become enemies.”


That must be why he accepted the annulled engagement without hesitation.


“In his place… I beg your forgiveness. This is my son’s… last trace, so please…”


When Charelize tried to tear up the letter, Marquis Radiasa immediately knelt down and begged.


“With what kind of feeling did I die…”




“Why did I give up my baby…”


Charelize crumpled the letter and threw it to the floor.


“Until the end… Never once did he intend to be kind to me.”


After that, she looked at Dephir’s complexion. Although it was pale, he had a very calm face. He made a necklace out of the two rings they wore at their engagement ceremony.


“Do you prefer a daughter or a son?”


“…It doesn’t matter. As long as they resemble you a lot.”


“I see. No matter what gender, it’s our child. I… I want you to be a loving father.”


“Yes. I will.”


Charelize had lived her whole life to receive someone’s love and recognition. It became natural to pay attention in order to survive. There was no way she, who had lived that way, wouldn’t have known why he was lying to her and talking in honorifics.


Charelize knew that the sense of self-worth Delphir had in himself was born from the abuse of his biological mother. She thought that if she waited while caring for his wounds, she would see a real smile on his face one day.


“I have something to tell him, so please step aside for a moment.”


“…I understand.” Marquis Radiasa, bowing his head to Charelize, then went out.


Charelize didn’t say anything for a while. Then she slowly opened her mouth.




It had been a while since she had called his name. Charelize didn’t speak in honorifics, nor did she call him young master. She called him just like when they were lovers.


“Did you think you could go back again… if you die stabbing yourself with this?”




Of course, there was no answer. Because Delphir was already dead.


“I was happy every moment with you… at least… you shouldn’t have said that.”




Now, it was no use not knowing that Lillian’s actions were lies. Lillian only provided the cause.


“All the time I’ve spent with you is terrible.”


The fact that such words came out from him was due to the accumulation of time he didn’t believe in her.


“You feel so sorry just thinking about asking for my help… to meet… with the baby. Then what about me, who barely holds back even thinking about it?”




“Delphir, how could you do that?”




“…You bastard with no conscience.”


Charelize went outside and then spoke to Marquis Radiasa. “Since I’ve done what Marquis wants, I hope you will listen carefully to what I have to say this time.”


“…Tell me, Your Highness.”


“From now on… even if his body is gone, don’t send your seal ring through someone else.”


“…I apologize.”


“I will give Maen back.”


The reason why Charelize brought Maen was to convey that she wouldn’t come here again. Charelize didn’t want to leave anything related to Delphir around her.


That day was the last time Charelize went to Radiasa March.


* * *

Time passed like a stream, and the day to leave for the Peschte Empire arrived.


“As you’re going on behalf of the Elioter Empire, you have been told to keep that dignity.”


“…Did he say anything else?”


“There is nothing except for asking you to always take care of your health.”


“Take care… of my health… Please tell him that I will engrave it deep in my heart.”


“Yes, I’ll be going now.”


It was a few days ago. The chamberlain personally brought an official letter and conveyed those words of Harbert IV.


Having completed all preparations, Charelize left with Hailey. Lari said she was fine, but it was clear that she wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t easy to spend several nights in an unfamiliar place. They had to take a boat to go to the Peschte Empire.


Furthermore, she couldn’t help but take care of Lillian. Whether she was conscious of the work of the predecessor Grand Duchess Innovestin, Lillian hasn’t exchanged correspondence with Iris as Charelize instructed. Even in the Duchy, she was confined in her room. She didn’t come down to the dining room to eat, nor did she visit Duke Marsetta. She only remained quiet all the way, only observing Charelize.


After riding a boat for two days from the port, they moved the rest of the way by carriage. Then they finally arrived at the Peschte Empire.


“My name is Charelize Elze Roxana von Marsetta, who came to represent the Elioter Empire by order of His Majesty Harbert IV.”


Charelize went to Princess Casilla first.


“Oh my…”


“Once again, thank you. I will pray that you will always be happy.”


“I really feel grateful that you’re coming here. I didn’t expect the little Duchess to come as part of the delegation.”


Princess Casilla smiled slightly at Charelize’s very polite greeting.


“The person next to the little Duchess is…?”


“She is Lillian Ludisa von Marsetta, Your Royal Highness.”


Since Lillian was very nervous when she was Princess Casilla, Charelize replied in her stead.


“Ah, the newly registered… Nice to meet you. By the way, you must be tired from coming a long way, so you better take a break.”


“Thank you for your consideration, Your Royal Highness.”


“Chief Maid, please guide the little Duchess and the Princess where to stay.”


Princess Casilla, who wasn’t interested in Lillian, ordered the chief maid to guide them.


“This is the place, little Duchess.”


The chief mad took the lead and arrived at one of the rooms in the palace where Princess Casilla lived. In many cases, delegations from other empires stayed temporarily in the detached palace or the palace that wasn’t being used.


“Please tell Her Royal Highness my gratitude again.”


Although there was such a thing as being one of her friends in the Peschte Empire, Charelize noticed the princess was saving her face.


“Princess will be staying at the Badiljez Palace.”


“Badiljez Palace?”


“This room was prepared separately for the little Duchess… All the delegations from other empires are staying in the Badiljez Palace, so don’t worry too much.”


The inside of Charelize’s room was very luxurious. As Lillian looked at her, her eyes twinkled, which embarrassed the chief maid.


“Lillian’s manners aren’t perfect yet, so I’m afraid she will make a mistake with nobles from other empires… How can I not worry about her?”


If it went on like this, it would be the same as giving Harbert IV the result he wanted. Charelize had no intention of embarrassing the chief maid, so she explained as calmly as possible.


“Ah, then… I will come back after asking Her Royal Highness. So could you wait for a moment?”


“Thank you.”


As if she knew what Charelize meant, the chief maid nodded.


“There is no Duke to protect you here, nor Lady Luxen…”




“I wish I didn’t have to worry about you.”




Taking advantage of the absence of the chief maid, who left to ask Princess Casilla’s permission, Charelize warned Lillian.


“Little Duchess, Princess Casilla asks for your understanding for not being considerate of that part.”




“That’s right. Princess, you just have to follow me.”


After a while, the chief maid came with a bright face and brought Lillian to the room across from Charelize with a soft smile.


“Your Highness told me to take care of it, but where should I put this?”




Charelize was lying on the bed, recovering from the fatigue that had built up in her body. Hailey, who was packing her things, took out the necklace with a green jewel.


When Hailey took out the green jeweled necklace while organizing her luggage.


“Take this to the Peschte Empire and give it to Lanensia Xavi…”


“Lanensia Xavi…?”


“She’s an old friend of mine.”


Charelize remembered what she had heard from Empress Lireet in the Garden of Light. 


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