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“Thank you. For staying alive… I thought… you were… dead.”


Charelize tried to find her news, but she couldn’t find it, and the letters she sent to Ibellin always returned.


“You’re going to kill someone who is still alive. Do you know how hard it was to write my graduation thesis and take tests for the Faculty of Foreign Relations? It’s too bad I didn’t die from it.”




“What’s right about that? How hard it was for me to get off the hook…”


“Faculty of History… also learn to decipher texts, right?”


At that moment, Charelize realized that she had forgotten for a moment that Ibellin had been in the Faculty of History.


“It’s something you learn in the first grade, so it’s basic. Why all of a sudden? No. I’m not curious. Don’t say anything. I think I know what you’re going to say.”




“You know I just came back from the Principality of Moden to write my graduation thesis. Even I didn’t have enough attendance, so I took the test that students of the Faculty of Foreign Relations take at the same time.”


Rosielt Academy Faculty of Foreign Relations students were able to graduate only after passing a test proficient in two or more languages, including their mother tongue.


The reason Ibellin couldn’t graduate with Charelize was simply that she lacked attendance. As a result of missing class often, she transferred to the Faculty of History in the middle.


The professor at the Faculty of History made it a condition that you must pass the Faculty of Foreign Relations test to graduate. Inevitably, she had to proceed with her graduation thesis deciphering the characters which the first princess of Principality Moden had created.


“…Shall I do it?”




“Drop out. Wouldn’t it be better to die now and sleep forever?”


Ibellin, who was burdened, had a hard time a few months away from graduation to the point she thought of dropping out. Even at that time, Charelize paid her to help her with her graduation thesis.


“I forgot for a moment that you transferred to the Faculty of History.”


Charelize recalled Queen Lilze’s words before. Queen Lilze changed her mind about the ancient characters. Maybe it was languages spoken by empires that disappeared from the map or those spoken only by clans living isolated from the world.


“If possible, you should forget about it until you die.”


All of those who were around Charelize were naturally talented enough. Still, Ibellin introduced herself as a lazy student because she hated getting involved in troublesome things. Charelize always urged Ibellin to teach not only growing children.


“It’s really rewarding… to have a friend with that major.”


“If you thought I wouldn’t pass it again like last time—”


“I will give you five times more than that time. If you want, you can stay at the Duchy.”


“Did I tell you before?”




“From today on, you have become my older sister.”


“…After Her Royal Highness’s wedding, let’s go to the villa with me.”


Ibellin still surrendered to money.


“By the way, since you brought up deciphering… Did you find any new characters? And why to the villa?”


“I guess you haven’t heard yet. A piece of paper with ancient characters was found in my villa.”


“If I do well…”


“If you do well?”


“Can I buy a mansion in the capital?”


There is a law that a person’s nature won’t change. Ibellin was the best proof of that.


“I already received an investment from Queen Lilze’s private money and proceeded once, but it didn’t work out.”


“Wait a minute. It seems annoying…”


“You know what I said verbally… is included in the contract, right?”




“There’s no turning back. The deal is on.”


“Strange. I think you changed.”




What Ibellin said was somewhat true. At this time, Charelize had just celebrated her coming-of-age ceremony and become the little Duchess. But she returned from four years of leading the council of vassals, doing the work of Duke Marsetta. She had been consolidating her position as the successor.


“What… should I say you have become more venomous and gapless?”


“I, like you, want to live a long life this time.”


“This time? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Still, I hope the goddess has mercy for the vassals under your command,” said Ibellin, unaware that Charelize had regressed.


On a predetermined date, the groom and bride went to the temple of Goddess Resina and made a covenant. They exchanged gifts they had prepared for each other. Unlike the Elioter Empire, Peschte Empire held a ceremony for a long time, starting with the blessing heard from their parents who had raised them until now.


When the time came, Count and Countess Seint with Akan I entered in turn. Because of that, the vacancy of Empress Sione became even more noticeable.


Contrary to the ever-smiling Count and Countess Seint, Akan I kept an expressionless face. The Count couple had already experienced marrying off their eldest son, the little Count. But it was the first time for Emperor Akan I to marrying off his child. Moreover, it was Royal Princess Casilla who was said to be the most favored because she looked very similar to Empress Sione.




“Yes, Your Majesty Father.”


“Congratulations… on your marriage. If the empress had seen it, she would have been very proud of you.”




“Young Master Seint, always respect and cherish my daughter.”


“I will keep that in mind, Your Majesty.”


The bride and groom who drank the holy water had to have a sincere heart. The ceremony started with the priest asking if anyone objected to them becoming husband and wife.


Wearing exceptionally heavy robes and splendidly dressed, Royal Princess Casilla drank holy water with the support of her exclusive maid. On the other hand, young Master Seint hesitated as he stared at the glass of holy water in front of him.


“Young Master Seint? What’s wrong?”




When the priest asked, the young Master Seint raised his glass.


“Ian? Is something wrong?”


“It’s nothing, Your Royal Highness.”


When Royal Princess Casilla called him, he held it in his mouth and carefully drank it.


“Does the groom, Ianfert Shanka de Seint, swear that he will always love and respect his bride and fulfill the duty of a true husband under all circumstances?”


“…I swear.”


“Does the bride, Casilla Luaen Shuna ron Psechte, swear that she will always love and respect her husband and fulfill her duty as a wife?”


“I swear to Goddess Resina.”


The priest called out their names and listened to their vows.


“Berzina of the summer of the Peschte Empire calendar, on July 8, 1517, I, Sabrel, hereby the two of you became husband and wife.” He put the cross on his chest and declared that to be the witness in his own name.


After that, Royal Princess Casilla and young Master Seint shared wedding rings and the gift they had prepared in advance. The ceremony ended after signing the oath and drinking wine by each parent. If Empress Sione was alive, it would be fit for her to exchange drinks with Countess Seint.


“Thank you for your willingness to give your precious treasure to my son, Your Majesty.”


“May the children of them later be blessed with infinite glory.”


Given the circumstances, only Count Seint stepped forward to the podium and slightly bowed his head to Akan I.


“My heart…”


As they exchanged greetings with each other, Akan I, who drank wine first, distorted his expression. Dark red blood immediately flowed from the corner of the mouth of Count Seint, who couldn’t see it and drank the wine over his neck at once.




“Count Seint!”


Not wanting anyone to see it, Count Seint quickly wiped off his blood, returned to his original position, then collapsed.




Hearing the sound, young Master Seint, who inadvertently turned around, ran to his father.


“Casil, la… Ioella… r..un… a…way…”


At the same time, Akan I, clutching his chest, let out a painful groan and fainted.


“Your Majesty Father…?”




“Your Majesty! Your Majesty Father!”




“Hurry up, take His Majesty Father to Adenlabel Palace, and call the Imperial Palace Doctor! Hurry!” Royal Princess Casilla held the fallen Akan I and shouted.


In response to the uttered in a cold voice like frost, the chief chamberlain carried Akan I to the Adenlabel Palace.


“Honey… Honey… Open your eyes…”


“Father! Wake up! Please!”


Count Seint, who fell earlier than Akan I, was carried outside by young Master Seint, who was next to him.


“Why… what’s happening now…”


“The wine was poisoned…”


“If so…”


When Akan I and Count Seint collapsed, everyone was confused and panicked, not knowing what to do.


“For now, everyone, calm down.” It was Lanensia Xavi who calmed them down in an instant.


“Your Majesty Xavi…”


“Find the culprit right now…!”


When Lanensia Xavi raised her hand, nearby knights blocked the entrance to Castael Hall.


“Who was the last person to check the wine?”


“It was Countess Yoseph and daughter of Viscount Ameline. The glass was inspected by Marquis Teoren.”


“…Put the three in jail for now. I’ll do the interrogation myself.”


“I accept your command, Your Majesty Xavi.”


“Your Majesty Xavi, I have something to tell you.”


“…Princess Ioella?”


“Isn’t Countess Youseph belonging to the palace of Her Majesty Xavi, the daughter of Viscount Ameline belongs to Sister’s palace, and Marquis Teoren is an aide to His Majesty Father?”


At the words of Royal Princess Ioella, murmurs were immediately heard from the surrounding area.


“…So? Are you saying you doubt me now? Because Countess Yoseph is my person?”


“How dare I? However, going against fairness could damage Her Majesty’s reputation… How about leaving the interrogation matters to me?”

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