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A week after, it was the day of Royal Princess Veloche’s birthday banquet.


“I have to go out and spend some time, so you have to rest well today, Lari.”


“Yes, I will. Have a safe trip, Your Highness.”


“Yes, then I’ll be back.”


It wasn’t until Charelize got reassurance from Lari that she was going to rest, Charelize got into the carriage with Hailey.


Three days ago, Ibelin, who had decided to go with her, hurriedly returned home after receiving a message that the king of the Shische Kingdom was in critical condition. 


“…My aunt sent me a letter. My father has woken up, but his health is not good…”




“He’s… looking for me, Charel.”




“What he’s going to talk about… I think I should listen.”


Ibelin’s eyes quickly turned red. Her father always confused her name with someone else, so Ibelin told her that she never felt like a parent to her.


Realizing it wasn’t the case, Ibelin’s tears for the past few days had been in her mind. A corner of her heart became complicated for no reason, so Charelize leaned against the window.




“Your Highness?”


At that moment, the necklace she was going to give to Royal Princess Veloche quickly passed through her mind. She had so many things to deal with, including paperwork that had been overdue, and the vassal meetings followed. Even when the butler told her that he had gotten the necklace, she couldn’t confirm it as she was busy.


“Of all the emeralds I have ever seen, they’re the deepest green. I could see at a glance that the butler was paying attention.”


“It’s a relief.”


“I think it would suit Royal Princess Veloche.”


She trusted the butler’s eyes and listened to Hailey’s impression of the necklace on her behalf. All she said was to put it in a drawer, then she completely forgot about it.


“Come to think of it, the necklace… I left it in the drawer.”


“Is Your Highness referring to the necklace for Royal Princess Veloche?”




Time was running out to turn the carriage. Even so, she couldn’t ask someone to bring it instead. Feeling frustrated as if there was no other way, Charelize sighed deeply.


“Your Highness, shall I send a coachman to tell Lari to bring it?”


“…No way. What if Marquis Pasimello and Lari run into each other?”


“Ah… yes. I should have taken care of it more thoroughly. I’m sorry. What—”


“Hailey, it’s not your fault. I can give it to Her Royal Highness the next opportunity, so don’t worry too much.”


“…But this time, Royal Princess Veloche’s birthday banquet has been postponed by several months.”


Even with her words, Charelize bit her lips and looked very troubled. Hailey, who was watching her, carefully brought up another story.


The birthdays of the deceased Royal Princess Elizabeth and Royal Princess Veloche were only one day apart. It might be just a coincidence. Because of that, Royal Princess Veloche’s birthday was always postponed.


What was even more surprising was that Harbert IV made that decision. Was he belatedly reflecting on the sin of killing his younger sister? Or was it because he was reluctant to receive the strange looks on a congratulatory day?


But one day, when he found out that the deceased Royal Princess Elizabeth’s exclusive maid waiting had been taking care of her death anniversary. Emperor Harbert IV, who was famous for ordering an immediate execution, was surprisingly lenient and ordered her to leave the palace.


“The name of the exclusive’s maid… Is it Ezela?”


“Baron Cliff’s adopted daughter, Ezela de Cliff, is right.”


“She’s… dead?”


Her mother regretted not knowing that person had prepared for the death anniversary until now. She seemed to be crying at first.


Of course, the exclusive’s maid’s whereabouts were unknown after that. Either she killed herself by biting off her tongue, or Harbert IV sent people to kill her without the mouse and bird knowing that.


All sorts of speculations abounded. From one perspective, Harbert IV regretted it. As the biggest evidence,  he killed the deceased Royal Princess Elizabeth at his birthday banquet, so his birthday soon became her death anniversary.


Harbert IV didn’t receive anyone’s congratulations on his birthday. When it was his birthday, he had just entered the Garden of Light, which deceased Royal Princess Elizabeth had cherished the most in her life, then spent his whole day there. It was the same with others. As if they had promised each other, they quietly just shut their mouths.


Charelize was deeply offended by it.


“Looks like we’ve arrived.”


“…I get it.”


Responding to Hailey’s comment that they seemed to have arrived after seeing the horses slowly stopping their speed, Charelize suppressed her emotions.


“Little Duchess of Marsetta, Charelize Elze Roxana von Marsetta is entering!”


“Lady of Count Kabe, Hailey Jesi ra Kabe is entering!”


The servant in front of the hall announced their arrival. Everyone made surprised expressions when they saw Charelize. It was because no one expected her to come.


“Little Duchess.”




When they didn’t go closer and just whispered to each other, someone approached Charelize. Charelize then turned around. That person seemed to be a guest from another kingdom.


“My name is Jeremy, Your Highness.”


“If it’s Jeremy… the second prince of the Kingdom Dwayne…”


“Yes, it’s been a while.”


Charelize, hearing the name Jeremy, immediately thought of the second prince of the Kingdom Dwayne. She was at a loss as to what to say, as she remembered that she had ruined his face once.


“It’s strange to hear Prince speak to me formally.”


Jeremy, who was arrogant and shorter than her, had become an adult before she knew it.


“Please feel free to call me comfortably.”


“It’s awkward for me too, Charel. Just like before, call me Jeremy.”


Jeremy, who had a soft smile, treated Charelize as comfortably as he ever did.




“Do you still remember the day I proposed to you?”


“Oh. Well… roughly?”


“That day… I went back and got scolded by Sister Larra a lot.”


The person he talked about seemed to be Royal Princess Larra of the Kingdom Dwayne.


“It’s too late, but… will you accept my apology?”


“It happened when we were young. Rather, I’m more sorry. Actually, I was going to send you a letter, but I forgot.”


“…I see. Sister Larra told me that the happiness of others can be given an opportunity. Still, it’s not something that is created by someone else. A deal that won’t do you any good until you feel happy with yourself.”




“So… you… How are you now?”


Charelize couldn’t answer Jeremy’s question.


Back when she didn’t know anything, she thought the only way to be happy was to be accepted by Duke Marsetta. The moment that way completely collapsed, she felt guilty for her baby. It made her constantly pressure herself to say that she shouldn’t be happy over and over.


“Your Highness, Marquis Pasimello says he has something to tell you.”


As she struggled, not knowing what to answer, Hailey whispered something in her ear just in time.






“I think I should go first.”


“It seems urgent, so I shouldn’t hold you back. Don’t mind me. Go ahead.”


“Thank you, and…”




“What you just said… ask me again if I’m smiling the next time you see me.”


“…I will.”


Hearing Charelize’s words, Jeremy put on a bitter expression. He swallowed his words, wishing the day would come when he could ask this again.


“Did something happen? Why are you shaking so much?” She asked worriedly to Hailey, who became contemplated.


“Ah… nothing happened, actually…”




“I heard from the man at the time when Your Highness wanted to meet Marquis.”


Hearing Charelize’s words, Hailey quickly shook her head as if it wasn’t a big deal.


“Ah, what else did he say?”


After a moment of puzzlement, Charelize realized that the man she was talking about was the man of Marquis Pasimello.


“As soon as I heard his voice, I got goosebumps. I don’t know why either…”


“To the extent that your body trembled unconsciously. I want to see that man.”


“I’m fine now, Your Highness.”


“I’m glad to hear that.”


“You can go in here. I’ll be guarding the front.”


Hailey, who said she didn’t know why, guided her to the break room at the end.




“Ah… you’re here, Your Highness.”


Upon entering, there was Marquis Pasimello drinking wine.


“Unless it’s unavoidable, I’d rather not eat food or drink in the imperial palace,” said Charelize, narrowed her eyebrows as she recalled Iris’s self-made poison.


“I also don’t eat much… but today I feel strangely thirsty.”


“By the way… I heard you looking for me.”


Reminded of Lari for no reason, Charelize felt uncomfortable meeting his gaze.


“Please wait a moment.”


Having said that, Marquis Pasimello closed his eyes. He looked like he was looking for something and unconsciously breathed quietly.


“Fortunately, no one seems to be listening to us.”


“Do you have sensitive ears?”


“…Yes. I had no choice but to survive.”


It seemed to be connected to his past, so she said no more than was necessary.


“Can I say that you calling for me means… that you’ve found solid evidence of Lillian’s real father?”


“I did find out in a way Your Highness wouldn’t like to hear.”


“I figured it out in a way you wouldn’t like it if you heard it.”


“…What is it?”


“I approached Baron Buzz’s aide, Baroness Buzz’s apprentice maid, and the grandmother next door who lived close to Lillian.”




“…I gave them something worth a little bit of money for their mouths, and the aide told me about the illegal things the baron had done.”




Baron Buzz’s aide, Baroness Buzz’s apprentice maid, and even a neighbor who lived next door. He seemed to have tried many ways to approach and investigate Lillian’s neighbor.


Charelize touched her forehead, feeling a pain in her head. 


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