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Merria smiled with a mixture of surprise and gladness.


“Oh! you’re here already?”


“You’re so beautiful today Lady Merria.”


Merria burst into laughter after hearing Karina’s praise.


Merria’s eyes gradually widened, looking at Karina to reciprocate her praise. Karina wore an alluring red dress and twisted her hair up, revealing both her shoulders and the back of her neck.


Her dress, embroidered with gold thread, felt like a bouquet of roses. In particular, her confident expression and elegant gestures gave off an alluring atmosphere.


“Lady Karina is very… you’re very dazzling today.” Merria continued to admire and whisper in Karina’s ear.


Karina pulled up the corners of her red lips and smiled beautifully.


“Thank you.”


Just looking at her made me want to sacrifice all the roses in the world only for her. Since Merria and Karina were together, people’s attention at the banquet was more focused on them.


The two have started to tell stories to each other and blossomed as if they were alone.


Meanwhile, Karina glanced behind her with a slightly embarrassing expression.


“If you don’t mind, can I introduce you to other aristocrats?”


Behind Karina, five Ladies were looking with a glimmer in their eyes to meet Merria.


Young noble ladies, dressed in various dresses, looked like beautifully painted pictures.  Merria readily accepted with pleasure.


“Stay with me instead.”


“Of course.”


Karina laughed a little at her stern command-like words of Merria.


When Karina turned around and beckoned the ladies, the waiting noble ladies followed her signal.


The lady still has a little childish face, her cheeks were red, and she looked very lovely.


‘It’s really cute.’


Another lady, who looks the most mature among the girls who burst into laughter, came one step closer.


“My name is Lysia of Count Mayris. It’s such an honor to meet you.”


“I’m Merria Rackester. Nice to meet you too, Lady Mayris.”


“If you don’t mind, please call me Liscia.” The girl with dark purple hair put her hands on her cheeks and said.


Merria’s lips melted down in a smile in the shape of a flower cup.


Count Mayris was a very powerful family among the Crown Prince’s support.


Although Karina’s family was neutral, she was mentioned as the prince’s fiancée and seemed to be close to her.


“I’m Alphy Turblick.”


“I’m Raze Aprickin. Please call me Riz.”


“You’re so beautiful, lady…”


Starting with Liscia, girls like flowers, they begin to blossom and introduce themselves one after another.


Merria, who barely breathed after the swirling greeting, swallowed a sigh inside. Karina tried to calm the excitement of the girls, but she soon quit.


She seemed to feel the same way as the young ladies who just debuted in society, they all seemed cute.




Then, at the voice calling for me, I looked out and saw Serinia and Miles walking with strange expressions.


“Wait a minute. Please excuse me, I have to talk to my sister…”


Merria sang in her heart and blurted her words sadly. Immediately she got out of the girls’ cradle and walked toward Serinia.


“Oh, sister. It’s so nice to meet you.”


“Did you know Lady Delphi? I thought it wasn’t you for a second because you were in the crowd.”


“I was trying to soak my feet in the social world, but I lost my energy even before the banquet started. Are you done talking to people? Then let’s go get some rest.”


As I explained the current situation to her at a rapid pace, Serinia laughed as if she found it funny.


Miles just laughed with a face that was just as usual. Merria led the two towards the terrace.


On the way out first, Serinia said to Miles.


“Oh, Miles. I’d like to talk to her for a moment.”


“Okay. I’ll wait outside, you could take your time. Would you like me to bring you something to eat?”


“Thank you. Then I’ll have a light drink, not alcohol.”


Serinia walked to the door and locked it, then Miles walked towards the table on which the drinks were placed.


The curtains weren’t closed so Miles could come to them later.


“What’s going on?”


When Merria asked with a puzzled look, Serinia looked around her and said in a small voice.


“You… do you know anything about Grand Duke Frederick?”




Serinia, who thought Merria hadn’t heard what she said because her voice was too small, once again said.


“His Majesty the Grand Duke. He just returned from the war.”


“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


“Don’t hide it and tell me. Maybe you saw something you shouldn’t, or you know something you shouldn’t know. Was there anything like that?”


My body trembled for a moment.


It sounded as if Serinia knew something. Merria’s pupil shook.


“Otherwise, there’s no way he’d come for me so suddenly!”


However, in the ensuing words of Serinia, My anxiety disappeared. I asked back with relief.




“I heard from our father earlier. The day I went to Horben, the Grand Duke came to see me.”




Come to think of it, that happened the same day I ran away on a horse.


I thought there was just such a political meeting going on because Themis didn’t say much.


‘He came to see Serinia?’


Merria also did not know what Reukis intended and just ran away that day.


It details the conversation Serinia had with Themis.


“…So he asked if there was any reason why the Grand Duke was looking for me.”


Fortunately, there was no word in the long story about his secret.


A drop of cold sweat flowed down my spine, which felt like it was stabbed for no reason.


Serinia, who didn’t notice Merria’s expression, quickly continued. “But I’ve never seen him in my life.”


I guess so. Serinia had very little chance of encountering Reukis, who had been in the mansion all along and left for the battlefield.


It’s almost like Merria’s love for Altheon was unlikely. Merria nodded, followed by Serinia’s words.


“But I suddenly thought of this.”


Serinia alternately pointed between the two of them with her fingers.


“You and I are pretty similar from a distance, right? Maybe that’s why you met him the night you stayed out.”




Merria’s eyelashes, while listening to the story in a rather interesting way, trembled violently.


She asked again, apparently embarrassed. “What, did you know that I stayed out?”


“Who do you think it was who would sneak in your room in the middle of the night, Lilith?”


Serinia shrugged her shoulders and lifted one corner of her mouth.


Merria shook her head, struggling to distract her forgotten memories of her drunkenness.


“I have no idea.”




As Merria speaks politely, Serinia nodded her head with a little regret.


“He must have mistaken something. Don’t worry about it sister.”




Fortunately, Serinia accepted without much doubt. Relaxed, I flopped down on a table on one side of the terrace.


Knock, knock


Serinia following the knock on the door, Miles was seen out of the terrace. He came with a plate and a drink in both hands and seemed unable to open the door.


Serinia walked and opened the locked door to let Miles in.


Merria asked, taking the glass from Miles’ hand. “This wasn’t alcohol, was it?”


“Oh? Yes. It’s just fruit juice.” Miles replied softly.


My throat was burning after talking with Serinia, so I drank the juice at once.


It seemed like I had forgotten something about the Grand Duke, and it just came to mind.


‘I guess, I’m so excited about the start of the story.’


As the cold juice went down my throat, my mood calmed down again.


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